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​"The Principal Sets The Tone​​​"
Below are the Principals in each of the schools my children have attended in the Moorpark Unified School District (public institutions with public employees).  At least one event has occurred at each school that is clear harassment or psychological abuse or an event that clearly furthers the absorb “Time and Money” goal and/or cause annoyance and problems for me (that I never once experienced prior to my ex-wife becoming a law enforcement protected prostitute) going back to the very beginning of when I first put my children in Moorpark schools back in the fall of 2015 (which is, of course, after my ex-wife reentered prostitution).  For information on how and why a school district would participate in the campaign to harassment and abuse my children and me and how systemic corruption permeates our public agencies and institutions (starting at the top with unethical administrators) see the following links. The ivory towers upon which school districts, judges, police and many others hang their hats on is a complete farce as this website shows.
Why School Districts​
​​Ethics & Public Administration​​

This page is in progress. As such, not all harassment events that clearly further the goals of the harassment an abuse campaign that was waged against my children and me are disclosed. Check back later.

Also, I’m going to leave names of individuals and schools out of the events in order to minimize the possibility of my children being subjected to ridicule or reprisals and to help prevent the police or any other public agency employee from using me disclosing what happen as an excuse for coming to my home in order to harass my 83-year-old father (which has endlessly occurred). If anyone is interested in specifics, you may email me using the "Contact" link found at the bottom of the home page to request more information.
​Moorpark Unified School District Board Members
​"The Buck Stops Here​​"
Event 1

I will say that one of the events is eluded to by the above picture of a woman waving and orange piece of paper. The teacher lied and went out of her way emotionally abusing my son in order to be able to psychologically abuse me. Also, when taken into consideration with other events unrelated to the Moorpark Unified School District that is depicted by the jumping boy yelling "Time & Money" (which are the primary "tools" used against me by the corruption in my divorce in order to delay and increase the financial burden of litigating) and numerous other comments or events and  directed comments made by my ex-wife's boyfriend Karl William Jesse and many others  indicates that very important, extremely incriminating and critically required actions are being undertaken against me by law enforcement that opens the door for these things to be able to occur to exposing a great deal more about the systemic corruption and harassment "Machine".

Event 2

The other event is having to do with my son going to summer school that was intentionally made to be a complete waste by a staff member ("Matt") who lied to and manipulated both my son and me. When I complained, the principal completely ignored what was done to my son and me and instead wanted to meet with the principal, counselor, etc. to waste even more of my time ("TIME & Money"). I refused to meet and said to tell staff not to lie and just do her job and everything will be fine which it was. Meeting would have been an intimidating waste of my time.
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