Criminal Threats
Experiences under the "Government Agency Involvement" are meant to allow the reader to live what I have lived, or "walk in my shoes", after I had my now ex-wife Kathy De Fiori removed from our house on Sept. 9, 2014 . I cannot directly prove that these interactions are connected but they are suspicious and clearly serve a purpose to further Kathy's overriding goal to avoid child support.

I've had a couple interactions with Ms. Tyner. Gruff comes to mind. The event I am sharing here centers on Ms. Tyner determining that what were standalone criminal threats made by Kathy and Karl Wiliam Jess, Kathy's boyfriend, not to be crimes. Rather than file charges against Kathy and Karl or come back to me with questions, Ms. Tyner appears to have protected Kathy and Karl by accusing me of the crime of tampering with evidence. I consider this Ms. Tyner's smoking gun participation in the corruption that is going on in Nevada County.
​What makes this event even more suspicious is the strange and contradictory behavior of the Truckee police which I consider yet another smoking gun demonstrating corruption in this event.  When I reported Karl and Kathy's threats at first Truckee police wasn't going to take a report saying they didn't know if the texts were sent from Truckee.

The officer then changed his mind and left me a voice mail saying Kathy was all the sudden filing a cross complaint that I sent her inappropriate texts. When I immediately called back I was told that the officer writing the report had skipped out early for a long weekend. I left a message asking for the report number and a copy of the report and never heard anything back.  I think that Kathy filing a cross-compliant may have been contrived in an attempt to intimidate me out of filing a report which is why the officer skipped out and I never heard back.
Since I was getting nowhere with Truckee police I switched to the NV County DA's office . . . and got nowhere again (other than now being intimidated by Ms. Tyner's accusations that I committed a crime. What I am 100% certain caused this entire mess was nobody planned on me reporting Kathy and Karl threats so they didn’t know what to do when I did and flubbed it. I memorialized all of this in letters that I fixed to Ms. Tyner ad the Truckee police.

Kathy and Karl's clear criminal threats were obviously designed to try and intimidate me from coming to Truckee for trial and pre-trial hearings because me getting to trial (which I did) was going to require Kathy to disappear and require Commissioner Yvette Durant to further expose her corruption to get Kathy out of any career ending financial obligations. They both would then need motivation for their actions with, on top of everything else, Kathy being a prostitute protected by the Truckee police being the only plausible one.

Below is what Kathy and Karl said in their texts that are reproduced at the bottom of this webpage:

"Next time we meet I will pound you. Karl".
"You better stay in Moorpark".
"I will pound you".
"You crossed the line. You are going to get hurt if you cross Karl's path again".
"How about I beat your face in".

Here’s the law. California Penal Code 422 PC defines the crime of "criminal threats" when:
  1. A person threatens to kill or physically harm someone - CHECK
  2. The threatened person is thereby placed in a state of reasonably sustained fear for his/her safety or for the safety of his/her immediate family – CHECK
  3. The threat is specific and unequivocal – CHECK
  4. The threat was verbally, in writing, or via an electronically transmitted device. – CHECK
​I was so afraid to come to Truckee alone I brought my boys with me the first time and when I flew up and had to drive back I required Daniel go with me to feel safe. My father also expressed concern for my safety based upon what relatively little he knew about what was going on. Kathy and Karl also wanted me to meet Karl behind the post office just to get my iPod back. These people are truly scary. See Karl and Kathy's pictures on the home page. Karl was recently convicted of drug possession, a DUI, fake vehicle registration and arrested for a felony in Aug. 2016, and Kathy and Karl's best friend and next door neighbor in Truckee ("Jack") was a San Quentin ex-con.

Note that criminal threats can be charged whether or not the person has the ability to carry out the threat and even if the threat is not actually intended to be carried out. An example in the article I read fits my situation exactly: a recently fired employee calling the former boss and saying "you and the office staff better watch your backs". Just like Karl telling me I better not come to Truckee and threatening me with bodily harm to boot!

Ms. Tyner asserted that a crime was not committed by accusing me of "tampering with evidence". I did no such thing. My "tampering" consisted of me not sending my texts along with Karl's. Tampering with evidence is a very serious crime and is defined as an act in which a person alters, conceals, falsifies, or destroys evidence with the intent to interfere with an investigation.

I did not falsify, alter, conceal or destroy evidence and certainly had no intend to interfere with an investigation that I asked be conducted.  I had accidently deleted my emails, and since Karl sent his texts from Kathy's phone I asked Kathy to forward me copies. I never heard back.

My question to Ms. Tyner was why didn't she just ask me for them first? Seems like a very logical thing to do. I am an alleged crime victim and you are supposed to investigate to see if a crime has been committed against me. Am I missing something? I was ignored once again. Seems to be a problem for me with the Nevada County justice system. Ms. Tyner never got back to me.

What I should have said to Ms. Tyner is for her to speak to the Truckee police and asked her to get back to me after they get their stories straight.

As demonstrated above, as with all criminal activities, corruption is based in deceit. If caught off guard without a plan in place such as what occurred in this case due to nobody expecting me to report Kathy and Karl's threats, the corrupt Truckee Police Department had to shoot hip creating a web of contradictory lies that were self-incriminating. That’s when Ms. Tyner had to step in and threaten me with a bogus crime in order to intimidate me into letting it go which is what ended up happening.