Karl's Prostitution &
Corruption Admissions
The shockingly vulgar, surprisingly revealing and pathetically stupid emails shown below are from my ex-wife, Kathy De Fiori's boyfriend Karl William Jesse (scarily pictured). They were sent out-of-the-blue after a 3-month period of silence by Karl and Kathy under a fake name Karl has used before ("Larry Jones"). Kathy text me the unsolicited smirky picture of her shown below a few days later.

Every contact Kathy and Karl make has been to either harass, emotionally/psychologically abuse me or my father and/or distract me to keep me off balanced and in a constant state of reactive fear, stress and anxiety which has been done to me by many, many others (See webpages under "Smear Campaign & Harassment").
Karl is a life-long alcoholic, chronic pothead and an unemployed self-professed "artist" with a long criminal record. Karl’s obscene emails sharing vulgar sexual acts with the mother of my children are disgusting and abusive beyond belief. The emails confirm the type of person that I have been having to deal with who Commissioner Yvette Durant appallingly made excuses for and protected along with Kathy in our divorce when it was Karl and Kathy who were attacking and harassing my children and me.

Kathy’s long-time intimate association with Karl as her boyfriend of 23-months when these emails were sent in Aug. 2016 serve to further confirm who Kathy has become since I had her removed from our home. It's important to note that these emails were sent AFTER Kathy purportedly had already got sober.
What's most striking about Karl's unsolicited emails is they confirm everything I've been saying.  Karl's emails are direct confessions of/admissions to:
  1. Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant being a criminal,
  2. The colluded fraud that was committed between Commissioner Durant and Kathy in my divorce,
  3. Kathy being a prostitute with corroborating confirmation of the type of men she likes and how much she makes,
  4. Kathy hiding income to avoid paying child support,
  5. My smear campaign, and
  6. The plan to blame my personal situation on me as a cover for what Kathy and law enforcement did to me.
​Kathy is a serious criminal, an extreme malignant narcissist and a very real danger to our children's and my existence and psychological and emotional well-being. By the nature of Kathy's disorder, she is incapable of change which she repeatedly and continually demonstrated over our entire relationship. See
Malignant Narcissism
Karl Jesse
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