​Marla Kedding
Smear Campaign
Below is a screenshot of a post that a Marla Kedding made on Facebook in Mar. 2016 making very immature and absurdly false and slanderous statements about me. I have no clue who Marla Kedding is. We have never met, been introduced and have no common friends. Marla came out of nowhere to maliciously make very damaging false accusations and smear my name.

Marla's Facebook profile seems to be gone from Facebook. I reported her post and received a response saying Facebook was going to look into it so I do not know if Marla's account was fake, removed or Marla deleted it. Note that Marla is not the only stranger to suddenly take an interest in me and start smearing my name on Facebook. Unfortunately, I did not keep the names of the others or capture their posts.

I have no clue who Marla Kedding is or even if she's real. Nor do I have any clue who would be asking Marla to post lies about me. Marla and I had no Facebook friends in common and we have never met or spoken.  Marla looks very good on the outside. She looks a little full of herself, but at first glance Marla presents well, and in a vacuum appears to be someone who would be honest and creditable. That is what makes Marla’s post even more suspicious, alarming and dangerous putting into serious question Ms. Kedding’s motivations and integrity.

Marla proports to know a great deal about me for someone I don't know and obviously has a vested interest in smearing my name in order to do it so viciously. I don' t drink. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs, and I was a well-respected and high paid professional with a very prestigious and successful career before people like Marla Kedding set out to destroy my name and reputation. I have no idea where Marla got her information. She obviously doesn’t know anything about me.

And for what reason would Ms. Kedding lie about me? If I had to guess I would say it's because I am a threat to the public and police corruption that is protecting prostitution in Lake Tahoe/Truckee.

I discovered Ms. Kedding's post by noticing that someone shared a post of mine which turned out to be Ms. Kedding.  For reasons, I am uncertain of other than them being nefarious, Ms. Kedding linked to her Facebook post a Google search of my Twitter account that I never use.

When my smear campaign and harassment began Kathy, her boyfriend Karl William Jesse and others BAITED me into coming to personally damaging conclusions and posting them on internet and social media that falsely painted me as being unstable. It is important to note that smearing a victim’s name and portraying a victim of narcissistic as “crazy” abuse is a tell-tale tactic of pathological narcissist’s. Kathy has very successfully done this to me more than once, only this time Kathy went pro and had very obvious and sophisticated assistance (see the Narcissism & Narc Abuse” link below for further explanation). I fell for Kathy’s bait to have me come to and publicize incriminating conclusions hook-line-and-sinker. Only later did I realize what Kathy did.

Apparently, Ms. Kedding was lurking in the background on Facebook ready to take advantage of and blow out of all proportions my naivety in order to discredit me. However, due to Ms. Kedding's over the top, obviously abusive and deceitful post, I believe that her smearing backfired and is self-incriminating.​