Promiscuity & Prostitution
Kathy has a life-long history of alcoholism. She also has a life-long history of promiscuity and sexual deviancy. The two go hand-in-hand.

The purpose of this page is to show that Kathy has a long history of risky and sexually deviant behavior which are hallmarks of women who become prostitutes. It also includes examples of Kathy's promiscuity, sexual deviancy and admissions of prostitution at the Resort at Squaw Creek, from one end of Truckee to the other and into Reno.

The reason I am sharing this information is to: (1) discredit Kathy by showing she is untrustworthy, dishonest and has no character and integrity, and (2) show that Kathy has  the personality, history and capacity to be a prostitute.
​​​Lesbianism - Michelle
​Kathy's sexual deviancy includes numerous lesbian encounters over a period of many years with a neighbor "Michelle" starting in her early teens through her early 20's and at least one ménage à trois with Michelle and a guy Kathy and Michelle picked up at a bar.
 ​​​First Husband - Lee
​​Kathy has betrayed and been unfaithful with every man she's been with. The first ménages à trois Kathy participated in was with Kathy's first husband "Lee" and Lee's best friend. Kathy and Lee's best friend eventually began an affair behind Lee's back. Lee ended up becoming a criminal, like Karl, and did time in jail for his crimes.
 ​​​Boyfriend - Mike
​Mike was Kathy's boyfriend between her marriages to Lee and me. Kathy shamelessly and heartlessly cheated on Mike throughout their relationship primarily once-night stands with strange men Kathy picked up on at bars. These skills were transferable and highly valued for Kathy to be a successful prostitute.

Kathy told me should regularly went clubbing without Mike and end the next having sex with men she just met in many times in their cars. When Mike would call Kathy's pager to see where she was and when she’d be home Kathy would see his number and nonchalantly toss it in the back seat. 

Kathy had so much control over Mike (a marker for people with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder) she had the nerve to call and Mike to pick her up at a gas station after one of her late night sexual flings. Kathy tried doing the same exact thing with me. After staying out all night Kathy at the Resort at Squaw Creek Kathy called me from a house phone and didn’t just ask, she demanded that I come get her. I hung up.
​Nick - Pre-Truckee
​Kathy's known infidelities with me started in early 2008 when Kathy started a 2-year affair with her sister's husband "Charlie", my brother-in-law and our children's uncle. Like Kathy's current boyfriend Karl, Charlie was a criminal and pothead who had spent time in jail for felony (and I understand brutal) assault the circumstances of which I was never told.

Kathy and I agreed to work things out and in June 2012 moved to Truckee for a fresh start for us and our children due to Kathy's infidelities narcissistic abuse isolating our boy’s ad me and turning our worlds upside down for the first time. As it turned out, only one who got a fresh start was Kathy. A fresh started that only a time machine or public and police corruption could provide. 
​Nick - Post-Truckee
​​"Once a cheater always a cheater". Thinking Kathy's desire to work things out was sincere was short lived. I see now that Kathy never changed. With us having only one car and me working from home, the only thing that stopped Kathy from being unfaithful was she had no opportunity to cheat. As soon as Kathy got a job at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the resort at Squaw Creek and was on her own she immediately admittedly started cheated only this time Kathy "went pro" and began her career as an admitted prostitute.
​Admisssions of Sexual Deviancy and Prostitution
​​The detailed graphic admissions below represent sex with complete strangers in Tahoe/Truckee/Reno over a combined period of only a few weeks and are obviously just the tip of the iceberg that Kathy let slip. The last 6 admissions (numbers 17 through 22) represent sex with 10 complete strangers and one woman during the week after I had Kathy removed from our home in Sept. 2014.

I put many of these same admissions in child support and discovery motions (plus numerous other incriminating statements made by Kathy and Karl). They were all ignored by Commissioner Durant giving Kathy and Karl complete immunity to do and say whatever they wanted to me.

