Anonymous Deputy Sheriff
Below is an email sent to Commissioner Yvette Durant from a Nevada County Sheriff whose identity Durant kept anonymous.  Commissioner Durant entered the email into the court record of my divorce as a disclosure on Mar. 25, 2015. A little more than three weeks after my sister Kathe de Fiori mysteriously left Durant a malicious voice mail on Feb. 29 filled lies and yet again smearing my name and inferring that I am an unspecified threat to not  my sister’s grandchildren.
Read it here
​The content of the deputy’s email continues my smear campaign with accusations of mental instability as has been attacked ad nausea so often and by so many it has become embarrassingly obvious that a wide-reaching and concerted effort to discredit me was unleashed when Kathy re-entered prostitution in the fall of 2014.

I am certain that a secondary objective of the email was to attempt to intimidate me into shutting down this website. I have been threatened by both Kathy and Karl more than once not to "mess with the Superior Court" and even told I should take skitattle down. I did for a short while. It will not be taken offline again.