Systemic Protection
of  Prostitution
First, prior to marrying my ex-wife Kathy De Fiori, excluding traffic infractions, I never had any interactions with law enforcement or public agencies and never stepped foot in a court of law. That all changed in 2008 when Kathy started an affair with her sister's husband. Ever since I have had law enforcement continuously in and out of my life, just about every public agency that can has knocked at my door and I have become very comfortable conversing with judges in courtrooms. That is what happens when you bring a narcissist into your life.

The systemic corruption and harassment "Machine" I am up against operates analogous to a gang with law enforcement being the gang leaders and public employees/servants being the rank and file. Law enforcement in charge also helps explain why there is such wide-spread participation by both public employees and private individuals . . . how can you get in trouble if those who enforce the laws are the ones telling you it's okay to break them? In addition, intimidation is a significant factor in both recruiting participants and maintaining silence. Who better to intimidate than law enforcement? See
​​Gang Mentality & Behavior​
​​Ethics & Public Administration​
I can tell you unequivocally that my ex-wife, Kathy De Fiori, would never ever have be able to do what she has done and continues to do to our children and me had she not become part of the criminal brotherhood  she now belongs to and has been empowered by. Kathy's narcissistic "Mother/Nick Mask" is forever gone. Her loyalties are now and will remain with until the day she dies the criminals she chose over our children and me. Kathy is “one of them” now. The only way for Kathy to escape is to turn on a major criminal orgainization which she can and will never do. ​​

Corrupt individuals cannot operate in a vacuum. No single person or agency in a position of power or authority can undertake dishonest or fraudulent conduct and get away with it without there being a web of unscrupulous individuals and agencies to enable and protect the criminal behavior. That is what causes corruption to be systemic and is what I have uncovered is protecting prostitution in Lake Tahoe/Truckee.

With it being unreasonable to believe that the clearly corrupt judiciary and law enforcement in Truckee operate in isolation, the lies, manipulation and plausibly deniable covert and overt acts of harassment and abuse committed against my children and me by the individuals, public agencies and institutions named in this website now have motivation and purpose. 

As shown by this website, those who have participated in the harassment and abuse of my children, my 83-year-old father and me and who have joined in on my smear campaign or directly participated in the corruption are many with the thus far provable agencies and institutions including the:

• Truckee Police Department • Nevada County Sheriff's Office • Nevada County District Attorney's Office • Nevada County Child Protection Services • Nevada County Behavioral Health • Tahoe/Truckee Unified School District • Ventura County Department of Child Support Services • Ventura County Behavioral Health • Ventura County Child Protection Services • Moorpark Unified School District

It may be difficult for some to belief that teachers, judges, therapists, police and others are participating in the protection of corrupt law enforcement who is protecting prostitution unless you view them as one big family which they are, a family of public employees who all stick together in order to protect one of their own.  They are all public servants and part of the same gang. Their theoretically irreproachable trust and positions in society and complete control of the entire system provide the perfect platform and cover. Alleging involvement by such a broad group is more than reasonable to the mind because it is true and proved by this website.

As a matter of fact, it is the corrupt system's arrogance and overconfidence thinking its invincible that has caused mistakes to be made that I continue to capitalize on and accumulate.  The corruption being so expansive and far-reaching also causes problems. The more complex a machine  (which is exactly what this system to destroy me is, a "machine") the higher the likelihood of a breakdown.

One of the goals of participation by these agencies, for example the Moorpark Unified School District ("MUSD"), has been to help keep me in a constant state of reactive fear, stress and anxiety in order to help discredit me. The tactics used by MUSD and others are classic narcissistic abuse ranging from inconsequential hassles to overt abuse and harassment as described throughout this website. See the "MUSD Harassment" webpage for just two examples.

Law enforcement uses narcissistic abuse because the tactics are covert and unseen by others or are plausibly deniable. As a result, if the victim speaks out or reports what is happening to them they are discredited. And with the actions taken to financially ruin and isolate a victim being stealth and unseen, using narcissistic abuse tactics makes it appear that the victim has decompensated thus protecting law enforcement from being exposed for destroying the person who is a threat their criminal activities.