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Katherine Spurry, PhD is a criminal. She is a memeber of the public employee brotherhood,  part of the systemic corrporion and harassment machine that was set in motion to destroy me as a threat to Lake Tahoe prostotition.

Put everything Kate did as discussed below (i.e. Kate emphatically wanting me under the influence of stimulants - caffeine and amphetamines, saying nothing to caution me about alcohol and nicotine, and gaslighting me about sexual deviancy on Lake Tahoe/Truckee) in context with everything else that was going on in my life and the the timing of Kate's out-of-character untheical behavior and I SAY YES, KATHERINE SPURRY, PhD IS A CRMINAL.

 Let's go for a walk in my shoes and you be your own judge.
  • Was Kate (in addition to John Ippolito, MD) tasked with trying to get me pumped up and hooked on drugs to make me reactionary and appear to be "crazy" in order to discredit me? Irrespective as to whether that statement is true what Kate did as discuss below, it was unethical and clearly irresponsible for Kate to zealously and repeatedly encourage me to take amphetamines, highly addictive and potentially dangerous Schedule II drugs, knowing my personal make-up and at a time in my life when they both very well knew that I was vulnerable, under and enormous amount of stress and great care and caution should have been taken in any medications I was taking.
  • Was Kate Spurry gotten to by the corruption to and told to recant her disclosure to me that "there's lots of sexual deviancy up here (Lake Tahoe/Truckee) and gaslight ( gaslighting is an extreme form of psychological abuse) me when she said she did not tell me that there was a lot of sexual deviancy and that she did not tell me she was invited to join (swinging) but you had to be a couple?

Thsue are an irrefutable facts which then begs the question why suddenly at that particular point in time when "Plan A" to get me to just up and leave Truckee was in full swing (and then was John Ippolito tasked to overprescribed  narcotics as part of "Plan B"). The timing of John and Kate's behavior is especially questionable considering I had been under eof ack their care for many years’ in which they both acted with care, caution and due diligence as one would expect. What they did was very clearly out of character. ​ For a discussion​ of Plans A and B see

Criminal judge
I coined a nickname for Kate as "Stimulant Spurry" and "Opiate Ippolito" for John.  I could just call them both drug pushers because drug pushers want people to get addicted to drugs, but that wouldn’t be a very professional thing to call a doctor even though they each very clearly acted unprofessionally.

See John's webpage for why I call him "Opiate Ippolito"
John Ippolito
​Following are interactions I had with my then Nevada County therapist Katherine Spurry, PhD. When taken in totality with the systemic corruption I am up against and barring another plausible explanation, what transpired between Kate and I shows Kate's complicit unethical behavior as yet another member of the corrupt public employee I've got your back family.

Based upon the nature and content of what Kate said, the context in which she said it and what Kate provably knew, I do not see how it would be possible for Kate to (successfully) deny what she said in a court of law should that be the tact Kate chose in order to try and avoid exposing her culpability​.


The following transpired in early 2015 right when "Plan A" was in full swing in order to get me to just up and leave Truckee during which time I was being attacked and harassed from all directions putting me under an enormous amount of stress and in intentional and very serious fear that my children were about to be taken away (because that's what CPS case worker Andrew Gomez falsely threatened me with. See "NV County CPS" webpage) which Kate was very well aware because that's all we talked about in our sessions.

"Do you drink coffee?" asked Kate.

"No," I replied.

"I think you should start. It will help the ’bouncy brain' that you have. My husband [Andrew Parkhill] has bouncy brain too. Coffee helps him." Kate responded.

"You also clearly have ADD" said Kate after very enthusiastically hammering at how I overwhelmingly met all the criteria that Kate, a doctor in psychology, had a print out of and took me through one by one emphatically, almost joyfully, diagnosing me with ADD.

"Tell you doctor you need [amphetamine] ADD medication. I will talk to him. He will prescribe it for you."  said Kate.

I asked and my medical doctor declined to prescribe it. I reported back to Kate that my doctor refused to prescribe ADD medication to me. Kate reinforced that my doctor will prescribe the medication and I should ask again. My doctor declined again. 

Kate very clearly and adamantly wanted me to take amphetamines. That is irrefutable. My questions are: (1) How would Kate know that my doctor would prescribe ADD medication and why would Kate continue to tell me my doctor would even after he declined? (2) Why did Kate want me to take amphetamines knowing everything she knew about me medically and personally and all that was going on in my life at that time?

Kate knew very well it was not medically advisable for me to personally take ADD medication. My Ventura County therapist said nothing about me being ADD even after I inquired about it. My Ventura County doctor told me straight up told me that I should not be taking ADD medication. Why would my PhD county therapist of in Nevada County so adamantly tell me otherwise??

Lastly, while not significant in and of itself, it immediately struck me as being odd enough for me to question why, after two years, my therapist would ask "Do you trust me?" after I started getting harassed and abused from all directions. I've never been asked that question by a therapist and question how many people have, if any. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

It has NOT been a coincidence that as part of my smear campaign I have been accused, bad mouthed and my reputation ruined as part of the reason for my situation being “drugs" (which, along with the also false accusations of me being "unstable," has been part of the cover for my destruction actually due to me being a threat to my ex-wife's prostitution and the corrupt cops and judges protecting it).

