Kathe de Fiori
First, both my now ex-wife Kathy De Fiori (aka Kat Carrillo) and my sister Kathe de Fiori have the same name; however, they spell their names differently. For purposes of this webpage I will refer to my ex-wife as Kat and my sister as Kathe.

In order to set the stage for my own sister to have joined in to help destroy and discredit me (see below for the transcript of a mean, slanderous, hurtful and filled with lies voice mail Kathe suspiciously left for the judge in my divorce proceedings), I first need to explain why doing such a horrible thing to your own brother is even within the realm of possibly for Kathe which is discussed below under "Dysfunctional Family To The Extreme".

And what would Kathe's motivation be? In order to do harm to others there must be a benefit for the wrong doer which can range from money, being part of something and sense of power or control. With my entire family having participated in making me the scapegoat and "black sheep" (discussed below) it would not take very much for either of my me sisters to join in, especially Kathe who has always been known to be the family shyster.

Note that I obviously can not directly connect what my sister did to the corruption Kat got involved in. As such, I am providing this information for others to be able to walk in my shoes. When you do it becomes abundantly clear that yes, my sister was involved.
Dysfunctional Family To The Extreme
I have been the family scapegoat since I was a child. I was tormented, brutally physically abused and molested by my older brother Chris. My two sisters (one being Kathe) were all fully aware of what was being done to me by Chris and did and said nothing.  Just a few examples of the dysfunction in my family and scapegoating of me include:
  1. ​When my mother finally put a stop to my brother’s physical abuse and told him to give her my parents’ house key back before driving off Chris told my mother "you're going to regret this" and did not talk to my parents for 5 years (because my mother stopped him from abusing me?). This was just the first-time Chris didn't speak to my parents. He has repeatedly given them the silent treatment on and off for years at a time, most recently for the brother disowned our entire family 10 years ago after he became a righteous fanatical Christian.
  2. Kathe has also not spoken to my parents for years at a time over even the most minor disagreements in addition to both my brother and me. Both Kathe and Chris stopped speaking to my parents when Kat turned me and my boys' world upside-down when she abandoned our children and discarded me to go off and have fun and a 2-year affair with her sister's husband.
  3. I am by far the most achieved and successful and have been the hardest working of all my siblings graduating magna cum laude with a BA from Cal. State Northridge and the self-studying to become an actuary and was very well off and completely financially independent unlike my siblings (especially Chris and Kathe) and my siblings act as if I have been a failure and was just mooching off my parents due to what Kat did to me.
  4. In 2016 as part of the harassment that my father was being subjected to in order to upset him so he would kick me out of his house, Kathe all the sudden reduced loan payments to our 82-year old father for money he loaned her so Kathe’s daughter Courtney could buy a house saying she needed the money for medical expenses. Kathe then made my father sure her and right before trial, Kathe just up and paid my father the balance of $6,500 in cash as if it was pocket change.
  5. None of my siblings or their children have any contact with my father, not even calling him on holidays or his birthday, and of course blame me for not speaking to him because my father is letting me and my children stay with him until I get back on my feet. The obvious goal is get father to blame me for my family giving him the silent treatment (as they have done for years) to keep my father upset at me which is working beautifully as my father tells me nobody speaks to him due to me and very angerly threatens to kick my children and me out of his house weekly which would be Kat and the corruption she's involved with a dream come true, and
  6. As the family scapegoat I have been lied to about my siblings' behavior and incriminating things they have done hid from me (such as my brother breaking his wife's foot and her drug use, Kathe's ex-LAPD boyfriend's drug abuse repeated rehab, etc.) and blamed for all of our family problems and what went on in my marriage while everything that may make my siblings look bad in any area of their lives is kept from me and/or what was done to me that was wrong or hurtful is denied.
​Others who have very clearly participated in smearing my name include Courtney, Kathe's daughter (my niece). Being the family scapegoat is very clearly passed down in my family from my siblings to their children. 

