The Truth About Truckee
What planet did I land on when I moved my family to Truckee?!​​
Sexual deviancy and a "Big sex thing"
The groundwork for the destruction of my family began to be laid in Nov. 2013 when my ex-wife got a job at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the Resort at Squaw Creek. The Resort is an apparent epicenter for sexual deviancy in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. My ex-wife told me her coworker "Emily" said that there's "a big sex thing" in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. I am certain my ex-wife knew that from personal experience by the time she disclosed it to me. When I mentioned the "big sex thing" and my ex-wife’s admitted infidelities and prostitution activities to my then Nevada County Therapist Katherine Spurry, PhD, Kate corroborated what my ex-wife said by telling me that "there's a lot of sexual deviancy up here." Dr. Spurry went on to tell me that she was invited and was told you needed to be a couple to join. See
Kate Spurry​
When I later brought up with Kate what she shared about sexual deviancy in Truckee Kate shockingly told me that she never said that. I was floored. That is what is called "gaslighting" (a dangerous type of narcissistic abuse that has been repeatedly used by the harassment "Machine" law enforcement unleashed on me). Kate was very clearly "gotten too" between the time she made her statement and the time I revisited it.  Dr. Spurry’s complicity in the conspiracy to destroy my boys and me is so obscenely obvious I dedicated and entire webpage to her criminal activities.

Kate's revelations are corroborated by a 2016 study of ads for prositition on backpage.com as discussed in the Aspen Times article ""Report shows that Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for sex trafficking" and are significant  because sexual deviancy is the foundation upon which all my accusations are based and the motivation for what has been done to my children and me. Even more telling of the significance of what Kate told me and incriminating for Kate is her gaslighting me (which is a very dangerous form of  psychological abuse) by later saying she never told me about the sexual deviancy in Truckee which, when put in context and considering Kate's other acts and behavior, tells me that Kateherine Spurry was gotten to and brought into the fold of the public employee corruption Machine. See
Report shows that Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for sex trafficking
​The reason Kate's disclosure is significant and why she was told to backtrack is because: There being "lots of sexual deviancy up here" supports the prostitution that exists in Lake Tahoe  → as a somatic narcissist the sexual deviancy corroborates my ex-wife getting "narcissistic supply" (attention) from her admitted prostitution and recreational sexual encounters →  her narcissistic need for sex  and participation in Lake Tahoe/Truckee  sexual deviancy support my ex-wife's ability to enter Lake Tahoe prostitution → my ex-wife actively and very comfortably fit into the Lake Tahoe/Truckee sex culture and prostitution support her abandonment of our children and the fraud that went on in my divorce → the corruption and fraud that went on in my divorce, the sexual deviancy in Lake Tahoe/Truckee and my ex-wife's admitted prostitution and recreational sexual encounters support the Truckee police protecting illegal prostitution that my ex-wife got into.
Resort at Squaw Creek - The Sexual Deviancy Epicenter and De facto Brothel
​​The way I would foresee this all working is law enforcement starts it by providing protection to whoever is running the prostitution and other players are brought in, such as money laundering vehicles and corrupt judicial officers to help run and protect the operation. If they are questioned, challenged or have the potential to be exposed in anyway it would  then be law enforcement's responsibility to ensure the problem goes away, which in this case would be me. That is why I have been subjected to a concerted and very well originated effort to destroy me at all costs with no concern whatsoever for my children, not even by their own mother. 

If you were to ask me I would say that the Resort at Squaw Creek is a de facto brothel and sexually deviant meeting place for guests and locals in Tahoe/Truckee. All of My ex-wife and my problems started up again after moving to Truckee when my ex-wife started working as a deli clerk at the Sweet Potatoes Deli at Resort at Squaw Creek. My ex-wife began coming home late and her drinking significantly increased (a fifth or two of vodka per day kept in an Aquafina water bottle in her backpack while at work). My ex-wife always worked the evening shift and would get drunk before going to work, be so drunk at work she would slur her speech on the phone, and be even more drunk after work. I finally had to stop letting My ex-wife drive our only vehicle for fear she would get in an accident or her third DUI.
​​After I stopped letting my ex-wife drive, she diligently began taking the bus to work, often several houses early. my ex-wife soon started bringing her blow dryer, clean panties, feminine hygiene items, a change in clothes to work. . . needed as a part-time deli worker? I would pick my ex-wife up from work until she started being half an hour or more late, or just didn’t show up at all, staying out all night bragging to her co-worker the first time she stayed out all night stating "I didn't even come home last night. Hee! Hee!" See
Promiscuity & Prostitution​
​My ex-wife and I finally separated in Mar. 2014 after she disclosed numerous detailed accounts of sexually deviant behavior and her prostituting at the Resort, from one end of Truckee to the other and into Reno. Due to suspicious behavior to my reports of my ex-wife’s activities at the Resort, other comments my ex-wife made (such as "you better watch yourself") and other alarming interactions with Truckee PD, it soon became obvious that local law enforcement was protecting my ex-wife and the Resort.

