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“Truth becomes fiction when the fiction's true; Real becomes not-real where the unreal's real.” ~  Cao Xueqin, The Golden Days.

There are limitations on what words and pictures can communicate. Some things in life are so hideously interwoven and by necessity complex, they must be experienced in order to be understood and believed. The depths of the criminality that my ex-wife got involved in and the abuse that my children and I have been subjected to as a result is one of those things. What happened in my divorce and was done to my children and me is obviously sophisticated and well organized as one would expect based upon who and what I am alleging needs protection.

The information I share on this website is "unbelievable" and "crazy" to me and lived it. I'm first in that line. It being unbelievable that those who we entrust to protect us and safe guard our civil liberties are capable of destroying us and trampling them, especially innocent children's, is exactly what the systemic corruption and harassment Machine depend on in order to get away they’re with their criminal activities and the destruction of our children and me.  What's even more disheartening is a mother greenlighted the abuse, harassment and terrorizing of her own children in collusion with some family law judge and police so the mother could safely prostitute after callously abandoning her children destroying their lives and futures and severely emotionally and psychologically damaging for life.

With those who are attacking and have destroyed my children and me being a mother, law enforcement and family law judges whose purpose for breathing is to protect children not abuse, harass, terrorize and destroy them,  I am dealing with the most dangerous criminals that exist in our society.