Most notable recent examples of me being attacked include my niece, Frankie, who called and asked to speak to my 83-year-old father long after he had gone to bed. I told Frankie to call back in the morning because he was sleeping. Frankie got upset, repeatedly challenged that my father was asleep demanding that I put him on the phone. When I still refused Frankie went off. She started in about me saying I was being harassed (that has now been proved) and then started in on sadistically taunting me that I was no longer and employed actuary and my career was ruined.

Frankie never called back but when my father later asked my sister Kim Lazzaretto (Frankie’s mother) why she doesn’t call my sister lied saying it was because I won't let calls through, of course. See how nice and honest my family is and how the abuse of me as the family scapegoat has been passed down to the next generation by my siblings?

Another interesting example is my nephew Vinny later sending me a text that said "Fuck off." Vinny also (intentionally?) called long after my father had gone to bed “just to say hi.” I let the call go to voicemail this time and then sent Vinny a very nice text telling him to call between 9AM and 7PM if he wants to speak to my father. That’s when Vinny now went off replying with the “Fuck off” text. Vinny had not called my father in years and all the sudden he calls late at night to say “hi”? My father told me the next day that the last time they spoke Vinny asked for money. After I read Vinny’s text to my father he told me to tell Vinny never to call again.

Immoral parents raise immoral children is a proven fact for my siblings and their families.

The above are just a few examples to set the stage as to how Kathe could join in as part of the machine to discredit and me and try to get me kicked out of my father's house in order to deny me the financial means to get a fair divorce and come after the corruption that is protecting prostitution in Tahoe/Truckee. Do not forget, what Kat got me involved in is as big as big can get, and with what previously happen to me due to Kat’s serial infidelities causing me to lose everything and destroy my professional reputation and my family being more than willing to attack me, I was the perfect candidate to be destroyed financially and my name smeared by Kat and friends.

If these people are able to recruit anybody which seems to be the case, as the family scapegoat my family came on board with ease (and greed?) as they already wanted to destroy me since I was a child that continues to this day.

Sadly, my completely innocent children are apparently deserving of abuse by inheritance and their plight is completely ignored by everybody in my family.​ It also cannot be forgotten that the abuse of my children has been instigated and condoned my children's severly disturbed mother which is where this starts due to her becoming a Lake Tahoe prostitute protected by corrupt police. 
​​Kathe was involved in my smear campaign and attempts to get me kicked out of my father's house in order to help law enforcement eliminate me as a threat to my ex-wife being able to continue to prostitute and protect the cops in two ways I call "Smoking Gun" events.  The first event is Kathe's outlandish voicemail to Commissioner Yvette Durant smearing my name. The second is Kathe's attempt to get me kicked out of my father’s house. My sister Kim, who had been trying to get me kicked out of my father's house since even before my sons and I left Truckee, was involved in the second event.

As an aside, my sister Kathe especially she was beyond buddy, buddy with the poilce when she and my sister Kim were at my house all trying to get me kicked out. Kathe's boyfriend is an ex-LAPD drug addict in and out of rehab who got arrested for having his daughters steal a mettres from Costco. This is the immoral, lying scum I am dealing with. Winners all around.

Nice sisters after all my children and I had been through and they knew it. Unlike Kathe, Kim apparently at least has some conscience/feelings of guilt. Within a month of my boys and I returning to Moorpark Kim was literally on her knees in front of my father trying to persuade him to kick me out.  Daniel told me he walked into the kitchen three times 10 feet away and Kim didn't once turn to even glance over at her own nephew who she had not seen in well over 3 years. An innocent child of her own flesh and blood who has been through hell? Kind of strange. I thought so anyway.

Event #1

This involves Kathe taking it upon herself to leave a very slanderous and false voice mail for Commissioner Yvette Durant in my divorce that Durant of course entered into the court recorded in my divorce. In response, I filed a 5-page declaration exposing Kathe's lies and discrediting her (see below). The reason why Kathe said she was leaving her voice mail are obviously bogus and what Kathe says about me are complete lies and exterermly upsetting, especially when she said that she is concerned about me being around her grandchild. Kathe lying is easy to prove.

