Resort at Squaw Creek
(de facto brothel?)
Is the Resort at Squaw Creek a de facto brothel, and is the parent company Lowe Enterprises being used as a vehicle to launder income from prostitution? Based upon what I was told by  Kathy and my experiences with her it seems to be within the realm of possibility. One thing I am certian of, sex being an attraction for tourists to Lake Tahoe/Truckee is a contributor the economy.
​Here's why . . .
​After moving to Truckee all my problems with Kathy started up again when she took a job at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the Resort at Squaw Creek. Kathy would be drunk every day before work and take a large Aquafina water bottle full of vodka and drink to the point of oblivion at work, slurring her speech on the phone which was tolerated by her supervisor.
When I first caught Kathy "cheating" again in Feb. 2014 (that she quickly admitted to), I made a huge stink at the Resort contacting Kathy's supervisor and human resources complaining about Kathy being drunk and her out-of-control sexually deviant behavior at the Resort. In response, I got a call from a Placer County Sheriff's Deputy telling me that if I contacted the Resort again they would file for a restraining order. Neither the Resort nor the deputy said anything about my concerns which I thought inappropriate considering what I said was going on and all the problems it was causing our family.  My concerns were not discussed or addressed with Kathy by the Resort or the deputy.

Shortly thereafter I reported my suspicions that Kathy wasn't just cheating, she was prostituting at the Resort to a Truckee police sergeant and the same Placer County Sheriff's Deputy I spoke to previously. They both just asked me to email them Kathy's picture and then clamed up. Neither would take a report, and the deputy panicked thinking that I contacted the Resort again. I did not. He then emphatically told me not to and said he would check into it and get back to me. I followed up several times and was ignored. I told the Truckee police sergeant I had evidence of Kathy's prostitution that I wanted to share with him and asked to set an appointment. The sergeant told me to just come in anytime and he would be available. When I came in the sergeant proceeded to purportedly sit on the phone for 1-1/2 hours, so long the office closed and I was able to wait inside until I gave up and left.

Another indication that something was up at the Resort was Kathy being setup by her superiviser to fail to return from a requested leave of absense due our chldren needing her attention. Due to the obvoius setup for Kathy to miss the return date seh was terminated.

It became clear to me that the Resort at Squaw Creek was  a hot button for law enforcemnet and off limits for me in any way shape or form.  See
Promiscuity & Prostitution
​​​Laundering The Money
​The way I would foresee this all working is law enforcement starts it by providing protection to whatever outfit is running the prostitution and other players are brought in as needed, such as money laundering operations/vehicles and corrupt judicial officers, to help run and protect the racket. If anyone is questioned, challenged or has the potential to be exposed it would then be law enforcement's responsibility to ensure the problem goes away, which in this case would be me. That is why I have been subjected to a concerted and very well organized effort to destroy me at all costs with no concern whatsoever for my children who are just collateral damage, not even by their own mother. 
What first raised my eyebrows about the Resort possibily being used to launder prostitution income was Kathy readily admitted to prostituting several times yet did not have any money that I was aware of to show for it. Then it dawned on me. There were gratuity/service charges on Kathy’s paychecks that she could not explain. The descriptions were vague and the amounts increased when they should have decreased based upon occupancy. For example, the charges started at 23% of Kathy's base pay in late Nov. 2013 (the beginning of holiday season) and steadily increased to a high of 71% in Mar. 2014, well after the high holiday season had ended. In addition, Kathy started bragging about how she was getting the highest cash tips out of everybody she worked with (Karl did say in an email to me “That’s my girl! She’s the best at what she does!” ).

I then did some research and discovered that privately held real estate investment, management and holding companies such as Lowe Enterprises, the parent company of Destination Hotels & Resorts who manages the Resort at Squaw Creek, are known for being vehicles to launder money. I have no experience in the financial operations of hotels and real estate investment companies, but what a perfect arrangement it would be for all involved.

Tourist destinations like world-renowned Lake Tahoe with Reno right next door are ideal locations for illegal prostitution because they ensure a steady flow of customers. If you could run guest/patron prostitute costs through hotel/resort charges and the income out to the players using payroll for the prostitutes and to "investors" using shell entities setup for the big fish, that sounds like the perfect arrangement to me. Who knows.  This is all conjecture. I cannot prove or say that money is being laundered through the Resort/Lowe Enterprises, but what I do know is: (1) Kathy was recruited into prostitution at the Resort, (2) the Resort was a hands-off panic button for police, (3) Kathy was constantly and heavily drunk at work and admitted to prostituting/having numerous sexual encounters at the Resort (see the "Promiscuity and Prostitution" link above), and (4) Kathy's other income on her paychecks was peculiar and poorly explained.


Knowledge that prostitution is being protected by law enforcement in the Lake Tahoe region is widely known in the business community and among the most prestigious, prominent and respected professionals and public servants in the Town of Truckee and neighboring communities.  Combine that with a mother coldly discarding her children and then greenlighting their destruction and severe emotional and psychological abuse, the brutal harassment of an 83-year-old man and the mindboggling enormous and abusive effort to try and eliminate me as a threat and it all adds up to Lake Tahoe prostitution not only being a lucrative endeavor in need of the highest possible level of protection, but I believe the sexual deviancy I was told the region is known for and the prostitution that I uncovered  may also be an important part of the local economy in the form of being a draw for tourists and their dollars. Other information I’ve gathered and was told by my ex-wife would help support that conclusion.

Based upon the above, I could see just about anybody rationalizing the destruction of a man and his two sons in order to protect the pocketbooks of the perhaps myriads of people who directly or indirectly financially benefit from the sexual deviancy and illegal prostitution that is running rampant in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. I could also see very enticing payoffs to get judges, family, friends, neighbors, child protection and support services, county therapists, doctors, school teachers and principals and many more to join in. They have all participated as detailed in this website. That's clear. What motivated them to participate is not.