School District
​​It is naturally difficult to believe that public agencies such as a school district would participate in protection of corrupt law enforcement. I propose that is part of the design of this corruption to make it self-protecting.

Another reason schools are key components of the "Machine" is because schools have daily contact with my children and me and are in positions of pseudo-authority affording a broad group of tiered public employees ample opportunity to harass and abuse victims who are threats to corrupt law enforcement's protection of illegal prostitution. Talk about immoral scum. It runs rampant in our lily-white and irreproachable (ya right) school districts from top to bottom. I hate to burst everybody’s bubble, but school districts are havens and magnets for arrogant, self-righteous sleaze.

Following are additional reasons why the Truckee/Tahoe and Moorpark Unified School Districts ("TTUSD" and "MUSD") as well as other public employees and agencies would participate in the destruction of innocent children due to their father being a threat to corrupt police.  Also, see
" Ethics & Public Administration"​​
  1. Key to this corruption's success that is applicable to all of the government agencies and public employees involved in this is the high level of trust placed in school administrators, teachers and even staff, especially compared to me now having been very calculatedly discredited, put out of a job, financially ruined isolated and labeled “crazy” (all by this corruption "Machine" as demonstarted by this website). This, in theory, makes school officials and employees automatically irreproachable should their behavior be exposed or they be accused of improprieties.  However, a problem I see is I can prove my personal situation and behavior have been intentionally created and solicited as part of the harassment, abuse and concerted smear campaign waged against me by law enforcement. Another problem is the acts of abuse and harassment are blatantly obvious, especially when put into context.
  2. Also, staff, teachers and administrators are simply members of the culture of corruption that clearly exists within our public agencies and institutions. As discussed elsewhere on this website, "When corrupt individuals get away with their bad deeds without being punished, this encourages other greedy people to go along with this new social norm (and for those who might prefer to cooperate who now feel the need to compete in the rigged system). A runaway pattern ensues whereby many people 'defect' from being good citizens and the corruption becomes systemic."
  3. The most disheartening and obscene reason why a school district would and has participated is to take advantage of me having to send my children to district schools. My sons and I are a captive audience putting the district in a unique and very useful position of authoritative control that staff, administrators and teachers have taken full advantage of in order to commit covert and overt acts of harassment and abuse against my children and me.
  4. Lastly, school district employees can and do easily gang up on and intimidate a victim into remaining silent about their activities which up until now has worked very well with me. Trying to intimidate and shame me into shutting up has been a clear goal of this corruption starting with Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant's absurd and inappropriate statements at the second hearing in my divorce going back to Oct. 2014 (e.g. "Mr. De Fiori! Everybody gets cheated on!!") . My guess is if Commissioner Durant knew I was going to survive the massive effort to make me homeless that I was soon going to be subjected to, she may not have made that and numerous other incriminating statements and lies during our divorce proceedings. See the webpages under the "Commissioner Yvette Durant" and "Corruption & Collusion" menus on the home page).

Finally, it cannot be forgotten that school principals, staff and teachers are fallible human beings and subject to being corrupted and committing acts of wrong doing like anybody else. Many people in much higher positions of trust and authority than school district employees have been convicted of serious crimes and shown to have participated in acts of  immorality.