Motivation Required
Below is a summary of the corruption and other suspicious and otherwise inexplicable events and statements that occurred in and outside the courtroom of my divorce since Sept. 2014 when I had Kathy removed from our home and she met her boyfriend Karl William Jesse then re-entered prostitution that is being protected by the Truckee police.

If Kathy didn't re-enter prostitution in Sept. 2014 that is being protected by public and police corruption, then what is the motivation for the following events? What other plausible explanation could there be? I'm all ears but nobody seems to want to discuss details and challenge me.
  1. Why did Durant say to me at one of the very first hearings “Everybody gets cheated on”?
  2. Why did Durant feel the need to and think it was her place to tell me I share too much about my personal life
  3. Why did Kathy abandon her children in Sept. 2014?
  4. Why didn’t Kathy exercise a single visit, rarely call and soon stop calling completely?
  5. Why has Karl sent me emotionally and psychologically abusive emails and texts making absurd accusations and vulgar sexual comments about the mother of my children?
  6. Why did Kathy lie numerous times saying she first tried to call me when she didn't as an excuse for calling my father?
  7. Why has Kathy disappeared and reappeared numerous times and seemingly always before an upcoming court deadline?
  8. Why have Kathy and Karl endlessly, creatively and with plausible deniability harassed my father and harassed and threatened me?
  9. Why did Kathy voluntarily give me sole physical AND legal custody of our children which is rare to get especially for a father?
  10. Why did Durant mysteriously stay Kathy’s drug/alcohol testing and treatment orders without good cause after staunchly making the orders that were twice recommended by Family Court Services and in spite of overwhelming evidence it wasn't in our children's best interests which was obvious at the time and has been proven true?
  11. Why did Kathy say she was ignorant of the orders when I asked if she had registered to test when she was in court while Durant went through the orders in great detail and Kathy was handed a copy of the orders in my presence?
  12. Why did Kathy know she didn't have to worry about violating the orders before the hearing?
  13. Why has Kathy claimed unemployment and how has it been possible for Kathy to have "no money", no transportation and no apparent means of support for 2 years?
  14. Why didn't Durant make Kathy independently verify she has no money and is unemployed?
  15. Why did Durant just take Kathy's word for it and ignore my discovery requests to make Kathy prove it?
  16. Why didn't Durant impute at least minimum wage on Kathy for child support as guidelines require DCSS to do?
  17. Why did Durant coerce me into her property settlement that was in Kathy's favor that neither Kathy nor I asked for?
  18. Why did Kathy knowingly lie about our car being community property and Durant immediately reiterate that it was community property with no argue or evidence being presented in regards to the car then later rule it was my separate property at trial?
  19. Why has Kathy hidden from DCSS and not paid any child support?
  20. Why has Ventura County DCSS repeatedly and provably lied to me and misrepresent facts, the law and filings?
  21. Why has Ventura County DCSS repeatedly and provably tried to suppress Kathy's child support amount?
  22. Why did Judge Robert L. Tamietti require a move-away order and then very clearly make it possible for me to get the order and the lie in the minutes to try and cover-up what he did?
  23. Why did nothing Tamietti said would occur at the evidentiary hearing her required that was clearly meant to intimidate me not occur when I got the hearing?
  24. Why did Judge Tamietti glare over his glasses at me when I said I would not leave Truckee without my children or a move-away order?
  25. Why did Andrew Gomez of CPS lie and try to scare me by saying the top person at his office is ready to file to take my kids away unless I let him come over and when I refused to let him nothing happen, he just disappeared?
  26. Why didn't Kathy want, need or take one single item of community or personal except a few clothes (no kitchen items, furniture, personal or family mementoes or family pictures)?
  27. Why did Kathy refuse to sign joint tax returns forcing me to file separately and be responsible for our tax liability individually?
  28. Why did Durant determine, without any filings or testimony from Kathy, that Kathy and I had no community debt and I owed Kathy $7K due to the property settlement Durant forced on me?