Don't forget. These are coming out of the mouth of my then wife and the mother of my children. Kathy:
  • told me she had sex with a guy who she dialed a wrong number when calling me to pick her up after work at the RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK. Kathy said they hit it off on the phone so he picked her up and went back to his place in Squaw Valley to stay the night and have sex. This is the night our youngest son couldn't sleep and kept asking me "Is mom coming home tonight?" How do you answer that question?
  • told me she had sex with the Hispanic cook named Ceja (who went back to Mexico) at the RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK in his car in the parking lot. He really liked her boobs.
  • text me twice that she had sex with former Olympian and World Cup skier Daron Rahlves in the RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK parking lot. She said he was gross and Daron paid her $200. Daron held his 2014 Banzai Tour at Squaw Valley beginning on Feb. 15 and Feb. 16. Kathy first stayed out all night on Feb. 12 (her admitted sexual activities increased from there until I told Kathy to leave the house on Mar. 18) giving Kathy and Daron the opportunity to meet. I addition, there were several geotags of pictures taken at Daron’s home in Truckee and Karl has Daron's home phone number memorized.
  • told me that her co-worker "Emily" at the RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK told her that "there's a big sex thing up here",
  • text Emily telling her "I didn't even come home last night. Hee! Hee!" Emily was obviously aware of Kathy's sexual activities at the RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK and approved of them which was just one thing that started causing me to be suspicious about what was being permitted to go on at the Resort. 
  • dropped a piece of RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK note paper with the name "Jason" and a smiley face a phone number written on it that Kathy dropped on our bedroom floor. Kathy said he was a guy she had sex with and stayed at his apartment in Reno who had a girlfriend and baby in Henderson Nevada and he had moved to Utah.
  • had numerous phone numbers from across Northern California on her call log that suddenly appeared on our cell phone bill after she started working at the RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK,
  • and explained to me how she approached guys by sharing a story about a middle-aged man at the Cottonwood Bar in Truckee. He was alone and she walked up and sat next to him. Started talking and grabbed his d**k asking him if he wanted her. They had sex in his car in the parking lot. I remember her saying something about $40.
  • told me she had sex with a black guy at the Atlantis Resort in Reno. She bragged about how many times he had sex with her. She stayed the night and said she didn't charge him.
  • had a "Chaturbate" account after returning from her first foray into prostitution at the Resort at Squaw Creek. I discovered Kathy's account and first learned about Chaturbate by seeing email notifications from men come through in Kathy's long time email address that she still has. Women use Chaturbate to make money by masturbating online.
  • told me she had sex with a drummer at Moody's Bar & Grill in Truckee.
  • told me she had sex with a guy in the parking lot behind the Tourist Bar (T-Bar) in Truckee on the hood of his Audi.
  • told me she gets referrals from other customers (e.g. the guy she had sex on the hood of his Audi was a referral),
  • told me she traded texts our 19-year-old neighbor named "Bryce" who lived right next door telling him she just had an intense orgasm and he told her he likes things up his . . .
  • told me she had sex a paraplegic who she used to trade rides and a place to stay in exchange for her letting him perform oral sex on her for the longest she's ever had that done per Kathy.
  • told me "There's a lot of competition out there" when asked her about other prostitutes in Tahoe/Truckee.
  • told me after I kicked her out "And you didn't think I swallowed" and "Gallons before 6AM". 
  • had geotags of picture locations stored in Kathy's cell phone from one end of Truckee to the other (Prosser, Northstar, Donner Lake, off Hwy 89, the Ponderosa neighborhood, etc.) and into Reno. An address on Mt. Rose View that I discovered  was former Olympian and World Cup skier Daron Rahlves' Truckee home, another address on Mt. Rose View across the street from Daron and an address a block down the road on Prosser Dam Rd.
  • told me she had sex with a tourist couple in the Truckee Hotel. The guy kept pushing her head towards his crotch.
  • told me she had sex with a guy from Kingvale who sold pot. He had her sit across from him on the bed cross-legged naked with just her glasses on and kept telling Kathy how enamored he was with her. When she got out of the shower in the morning he had skipped out on her.
  • told me she had sex with an artist she met, again at the T-Bar, who lived across town near our friend’s house. She walked his dog with him the morning after and thought our friends saw her but didn't care.
  • told me she had sex with “a different 20-year-old with a straight-billed ball cap every night” for the week after I kicked her out.
  • told me she had sex with a bald guy who drove by Kathy sitting in-front of the Bar of America in Truckee on his Harley after I kicked her out of the house to go into rehab. They went back to his place near our house. He told her he was a cancer survivor.
  • told me she had sex with a bald guy who drove by Kathy sitting in-front of the Bar of America in Truckee on his Harley after I kicked her out of the house to go into rehab. They went back to his place near our house. He told her he was a cancer survivor.
  • told me she had sex with a dreadlocked guy she just met at Starbucks in his junky Subaru filled with all his stuff down the street from our house.  I refused to drive Kathy to get a bottle of vodka first thing that morning to stave off her withdrawals, so Kathy walked to the store and supposedly met this guy. I believe Kathy had sex with our 20-something next door neighbor on Pine Forest Rd. "Mike" who said he saw Kathy walking to the store that morning and due to Kathy's bright red face when I looked out the front door to see Kathy walking back from in front of Mike's house which was the opposite direction that Kathy told me she was going. This event is what prompted me to have Kathy removed from our home that day.