Prior to Kathe leaving her voice mail the only communications we had was when I showed up at Kathe's door and her and her daughter came out and hugged me. Kathe told me “What you have been through is the hardest things anybody can go through" which immediately struck me because we had never talked, and my niece Courtney got teary eyed when she hugged me. They both then invited me into Kathe’s house and introduce me to Kathe’s grandchildren who I said "hi" to then they stuck near us all as Kathe and my niece proceeded to brag about Kathe's grandchildren being models in ads for top labels.

I have had no communications of any kind with my sister or my niece and was beyond shocked when I got in the mail a declaration from Commissioner Durant with Kathe’s transcribed voicemail. What Kathe said about me is filled with such mean and damaging lies and so unbelievable and hurtful I have a hard time reading it.

So why would Kathe so blatantly lie and slander me and be concerned about me exposing Commissioner Durant’s clear corruption? There has to be motivation for doing such an off-the-wall, deceitful and slanderous thing. It is obvious that Kathe involved herself as part of the campaign to smear my name to discredit me and to try and get my father to deny me the financial support to continue litigation in my divorce which ended up being very damaging for all involved.

I realize now that with an ex-cop boyfriend, being a beyond greedy materilistic abusive monster and me being the family scapegoat, Kathe was already in the que before I returned from Truckee and I surprised her by showing up at her house. There are several other things that occurred to indicate this. I see no other reason why she would so obviously and incriminatingly flipflop.
Event #2

This event happened in late 2015 when Plan B was in full swing to out me after I returned to Moorpark. Nothing ever became of it because I refused to bow down and stood my ground so the colluded effort between the police and my siblings failed expecting the repeated smearing of my name with my father has caused endless problems for my boys and me.

One afternoon I had the Moorpark police (again) and both my sister's, Kim and Kathe, all at my house trying to tell my father that I was "crazy" and "sick" with my sister's trying to both get me kicked out. Kathe was yelling at my oldest son who was balling his eyes out in sheer terror telling him "Your father is sick" for me saying that his mother was a prostitute protected by Truckee PD. Both my sisters sat on their knees in front of my father trying to persuade him that I was paranoid and mentally unstable and literally begging for him to kick me out. By now nothing unusual or out of the norm.

At one point Kathe also came charging at me trying to provoke me and even dug her nails into my forearm saying something about my sexual relationship with the woman I was with before Kathy inferring it was deviant. I had no clue what she was talking about and found it extremely strange that my sister would even say such a thing and was at a complete loss as to why (unless she was coached). I just stood there calmly not allowing myself be provoked into protecting myself of attacking back either verbally or physically. All I said was "You look awful" due to how crazed and haggard she looked.

Kathe then also threatened that my children are in danger of going into foster care. Judge Robert L. Tamietti made the same threat to try and get me to up and leave Truckee without a move away order. After my sister made the threat she stood in my driveway on the phone filing a viscous report with Child Protection Services (CPS) against me filled with lies and false allegations. This all happen when I was hit hard again from all directions with problems, lies, harassment (e.g. prank calls to my father saying "Tell your son to stop smoking crack on my front lawn") and false accusations right after my return to Moorpark from Truckee as part of “Plan B” to eliminate me as threat.  See
​​Criminal Judge​
This event gave a CPS worked the opportunity to come to my house (my sister Kathe called. . .she told me and I watched her on the phone making the false report)  and accuse me of many things including being afraid that my children were going into foster care as if I was paranoid. I very quickly corrected the worker by telling her that I never said that. It was my sister who said that. Not me. I also challenged the worker on what exact violation of law brought her to my home for us to discuss. There has to be child abuse for a worker to come out and they have to tell you what law you allegedly broke. She danced around the question never giving me an answer. The case was immediately closed after I complained to the supervisor.​