Income Potential
​Prostitution is a for-profit enterprise supporting individuals and families like all other businesses.

According to Aug. 2016 emails from Kathy's boyfriend Karl Jesse, Kathy supports her and Karl (but not our children) to the tune of $800 a night by prostituting. She also apparently has  a preference for black men (See "Karl's Admissions" link below). Based solely upon Kathy's physical attributes and the chart below (average, blonde, below the shoulders (new for Kathy), D and above), I interpolated Kathy's hourly rate to be $267.50. To make $800 Kathy would only have to work a total of 3 hours a night plus time to eat and for shower/hygiene breaks. I have no clue how much Kathy makes prostituting but based on the chart, $800 a night seems very doable.

Regardless of her income, I should get royalties due to the plastic surgery I paid for Kathy to get in 2005.  I was certain the plastic surgery added value which appears to be correct based upon the chart. After kids Kathy was in need of some nipping and tucking. I paid $7K for breast implants and $8K for a tummy tuck. The numbers work out to Kathy owing me $15 an hour or $45 per night. At 5 nights a week that's an average of $975 a month.
​My boys and I don't want Kathy's dirty money, laundered or not. She should do some good for a change and donate my royalties to an orphanage. $975 would pay the monthly living expenses and overhead for 7 parentless children (like Kathy, Karl, Judge Tamietti and Commissioner Durant colluded with many others to try and make my children, literally) at the Orphanage Hope of a Child in the Dominican Republic.​​​
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