Falsely accusing me of taking drugs and trying to plant the seed in my father's mind that I was went so comically far to include someone making a prank call leaving a voicemail on my father’s phone when the effort to put me on the street under Plan B was in full swing that said "Tell your son to stop smoking crack on my front lawn".

One glaringly obvious event was my ex-wife's boyfriend, Karl William Jesse, sendin the complicit Managing Attorney at the Department of Child Support Services in Ventura County telling John Cardoza, and I quote, "Mr. De Fiori is, and am sure you know, a known psychotic [emphasis added] drug user who goes in and out of reality. His rap sheet speaks for itself [I have no rap sheet but Karl has a very long one]. He lost everything due to his drug abuse. [emphasis added".

Now how on earth could Mr. Cardoza POSSIBLY know anything like that whether true or not and why on earth would Karl even say anything of the kind to someone like John unless everything I state on this website about the systemic corruption and harassment Machine destroying me as a threat to exposing law enforcement's protection of illegal prostitute was the very obvious truth.

The groundwork for the destruction of my family began to be laid in Nov. 2013 when Kathy got a job at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the Resort at Squaw Creek. The Resort is an apparent epicenter for risky sexual behavior in Tahoe/Truckee. Kathy told me her coworker "Emily" said that there's "a big sex thing" in Tahoe. I am certain Kathy knew that from personal experience by the time Kathy disclosed it to me. When I mentioned that and Kathy’s admitted infidelities and prostitution activities to my then Nevada County Therapist Katherine Spurry, PhD, Kate corroborated what Kathy said by telling me that "there's a lot of sexual deviancy up here". Dr. Spurry went on to tell me that she was invited and was told you needed to be a couple to join.

More importantly, when I later brought up with Kate what she shared about sexual deviancy in Truckee Kate shockingly told me that she never said that. I was floored. That is what is called "gaslighting" and is one of the most dangerous types of narcissistic abuse that can be inflicted on somebody because it causes them to question and doubt themselves, and over long periods of time (and from all directions) can even cause a person to question their own sanity. Kate was very clearly "gotten too" and was told "ixnay or the sexual deviancy."

Kate's revelations are significant  because sexual deviancy is the foundation upon which all my accusations are based and the motivation for what has been done to my children and me. Even more telling of the significance of what Kate told me and incriminating for Kate is her gaslighting me (which is a very dangerous form of  psychological abuse) by later saying she never told me about the sexual deviancy in Truckee which, when put in context and considering Kate's other acts and behavior, tells me that Kateherine Spurry was gotten to and brought into the fold of the public employee corruption Machine.

The reason Kate's disclosure is significant and why she was told to backtrack is because: There being "lots of sexual deviancy up here" supports the prostitution that exists in Lake Tahoe  → as a somatic narcissist the sexual deviancy corroborates my ex-wife getting "narcissistic supply" (attention) from her admitted prostitution and recreational sexual encounters →  her narcissistic need for sex  and participation in Lake Tahoe/Truckee  sexual deviancy support my ex-wife's ability to enter Lake Tahoe prostitution → my ex-wife actively and very comfortably fit into the Lake Tahoe/Truckee sex culture and prostitution support her abandonment of our children and the fraud that went on in my divorce → the corruption and fraud that went on in my divorce, the sexual deviancy in Lake Tahoe/Truckee and my ex-wife's admitted prostitution and recreational sexual encounters support the Truckee police protecting illegal prostitution that my ex-wife got into.


The above two statements are clearly incongruent, unless you're a public employee trying (in vain) to  protect your corrupt law enforcement brethren . . . if Kathy is so emphatically "gone" (agreed) then the Truckee police are not  "good guys". 

How did Kate suddenly and surprisingly come to know Kathy was gone? Kate told me Kathy is gone so convincingly I very seriously believe that Kate may have been shown pictures of Kathy in pornography sex acts.  The way Kate said it was that strong, convincing and emphatic. I will never forget how heart-wrenching and insensitive that was for Kate to say to me right after I was finally able to find the strength to tell Kathy, the mother of our children, not to come back to our home.

I now see in hindsight Kate knew better than I did about what Kathy got into. Way better. That’s what all of my experiences with Kate after I had Kathy removed from our home and she reentered prostitution in Oct. 2014 clearly point to.

​When In Rome . . .

Another thing Kate told me in conjunction with pounding home that Kathy is “gone” is that Kate did not understand how a mother could abandon and destroy her children. Knowing what I now know about Kate the very obvious answer to her question would be for Kate to look in the mirror and herself  how she was able to destroy my children. I am certain they both had the same motivation . . . cha-ching! What other reason could there possibly be for a mother and a PhD therapist to participate in the destruction of innocent children’s lives? There isn’t one.

I'm not done with Andrew Parkhill's wife. Stay tuned.