of My Family
​Purpose & Goals
​Of This Website
“ex·po·sure” [ ikˈspōZHər] noun ~ the revelation of an identity or fact, especially one that is concealed or likely to arouse disapproval.

The purpose of this website is to expose and have held accountable those who are responsible for destroying my life and the lives of my children. Those involved have undertaken three approaches in their thus far failed attempts to prevent me from moving forward in my divorce and exposing them:
  1. intimidate me into remaining silent,
  2. discredit me so I won't be believed, and
  3. strip me of the financial means needed to pursue litigation in my divorce and obtain justice for myself and my children.​​
​A significant amount of the information in this website focuses on the corruption in my divorce from my now ex-wife. That is because the corruption that occurred was obvious and requires motivation. When viewed in context with all the other information on this website, the only plausible motivation for Commissioner Yvette Durant and Judge Robert L. Tamietti's malicious actions, rulings and orders, dishonesty and inappropriate behavior was to enable and protect my ex-wife and Lake Tahoe prostitution. This website will show:
  1. that my ex-wife has the background, personality and the financial need to prostitute.
  2. the Truckee Police Department’s complicity and how their actions/inactions have protected my and her boyfriend Karl William Jesse and that the Truckee PD was integral to the fraud that was committed in my divorce proceedings.
  3. how the law enforcement brotherhood, namely the Moorpark Police Department, is complicit in the goal to eliminate me as a threat to the corruption protecting prostitution.
  4. how my ex-wife's chronic bad faith in collusion Commissioner Durant were intended to deny my children guideline child support.
  5. that the motivations behind Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert L. Tamietti's behavior, rulings and orders had criminal intent in order to protect my ex-wife’s prostitution.
  6. how I have been harassed, abused and terrorized and the victim of a concerted smear campaign to financially ruin me and destroy my reputation in order to prevent me from litigating my divorce and to eliminate me as a threat. ​​
  7. How my then 83-year-old father has been harassed and abused in a well-organized and coordinated attempt to get my father to kick me out of his house and deny me his financial support.
  8. that a systemic public corruption and community harassment "Machine" exists to aid and protect law enforcement.
​My ex-wife and her boyfriend have endlessly tried to scare, intimidate and deter me from coming after her and especially the ivory thrown judicial officers protecting Lake Tahoe prostitution saying such things to me as “Don’t mess with the Superior Court” and "You can’t prove anything". I disagree. This website clearly proves my allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. My challenge is to bust through the corruption in order for my children and me to get justice and compensation for what has been done to us.