  29. Why did Durant push me to apply the $7K to Kathy’s child support payments?
  30. Why did Kathy live in 10 different locations in 22 months?
  31. Why has Kathy refused to give me her residence address?
  32. Why has Kathy given fake mailing addresses, refused to update her mailing addresses or give none at all?
  33. Why has Kathy avoided service over a dozen times?
  34. Why has Kathy not filed responses to my motions?
  35. Why did Kathy endlessly lie in court?
  36. Why has Kathy not cooperated on finalizing our divorce when she is the one that requested it?
  37. Why did Kathy hold our children and me hostage for 5 months in Truckee in order for me to get a move away order?
  38. Why did Kathy repeatedly tell me to up and leave with our boys “so we will be safe” knowing me doing so would be child abduction?
  39. Why did Kathy repeatedly asked me to give my 82-year-old father guardianship of our boys, convince my father to be guardian (that he now would never do) and refuse to tell me why she wanted my father to be guardian?
  40. Why did Kathy only come out of hiding after 5 months only for a previously scheduled status hearing that Durant announced as a status hearing, put in the minutes was a status hearing and or said nothing that is required to be done at a status hearing?
  41. Why didn't Kathy file final financial declarations of disclosures?
  42. Why did Durant deny my request to reopen discovery at the most critical time possible?
  43. Why did Durant ignore me when I agreed to her offer to continue trial without re-opening discovery?
  44. Why did Durant so blatantly lie during the fee waiver hearing?
  45. Why did Durant deny me on the fee waiver to have the sheriff give notice when that fee was waived in the prior order?
  46. Why did Kathy file with the court and mail me a cleaned up income and expense statement with no material changes (all zeros again) right before trial that should have only been sent to DCSS?
  47. Why did Kathy miss two mandatory settlement conferences?
  48. Why didn’t Kathy file a Mandatory Settlement Conference statement?
  49. Why didn’t Kathy file a trial brief?
  50. Why did Kathy fail to attend the pretrial hearing?
  51. Why did Kathy fail to show at trial?
  52. Why didn’t Kathy attend hearings telephonically?
  53. Why did Kathy fail to appear for a follow-up seek work order hearing?
  54. Why didn’t Durant issue a civil bench warrant when Kathy failed to appear at the seek work hearing as provided in bench guidelines?
  55. Why did Kathy repeatedly ask me if I was going to attend a Sept. 21, 2014 DCSS hearing that was not on the docket and had not been served?
  56. Why did Kathy know in advance that a DCSS hearing was going to held on Sept. 21, 2014?
  57. Why did Kathy fail to appear at an Aug. 17 child support hearing and lie when she said she called the court and
  58. told that the hearing wasn't on calendar?
  59. Why did Kathy fail to show up for a subsequent child support hearing?
  60. Why did Durant make me refile a new motion for child support and start the process completely over instead of continuing the motion when Kathy didn't show?
  61. Why did Kathy miss 10 out of 15 appearances and only attend hearings that resulted in rulings or orders that were in her favor?
  62. Why did Durant make absurd excuses for Kathy not attending hearings and not calling in?
  63. Why has Durant lied and believed everything Kathy said without challenge or verification in the face Kathy’s chronic bad faith?
  64. Why has Durant ruled in Kathy’s favor on everything?
  65. Why did Durant subjugate my filings?
  66. Why did Durant ignore facts?
  67. Why did Durant allowed Kathy to violate 11 court orders with impunity?
  68. Why did I have 4 computers hacked and my recovery disks stolen all within a month locking the operating systems and making me have to reformat the hard drives and then restore disks disappeared from my house and hard drives stolen causing me to lose my job and have to uproot our children and leave Truckee?
  69. Why were people pound on the side of my house in the middle of the night when all of the other harassment and abuse was going on right after the hearing that Tamietti tried to scare me into up and leavng Truckee?
  70. Why were all my email accounts hacked causing me to lose all the evidence and emails I had?
  71. Why did all of the harassment and difficulties in every area of my life begin right after I kicked Kathy out?