The Mask
​"The only changes a narcissist makes are masks and victims."
Fools Abound
"Being fooled does not make you a fool. You become a fool when you keep falling for the same shit."
​Guilty as charged for many years, but no more. I was a fool during my entire marriage to Kathy. It is when I finally woke up to the true Kathy that she set out to destroy our children and me as a way to try and suppress Kathy's embarrassment and toxic shame of being exposed.

As a pathological narcissist, Kathy could not exist without there being a world full of fools to surround herself with. If you are not fooled by Kathy, you are not allowed into her life. It is when fools catch-on to Kathy that she changes masks to replenish suppliers of life giving attention with new unsuspecting victims.  Without knowing the truth about Kathy as presented in this website, based upon her sweet and innocent "Kathy De Fiori" mask I really cannot fault Kathy's uninformed victims for failing prey to her manipulations.

However, I do look down on those who let themselves be repeatedly drawn into Kathy's delusional world again and again after observing (and even experiencing for themselves) Kathy's viciously abusive True Self of which there are many, including Kathy’s long-time friends and entire family. It is these enablers and proxy abusers who are fools.
The Mask
​​A narcissist's day consists of projecting a False Self ("mask") to manipulate others into conforming to the narcissist's agenda du jour which always includes garnering attention (narcissistic supply).  I believe due to me bringing to light Kathy's abuse of our children and me and her criminal activities, in Oct. 2016 it was time for cool hip "Kat Carrillo" (who was created to garner attention from Karl and his crowd) to present herself as sweet, charming and motherly Kathy De Fiori which is Kathy's most dangerous and seductive mask of them all.

A narcissistic personality disorder may be likened to a wheel in which the grandiose False Self is the hub, to which are affixed spokes (masks) that change with the ebb and flow of narcissistic supply depending on the audience the narcissist needs to charm. Pathological narcissists strive to maintain and protect their concocted false self-image at all costs. No matter the mask, a narcissist's cunning, calculated and abusive True Self remains hidden just beneath the surface ready to defend against a real or perceived threat to being exposed.
The Most Dangerous Mask of Them All
​"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."​​
Why Kathy changed masks:
  1. Kat Carrillo - 1998 and before. This is when Kathy was in her initial promiscuous, low-life alcoholic stage that she went back to in earnest after meeting her boyfriend Karl Jesse in Sept. 2014. I quickly broke up with Kathy after briefly dating due to her violent behavior and flirting which is what prompted Kathy to get sober and change masks to mainstream Kathy De Fiori.
  2. Kathy De Fiori - 1998 to 2008. Kathy got sober and donned for the first time her Kathy De Fiori mask for 2-1/2 years starting in Feb. 1998. We married during this period in 2000 with the first sign of Kathy's True Self reappearing literally two months after we tied the knot  in the form of pathological lying and financial abuse both of which continued throughout our 14-year marriage.
  3. Kat Carrillo - 2008 to 2011. After years of fighting due to Kathy's full range of narcissistic abuse and parasitically living off me, Kathy successfully turned the tables labeling me as the abuser and went off to have a 2+ year affair with her sister's husband "Charlie" starting in 2008.
  4. Kathy De Fiori - 2011 to early 2014. After having her fun and then devaluing Charlie, Kathy wanted to come back so morphed back into nice, sweet, compassionate and motherly Kathy De Fiori. Still being unware of narcissistic personality disorders, I let her back and actually accepted blame myself for Kathy's affair.
  5. Kat Carrillo - Early 2014 to May 2014. As soon as Kathy got the opportunity to cheat after getting a job at the Resort at Squaw Creek Kathy went back to Kat Carrillo in order to garner attention (in the form of sex) from Truckee's transient and local population of resort town/party town immoral sexual deviants.
  6. Kathy De Fiori - May 2014 to Sept. 2014. Due to Kathy being forced to start sharing custody of our children and using the excuse of not having a suitable place for them to stay with her, Kathy suddenly started telling me "I love you" asking to come back home after months of heartless narcissistic abuse our children and me, Kathy cunningly manipulated me into letting her back by using the stunningly surprising threat of taking our boys to stay with Denis Carlen’s family in Truckee (see "Denis Carlen" under the "Smear Campaign" menu).
  7. Kat Carrillo - Sept. 2014 to October 2016.  With Kathy refusing to go into rehab, in Sept 2014 Kathy clawed my cheek with her nails and the next day had sex down the street from our house (she stated with a guy she just met at Starbucks, but I have reason to believe it was our 20-year-old next door neighbor "Mike" (she already had confirmed  text, and I believe actual sex with Mike's 19-year-old roommate "Bryce") I could no longer let our children be raised in the toxic environment Kathy's drinking was creating and had Kathy removed from our home for domestic violence telling Kathy she could never come back.
  8. Kathy De Fiori -  Oct. 2016 to ??  As stated above, in Oct. 2016 Kathy started projecting her Kathy De Fiori False Self, I believed because I am making things hot for Kathy, Karl, Commissioner Durant and the Truckee police.
Kathy is a danger to the general public and her own flesh and blood. She needs to be taken off the street.