Karl's Email to DCSS
Smear Campaign
Karl's Confirmation of Kathy Prostitution
In Aug. 2016, I all the sudden started receiving emails from a Larry Jones using the email address "gangstalkingmyass@gmail.com" which was immediately deactivated after the emails were sent. I have received emails from the address previously so knew that they were coming from Kathy's boyfriend, Karl William Jesse which Karl confirmed as his emails continued.

The content of the emails was typical of Karl: vulgar descriptions of sexual acts with my children's mother, false accusations about my mental health and taunting me about the financial situation Karl and Kathy forced me into. See "

Due to Karl admitting to Kathy being a prostitute making $800 a night and Karl telling me that Commissioner Durant is in fact corrupt in his emails, I forwarded them to John, the Department of Child Support Services attorney I had been working with for us to discuss. I copied Karl on my email to John prompting Karl to send John an email filled with lies, threats and the typical over-the-top false accusations that have become a knee jerk reaction for Karl and Kathy to say about me, and that I have become accustom to being told about me from many others ever since Kathy re-entered prostitution in Oct. 2014. See below for Karl’s boringly familiar statements that at this point have become incriminating for anyone that continues to make them.

The comment that is most entertaining is Karl telling John that he was giving Kathy $800 a week.  Dopey (that's one of my nicknames for Karl) must have overlooked that I sent John Karl's email in which he stated "Kat is making $800 a night on average". I've too quickly read through and reacted instead of responded to emails many times myself. The only difference is I am not a criminal trying to hide my criminal activates so it's just a little embarrassing for me, not potentially damning in a court of law like it is for Karl.
Another Indication of DCSS's Complicity
​I also find Karl's statement "Mr. De Fiori is, and am SURE YOU KNOW [emphasis added], a known psychotic drug abuser . . . " a rather odd thing to be say. Ignoring the fact that Karl's statement is untrue, why would Karl make such a statement to a complete stranger and assume that a DCSS attorney would be privy to such information about me? What jump out at me is the DCSS has obscenely and repeated lied to me and has very clearly been trying to suppress the amount of Kathy's child support and deter me from seeking a child support judgment with John being a primary participant in doing so.

Below are Karl's and my emails to John. My email is bordered in blue, Karl's is bordered in red with a message at the end that I included as an example of Karl being complicit is the concerted attempt to discredit me by trying to label me as mentally unstable.  Kathy and a whole host of others have jumped on board that train which is a known defense that is used to cover-up corruption (see http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/14/health/military-sexual-assaults-personality-disorder/). Telling me that I'm "paranoid" and "delusional" has become Kathy and Karl's favorite past time. I personally don’t see how that would even help them. The information I have gathered stands alone regardless of my mental state. It is Kathy and Karl who very clearly suffer from some type of antisocial personality disorder and live in a delusional world that has no connection to what is really going on. That is abundantly clear.