Sadistic Sexual Deviant
Stealth Narcissistic Abuse
The purpose of this page is to illustrate the sadistic component of Kathy's malignant narcissism and to provide a visual example of Kathy's sexual abuse of me and her sexual deviancy.

Kathy is a sadistic sexual deviant. She lacks all empathy as demonstrated throughout this website. Kathy's sexual abuse isn’t limited to pictures taken by other men of her nude and engaged in sexual acts, Kathy has also text me all sorts of detailed information about Kathy's boyfriend, Karl William Jesse’s, anatomy and her sexual attractions. See the "Promiscuity & Prostitution" link below.

Kathy knew that I would recognize these plausibly deniable pictures of her due to my knowledge about what she showed and put in the pictures and obviously felt safe doing so due to me being the only one who possessed the knowledge to know the pictures of her.  Where Kathy made, her mistake was she never contemplated that I would have a forum or the ability to do share my knowledge without others so they would also know these pictures were of Kathy.

I stumbled across the devastating pictures of my then wife taken by another man and posted on the internet in October 2014 less than a month after I had Kathy removed from our home for domestic violence in a vain attempt to encourage her to go into rehab. The pictures were posted on a website where Kathy knew I would likely see them.
Picture #1
This picture shows Kathy with her legs strategically spread so as to show just enough of her profile between her thighs to ensure I could identify her. Note that the ear has been obviously distorted allowing for plausible deniability that the picture is of Kathy because the features of the ear can be used as a form of identification. The lobe and bottom of the ear are malformed and the ear looks to be much smaller than it should be. Karl is an amateur photographer and more than capable of making these edits. All Kathy ended up doing by modifying the picture was to further expose her misdeed by showing an intent to deceive.
Picture #2
​This picture was posted soon after the first. Kathy's legs are now uncharacteristically closed obscuring her face, but she wore ski socks that I bought her (and she packed into a suitcase with all her other ski clothes that I helped her gather shortly after we separated) with the Adidas logo prominently displayed to ensure I knew it was her again. For additional sadistic enjoyment, Kathy intentionally placed her hand behind her knee knowing I would easily recognize her hand and fingers by the chewed off nails so I could confirm that the picture was of her.

In addition, after a 16-year relationship, I am obviously able to quickly and easily identify these pictures as Kathy just based upon the form and shape of the body and anatomical features, both shown and censored.
You can rest assured Kathy had a huge smile on her face while these pictures were being taken.

Kathy is a very sick person.  She has zero empathy and has zero concern for the irreparable damage and the pain and suffering she has inflicted on our children and me.