My complaints to my ex-wife’s supervisor asking what was going on at that Resort and my reports of my ex-wife’s prostitution to Truckee PD and the Placer County Sheriff’s office all fell on deaf ears. Due to the Resort being a de facto brothel (my ex-wife admitted to sexual encounters with guests too) that is being protected by local law enforcement. My complaints and reports fell on deaf ears because the Resort is where my ex-wife got recruited into prostitution. See ​​
Resort at Squaw Creek​
In May 2014 my ex-wife manipulated me into letting her back using our boys as the excuse. I let my ex-wife return on the condition she would enter a 4-week in-house treatment program that I had arranged. My ex-wife refused. In Sept. 2014 I had my ex-wife removed from our home for felony domestic violence and told her she could not come back due to the toxic environment my ex-wife's alcohol abuse was creating for our children. I told my ex-wife that after she completed rehab I would help her get a car and an apartment and get back on her feet.
Karl William Jesse - The sociopath enters the  picture and the nightmare begins
​Unfortunately, Karl  (pictured) immediately entered the picture to continue to enable my ex-wife.  My ex-wife discarded our children and me as if we never existed and moved in with Karl one street up from our house within weeks of me having her removed from our home for domestic violence. They moved out on Oct. 1 to live in Soda Springs just west of Truckee. My ex-wife has not once attempted to see our children since meeting Karl in Sept. 2014.

From Oct, 2014 until today every action taken by my ex-wife and Karl has coached to psychologically abusive by design in order to put me fear in fear of something (i.e. my children being taken away has been used throughout this ordeal) and keep me stressed, questioning and doubting myself and constantly worrying and wondering.
The harassment of my children and me began as soon as My ex-wife met Karl. Sometime in mid-October 2014 after my ex-wife had reentered prostitution Karl sent my oldest son a text directed to me saying "We don't include the children [in your divorce]". Karl, an alcoholic, sociopathic, deranged criminal,  then had gall to ask me to meet to discuss my divorce and children with him over coffee. This was the first time I received any sort of indication that our children were going to be a problem for my ex-wife in our divorce.

What happen is, due to my ex-wife and Karl being alcoholics and possessing only menial labor job skills, rather than live in near poverty, My ex-wife returned to prostitution in Oct. 2014. I began being harassed shortly thereafter due to me being a previous threat to the corrupt law enforcement that is protecting Lake Tahoe prostitution when my ex-wife first admittedly  started prostituting at the Resort in late 2013/early 2014.

I first became aware of my harassment in Dec. 2014 with the hacking of four computers in order to put me out of my job. Due to my knowledge of computers I was able to repeatedly repair a computer until it became inoperable then I moved onto to another computer until I finally my recovery disks were stolen from my home and I no longer had a computer so lose my job as a self-employed actuary from my home.

Being forced into poverty by having 4 computers hacked and recovery disks stolen to put me out of a work was a needed and very important first objective of law enforcement. Doing so made me dependent on the public system that this corruption controls thereby opening the gate for me to be harassed, manipulated, controlled and abused by a wide-range of corrupted government agencies, officials and employees. That is why hacking of my computers was the very first thing to occur.
​Once I ran out of computers to repair (two desktops and two laptops) I was denied access to the internet which resulted in me losing my job pushing me into financial ruin and forcing my children and me out of Truckee.  Me being able to repair my computers requiring that four computers hacked is a real problem for my ex-wife. One computer being hacked to the point of being inoperable can be explained away. Four computers cannot be. That's a problem that needs fixing which was attempted to be accomplished by having Denis Carlen steeping in to say that I knew nohing about computers. See
Denis Carlen​
​Losing the use of my computers forced me to uproot my children only three years after uprooting them to move to Truckee due to my ex-wife's previous infidelities. My ex-wife has taken advantage of my emotional attachment after a 14-year marriage and her being the mother of our children to harass me. My ex-wife's and Karl's harassment focused on my father to create friction between my father and me in hopes of denying me the financial support to continue litigation. Me moving forward in our divorce was to be prevented at all costs due to it exposing my ex-wife's prostitution and the corruption that is protecting it.
Grab Your Ankles Boys

​My children are the ultimate victims in all of this. Due to my children's mother choosing to be a prostitute protected by the Truckee Police Department it's: "Grab your ankles boys! Your mother's a prostitute protected by Truckee PD!!Nobody cares about you. Kiss your life goodbye!!!"
What everybody failed to realize is that my sons have a father who will lay his life on the line to protect his children if he has to.

My life has been ruined and my children will suffer lifelong emotional damage due to the Truckee Police Department's protection of illegal prostitution. My sons are just collateral damage to the scum who is protecting prostitutes and criminal police in the Town of Truckee.