Vanzant Auctions
This is another example of an event that, while it cannot be directly connected, what occurred was suspicious and ties in perfectly to the overriding goal of Commissioner Durant and Kathy to defraud my children out of child support. What Amie Vanzant of Vanzant Auctions did was key to Kathy getting an intended credit against child support that Durant's coerced fraudulent property/debt judgment was designed to provide.

I will let you formulate your own opinion and will GLADLY listen to anybody that comes up with an alternative explanation for what AMIE VANZANT (pictured) pulled at auction and why.
Below is how Ms. Vanzant conspired to aid in helping defraud my children out of child support in order to protect Kathy's prostitution. 
In summary:  Vanzant Auctions  low balled the sale of my property and maliciously withheld property from auction in order for Commissioner Durant's coerced fraudulent property judgment to give Kathy an intended credit towards child support. Plausible?
​Side note: The picture is who I call "Glam Amie".  She looked nothing like this when the auction was held in March 2016. Snow cone stuffed into jeans with cowboy boots and Dolly Parton hair  comes to mind. Typical Reno cowgirl. Contrary to popular belief, you can tell a book by its cover.  In the case of AMIE VANZANT you can anyway.
  1. I motioned that our community property be sold and the proceeds then divided which was Reasonable and permitted under law and Kathy did not oppose.
  2. All on her own, Durant came up with a property settlement that I neither motioned for nor Kathy requested that gave Kathy the $15K eBay auction values of our property and I took whatever the property sold for.
  3. I adamantly argued against Durant's biased proposal (that I later figured out was designed to give Kathy a prostitution career saving credit towards child support) as there is no way for me to know what our property would sell for at auction.
  4. To help scare me into "agreeing" to Durant's proposal, Kathy knowingly lied that the 4Runner we were driving was community property. Durant reiterated Kathy's lie without hearing any argument or being provided any information or facts for Durant to agree with Kathy. A perfectly times and well choreographed interaction between the two. It was embarrassingly obvious to witness.
  5. To further coerce me into accepting Durant 's fraudulent proposal, after I pushed back Durant now WAY overcomplicated the process she would require for me to sell our property and split the proceeds which would prolong the sale.
  6. But Durant wasn’t done, she then told me that if I did not accept her proposal she would just order it. So much for having a choice.
  7. All the while Kathy sat in court saying absolutely nothing. Kathy let the Durant handle it all.
  8. As required under law to be allowed to sell community property without the other spouse’s permission, I communicated in my motion that I was under real fear that my father was literally going to kick myself and my boys out of his house because he was fed-up with having to pay the storage, so Durant knew I did not have the time to go through her bogus sale process.
  9. Durant knowing that prolonging the sale of our property put my boys and I at risk of losing a roof over our heads was additional coercion that she used to force me into accepting her fraudulent property judgment.
  10. Once again, Durant ignored our children's plight and acted in Kathy, not our children's best interests.
  11. In order for Kathy to keep her intended child support credit, our property now needed to be under sold in value. That is where Vanzant Auctions comes in.
  12. Right before auction (so I couldn’t back out?) Amie Vanzant all the sudden started telling me my stuff was "junk" obviously to prepare me for being ripped off at her auction.
  13. The $15K eBay values were only for the big valued stuff. I sold 25 years’ worth of accumulated household goods, yard tools, all my kitchen stuff, etc. (all quality manufactures) and got only $291 net of 30% commission. Not possible.
  14. Here’s THE SMOKING GUN for Ms. Vanzant (there’s always a smoking gun for these crooks). The biggest, most expensive and heaviest stuff that Ms. Vanzant said would bring the most at auction (i.e. a side by side refrigerator, front loading washer and dryer, California King Ethan Allan Sleigh bed and a matching armoire) didn't get sold.
  15. Why? I asked Ms. Vanzant if I could leave the expensive stuff nicely presented in one of the PODS because it was too heaving for my son and me to easily take out. Ms. Vanzant said that was not a problem. I did not stay for the auction because it was too emotional to watch all my staff be sold. I ended up trusting another criminal. Bad move.
  16. Guess what? When I came back Ms. Vanzant  had closed the POD door and said I closed the door and told her I wanted to keep that stuff!
  17. Nice try Ms. Vanzant! The entire reason I flew myself and my son to Reno was to get rid of a POD because my father was pissed threatening to kick my sons and me out. That's why I was selling all the big stuff.
  18. When I came back after the auction Reno white trash vultures were circling to scavenge my most prized possessions that they knew I would have to give away for free because I did not have room in the one POD to kept them. They clearly knew who was going to walk away with what.

Again, I cannot directly connect what occurred with Vanzant Auctions to protecting Kathy's prostitution, but when taken in context and considering how what occurred furthered Commissioner Durant's goal to get Kathy out of paying prostitute career ending child support, it is a reasonable conclusion.