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Unified School District
Both of the schools my sons went to in the Tahoe/Truckee Unified School District ("TTUSD") were first to almost immediately start harassing and psychologically abusing my children and me once the campaign to get me to up a leave Truckee was in full swing after my computers were hacked and my recovery disks stolen in Jan. 2015. This harassment campaign included Andrew Gomez of Nevada County Child Protection Services and was part of what I call "Plan A" in which Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert L. Tamietti was tasked to try and get me to up and leave Truckee without a move away order that he himself required. For the full details of Plan A and Judge Tamietti's and Mr. Gomezes complicity see
​​ Criminal Judge
The abuse and harassment at the carried out by administrators at both Alder Creek Middle School and Glenshire Elementary School in Truckee.my son's schools; however, much less so at my eldest son's school, Alder Creek Middle School. I am not sure why but think it may have something to do with the staff and the fact that my youngest son is younger and less able to speak out. My youngest has also been the primary target for the Moorpark Unified School District. With regard to staff being the reason why Glenshire was more active, the principal at Glenshire was a very long tenure public employee in the TTUSD (she recently retired). As such, I would imagine she has participated in the systemic corruption and harassment Machine in the past and is much more comfortable and experienced with it than the much newer school administrators at Alder Creek.

My youngest has appallingly the favorite target of abuse inflicted on my children and me due to their mother greenlighting our destruction as a condition for her to reenter position. This after my youngest  has also been most affected and emotionally devastated by his mother discarding him. He is now an emotional zombie. My youngest son expresses NO feelings or emotions and gets angry over everything. Nobody in our family will even approach him about anything.

For more information as to how and why a school district would participate in the abuse, harassment and destruction of children see
Why School Districts
​​ Ethics & Public Administration
Having been ignored by the Truckee Police Department and Placer County Sheriff's office, I asked to meet with my youngest son's school principal at Glenshire Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Katherine Gauthier, believing I could trust a school administrator to tell what was going on and ask for help. Wrong. The school counselor Ms. Rachel Falk, an administrative assistant and Mrs. Gauthier attended the meeting.

Not a single question was asked of me about what I was reporting, then out-of-the-blue, with no basis and having never met and only spoken briefly a couple times, Ms. Faulk surprising said they were concerned that I was "unstable".  I asked Ms. Faulk on what basis she made that and was of course ignored. It seems all mental health professionals I speak to know have our deal with are able to (in)accurately diagnosis me with some sort of mental illness that fits the need to protect corruption at the drop of a hat. The same thing applies to family, friends, law enforcement and others but only since I had my ex-wife removed from our home in Oct. 2014. Yet another in a long list of coinkydinks that are magically occurring in my life.

I was then lied to by the administrative assistant who said I left the school some sort of a hostile/irritated voicemail the week before. I told her I did not and asked for what the voicemail said. She said she'd look for it. I  never heard back.

I was then obscenely gaslighted by Ms. Faulk when I mentioned we spoke on the phone the week before. She told me we didn't speak, I must have spoke to Rachel Coles, the counselor at Alder Creek Middle School which is where my eldest son went. I did not. I told Ms. Faulk that when we spoke I informed her to hold onto my son's attendance record that I asked for and that I would pick it up when we met. In spite of that Ms. Faulk continued to stand by her lie only now took her gaslighting a step further and told me she wasn't in he office. This was one of the very first indications that I was dealing with systemic corruption and was followed by gaslighting from Katherine Spurry, PhD, my Nevada County therapist. There is a full webpage in the works entitled "NV Co. Behavioral Health" that will be dedicated to Kate's culpability. Kate's also obscene gaslighting with a MAJOR purpose other than "just" psychological abuse see 
​​ Truth About Truckee​​
The only words Mrs. Gauthier spoke were “Our concern is the children.  I majorly beg to differ.  There is an irrefutable corrupt public employee brotherhood in place in order to first protect their corrupt law enforcement's criminal activities at all cost of destroying children's lives that even school principals, teachers, counselors and staff all participate in. Mrs. Gauthier's and every (systemically corrupt) government agency I have dealt with since my ex-wife reentered prostitution in Oct. 2014 is first and foremost concerned with protecting their criminal  law enforcement brethren. Disgustingly unbelievable and disgustingly true.

I have come to realize that it is planting of the seed in my mind (and my father's mind as part of my smear campaign) that I am unstable rather than it being falsely proved that's been the goal.  Gaslighting is a classic and very abusive narcissist abuse tactic. As discussed throughout this website, the systemic corruption and harassment Machine is founded in narcissism. I have been gaslighted by MANY public employees (including even therapists) since my ex-wife reentered prostitution in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. Because I am very knowledgeable about narcissism and the gaslighting tactic due to my ex-wife being an extreme malignant narcissist, I have called my abusers on their gaslighting and documented each incident. Making me question my sanity is a primary goal of narcissists (and the Machine) to try and make the victim doubt what is being done in order to discredit the victim when and if they report it. See
​​ Narcissism & Narcissitic Abuse​​
What occurred at Alder Creek also happen at Glenshire and had to do with attendance that all the sudden became a concern when it was never discussed or mentioned previously and my sons many more absences due to the constant turmoil and lack of help from their alcoholic mother in prior semesters. Not coincidently it only became an issue after my ex-wife reentered prostitution an everything else hit the fan at the same time as part of Plan A. I will write them both up soon.

In short, Alder Creek culpablity involves the brief tenure and now gone Vice Principal Mr. Scott who lied to both my son and me and tried to intimidate my us using, of course, the Truckee police.