Moorpark Neighbors
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. ~ Dalai Lama

The self-absorbed, materialistic, cookie-cutter sheeple of Moorpark do NOT live by this. From the police to schools, neighbors and beyond, the residents of Moorpark only think of themselves. They have zero empathy for my children and me. Their goal is to knowingly protect corrupt cops and judges making each one of them a felon.

The comically obvious setups and provations by three close-by neighbors discussed here could have easily been intended to bait me and used to try a label me crazy for thinking "everyone" is involved in the systemic corruption and harassment Machine that has been coming at me since I had my ex-wife removed from our home for domestic violence in Oct. 2014.

Are these neighbors part of the Machine?  Let's go for a walk and then tell me what you think. Also see the following webage under "Knock, knock. Who's there? Moorpark PD to harass your father . . . . again." for the continuing baiting and harassment that continues to be inflicted on me by neighbors as of 09/2017.
Bad Cops

This neighbor is obviously very deeply disturbed and by far the most dangerous person on the block to my children and me. I avoid him and his family at all costs.

First event - I was the victim of criminal threats under California Penal Code 422 by one neighbor. I also consider this clearly disturbed neighbor the most dangerous to my children and me on the street due to his repeated harassment of my father which risks my father getting upset and kicking my children and me out of his house.

I was threatened with bodily harm by this neighbor when I was on my evening walk (that I have since ceased doing). To set me up, as I approached were some neighbors were standing their children all the sudden, all together and at once ran up their drive way into their garage looking back making it obvious they were running from me. I said to myself quietly "Why are those kids running away from me?" One of the neighbor men then immediately charged at me mumbling something that I was harassing the kids and then loudly threatened me saying "I'm going to beat your face in." I just stop with my hands behind my back and waited for him to calm down after stopping within just a few feet of me. Then as I started to walk passed he took a flash picture of the back of my head when I get next to him. When neither of those provocations worked, he yelled out at "You're taking advantage of your father" as I got further down the street. Ironcially, this was coming from a "man" who has endlessly harassed my 83-year old father.

Mine you these kids continue to taunt and harass me yelling at from their driveway and the street overzealously trying to get my attention and even recruiting children from down the street to join in. I obviously say nothing and just ignore them.

I did not report the criminal threat because the last thing I want is the corrupt and elder abusing Moorpark PD knocking at my door to intentionally piss off my father. . . again. The police in Truckee made it clear they were not going do anything about the crimes I reported being committed against my children and me either so I stopped reaching out to them also. What that does is allow everybody, like my neighbor, to break the law with impunity which my ex-wife has endlessly done.

Second Event - My father and I caught this same neighbor in blatant lie when he came to my house to harass my father (the name of the game since I arrived back in Moorpark so he would get upset and kick me out which has almost worked more than once) by falsely accusing me of flipping him off.

I drove by the neighbor as I was leaving my house. While I was gone this neighbor came to my house and told my father I flipped him off. After I got home my father and I went to talk to him about it. When my father asked exactly how I flipped him off he wasn’t ready for the questions and showed us several different ways from straight up flipping him the bird to trying to hide it instead of just one way which is what he should have immediately done if I actually did give him the middle finger.

He thought he was could just come to my house without me home to defend myself and stir up the pot in hopes that my father and I would argue and my father would kick my sons and me out of his house. That has been the clear theme of the police, my sisters, neighbors and others ever since I arrived in Moorpark. The goal is to try to deny me the financial ability to come after the corrupt police ans my ex-wife.

As soon as my neighbor kept changing how I purportedly flipped him off my father's tone and demeanor changed and the neighbor sensed it so he tried to charm and con my father into believing him. That ended it. My father saw what my neighbor was doing. He immediately ended the conversation and we walked off telling my neighbor never to set foot on our property again.

Third Event - The same neighbor also lied in collusion with the Moorpark police also in order to harass my father over a note that I left on my neighbor’s car about being harassed in the neighborhood including I believed him which has now clearly turned out to me true.

The police straight up lied so appallingly I refused to talk to them and walked back in the house while they had my father’s full attention and were smearing my name of course saying I’m paranoid because I accrued the Truckee police of protecting prostitution.

I keep replaying in my head the Moorpark cop appallingly lying through his teeth waving the note in the air saying "Not the note! Not the note!" trying to say we didn’t talk about it the night before when my father was, much to their disappointment, asleep so my neighbor and the police couldn’t harass him.

So, my neighbor and the police obviously colluded to come up with the idea of saying I left the note after we spoke the night before in order to come back in the morning when they knew that my father would be awake and available to be their victim of their emotional elder abuse.

​This neighbor is EXTREMELY dangerous and a very real threat to my children and me. We are complete strangers. He has no reason to come after me like he is. This neighbor is an attorney which is the second highest profession that attracts psychopaths and he most definitely exhibits repeated antisocial behavior. The ONLY reason this neighbor has tried to get me kicked out of my father’s house is because the police obviously asked him to. That is exterermly disturbing.

Neighbor #2

 Another conspicuous event has to do with a kid jumping up and down in his drive way yelling “Time and Money” RIGHT when I came out of my house after I had just had a text exchange with my ex-wife telling my ex-wife that her colluded bad faith with Commissioner Durant's fraudulent orders were designed to absorb my time and money in hopes that I would give up litigation in our divorce or not be financially able to pursue a judgement. I had been telling my ex-wife that for many months prior. When I later asked him about it he said he didn't remember.  The problem is his sister was also standing in the driveway. 

This event is significant not just due to it being an example of harassment and psychological abuse, it also begs the question how the kid knew to do what he did and when to do it which leads to one thing . . . he was told by somebody which begs the obvious question, am I being surveilled?  If my allegations about law enforcement protecting prostitution are true, being surveilled would not only be plausible, it would be probable. Further, if the information on this website independently proves that law enforcement is protecting prostitution that would then prove that the kid across has in some way been getting my surveillance feed.

The event with the teacher emotionally abusing my son and lying in order to wave an orange piece of paper in my face that is discuss under the “Moorpark Unified” webpage also requires she be told something that I was observed doing which further corroborates me being surveilled.

This feedback loop exists throughout the evidence I’ve gather to prove my accusations from no matter what direction my evidence is approached.
Neighbor #3

The last event includes a neighbor apparently trying to provoke me by suddenly taking my parking space on the street between our homes where I have parked for almost two years. He didn’t just start parking in my spot, he made sure one of his cars was always in my spot and if his car wasn’t parked there then his trash cans now took up the space untilhe could get a car there when he had put his trash cans on the other side of his driveway the entire time I've lived here.

 If there was a problem, why he didn’t ask to talk about it I do not know because we were friendly before this started. I refused to take the bait and just started parking in a different spot. We don't talk anymore nor will we ever again. Another stay away neigbor for me. UPDATE: Still going strong as of 09/08/2017. See the following webage under "Knock, knock. Who's there? Moorpark PD to harass your father . . . . again."
Bad Cops