"They [Truckee PD] protect me."
In May 2016 Kathy told me that the Truckee Police Department called and asked if she was okay. That is, if Kathy felt physically threatened. I asked why they would ask that. Kathy said due to the information I am sharing on skitattle.com. When I asked how my website communicates that I am in any way a threat, especially with me living 500 miles from Truckee, all Kathy had to say was "They protect me."

Why on earth would Kathy say that? I am accusing the Truckee police of protecting the prostitution that Kathy entered in Tahoe/Truckee. It's self-incriminating and makes no sense.  Knowing Kathy does nothing that isn't calculated to be for her benefit and Kathy and Karl are able to say and do anything with impunity, the only reason I can come up with for Kathy telling me that the Truckee police protect her is to try and intimidate me into shutting up, closing down, not promoting or being afraid to state the truth on my website. I don't know but there's a reason and it's not because the Truckee police were worried about me harming Kathy. Corruption can only exist if it stays hidden.

Here's what my "threatening" website says. Kathy:
  • is a life-long alcoholic, malignant narcissist and serial cheater;
  • was arrested for felony domestic violence due to inflicting corporal injuy on me (let off the hook by the DA);
  • neglected and then discarded our children like yesterday's trash never looking back;
  • has no apparent means of support since Dec. 2014 and has somehow been able to meet her living expenses;
  • acted with malice and in bad faith to defraud our child out of support in our divorce;
  • conspired with Commissioner Durant to deny me a fair and equitable property settlement;
  • is a deadbeat mom. Has not paid one dime in child support;
  • is an admitted sexual deviant and admitted prostitute;
  • has a very scary criminal alcoholic/pothead failure for a boyfriend;
  • and her boyfriend made very serious criminal threats of great bodily harm against me (that the DA ignored).
​Based upon the above, my question is, why isn't the Truckee police calling to ask if my children and me are okay? Would that not be more appropriate?

Of course it would be, unless Kathy (and the Truckee police) are concerned about the incriminating information on skitattle.com and Kathy was trying to intimidate me . . . again.
​Dear Chief McGill - Can you please ask your officers to get in a circle, put their hands behind their backs and have them cuff each other for me?