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Goals & Purpose
The smear campaign that has been waged against me is obvious as is the reason for it.  The depth and breadth of the campaign goes well beyond Kathy’s capabilities. The common threat and theme of my smear campaign seems to be to try and paint me as "sick", "delusional", "psychotic", "paranoid", etc. which has become Kathy and Karl's favorite past time. The goals for putting my mental stability into question is to:
  1. try and discredit me so I will not be believed when I report the prostitution that Kathy got involved in
  2. isolate me from friends, family and my suppport system,
  3. try and make it appear that my demise is due to mental instability and drug use rather than being destroyed by Kathy which is clear and easily proved. This goal was exterermly important in order to try and hide Kathy et al. culpability (see Karl’s email to DCSS below as a smoking gun example. This email of Karl's in particularly upsetting to me. It is filled with scandalous lies, clearly libelous and potentially very damaging to me), and
  4. caused my father to be upset and blame me for the problems I am having that are causing him stress with the desired goal to be denied my father's financial support which I need to litigate my divorce and go after Kathy and the criminals that have destroyed my children and me.
Labeling victims of crimes as mentally unstable in order to discredit them, even going so far as having the victim diagnosed as such by psychiatrist who are part of the conspiracy to cover-up corruption, is not unheard of by any means (see http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/14/health/military-sexual-assaults-personality-disorder/).

With all of the independent evidence and events that have happen to my children and me, much of which is is well documented and/or witnessed by my children and/or father, I personally do not see how labeling me mentally unstable would even help Kathy. My mental health and what has gone on each stand alone.
Classic Narcissistic Abuse Tactic
​Smearing a victim's name is a common narcissistic abuse tactic. Kathy has done it more than once to me. By playing the victim, narcissists are very easily able reverse the roles and make their victim out to be the abuser in order to recruit friends, family and complete strangers to join in (see "Narcissism & Narc Abuse" under the "Kathy De Fiori" > "Narcissist" menu). The reason why narcissists smear their victim’s name is to neutralize them as a threat which is obviously a concern for corrupt judges and police which is why I have been the clear been the subject of a smear campaign since Sept. 2014.

The smear campaign that I have been the victim of includes two fake Facebook accounts (one with cocaine on a mirror as a cover picture), posting of potentially incriminating articles I naively wrote on a known malicious website, complete strangers such as Marla Kedding sharing my Facebook posts in order to slander and discredit me, and even my sister and a Truckee friend (both of whom would also have unrelated motivation to join in) suspiciously and out-of-the-blue lied about and slandered me in a manner that shows an intent to protect of the corruption that is occurring in Truckee. The goals of a smear campaign include:
  1. discredit their victim so they are not believed when the victim discloses information about the narcissist and their abuse,
  2. isolate their victim so they are without a support system,
  3. destroy their victim's reputation, and
  4. emotionally and psychologically abuse them in order to help keep the victim in a constant state of fear, uncertainty and stress and make the victim appear to be paranoid and mentally unstable.
​There is obviously no way for me to directly connect the people who have smeared my name to protecting Kathy or the corruption in Truckee; however, barring any other plausible explanation why else would all these people all the sudden start telling lies about me and start attacking me?   I present these and other third party events for people to be able to walk in my shoes and answer that question for themselves. I remain open to being given another explanation for all that has occurred to my children and me since Kathy re-entered prostitution in Sept. 2014.