Fake Facebook Accounts
Smear Campaign
​I have had two fake Facebook accounts created in my name. The first, which I had removed before I captured a screen shot of it, had an old profile picture that I used for my Twitter and Facebook accounts and had a picture of cocaine on a mirror as the cover picture.  Based upon the posts and content of the profile it was obviously created by Kathy's boyfriend Karl Jesse.

The next fake account (shown below) used my then current Facebook profile picture and spelled my last name with a lowercase "d" which immediately caught my eye because that's how my grandparents spelled our last name and within the past few years also my sister Kathe, no one else. Note that my sister has also participated in my smear campaign. See the "Kathe de Fiori" page under the "Smear Campaign" > "Known Individuals" menu).
Karl used a capital "D" on the first fake Facebook account he created for me which would make sense because that's how Kathy (my ex-wife/Karl's girlfriend) spells De Fiori (Kathy kept my last name in our divorce). Why Karl would switch to using a lowercase "d" seems unusual.

Karl posted "I love Kat. Please come back." in the status to which Kathy posted a comment saying "Did you actually post this." thinking she was being cute and funny. Then 4 days after Kathy posted her comment, I conspicuously started receiving messages from the fake account (that are now unavailable because the fake account was never verified) threatening that Kathy was going to take my children away from me and taunting me about the financial situation my children and I are suffering in due to Kathy, Karl, Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant and the Truckee police criminal activities.

Kathy and Karl are fearless in their harassment and smearing of my name without the least bit of concern that they will be held accountable, obviously because they will not be. As demonstrated throughout this website, the corrupt courts and law enforcement who are protecting Kathy and Karl have permitted them to make threats of great bodily harm against me, smear my name and commit life devastating crimes against my children and me all with impunity.

After having this second fake account removed I deactivated my Facebook account until I can be confident that my harassment and name smearing have ceased.