In Aug. 2016 "Kat Carrillo" sent me this picture of her in sunglasses a couple days after her boyfriend Karl Jesse sent me the emails on the "Karl's Admissions" page. I added the text. The picture was Kat Carrillo's Facebook profile picture until Oct. 2016 when she suddenly changed masks back to sweet, innocent and motherly Kathy De Fiori, Kathy's most seductive and dangerous mask (see "Kathy De Fiori" > "Narcissist" > "The Mask").
Kathy and Karl's contact came just before an upcoming deadline for my appeal of the fraudulent property judgement   Commissioner Yvette Durant handed down in my divorce. Trying to distract me or harassing my father before a court deadline has been a clear pattern for Kathy and Karl which is just one indication that Kathy has obviously been coached throughout our divorce proceedings.
​As an aside, Kathy's name is not Kat Carrillo. That's an alias.  She kept Kathy De Fiori in our divorce. What puzzles me is why did Kathy even kept my last name.  She doesn't use it and doesn't have to be concerned about her last name not matching her children's. Kathy has demonstrated more than once that she doesn't have time or the desire for children so discarded and abandoned her children after meeting Karl in Sept. 2014 and hasn't looked back since.