Commissioner Durant even went so far as to discount our children's interviews (ages 9 and 13 at the time) in which they testified to the continuous turmoil Kathy's   drinking  caused   in  our  home.  Durant asked (not ordered) Kathy to volunteer to a substance abuse assessment which Kathy has refused. You    see,  it's highly unlikely  Kathy could  endure  the soul destruction of being a prostitute while sober. This is when I first began to suspect that  Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant was corrupt and was protecting Kathy and Truckee PD.
Criminal Judge
Nevada County Superior Court Judge
Robert L. Tamietti
"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected."
~ Alan Dershowitz (Professor of  Law Harvard Law School, Leading Defender of Civil Liberties)
Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert L. Tamietti is a (not so) common criminal. Judge Tamietti used the colluded threat of my children going into foster care  in a failed attempt to intimidate me into leaving Truckee without the move-away order he himself required then (not so) cleverly made it impossible for me to get. In doing so Tamietti earned the distinction of being the only elected official to get openly involved in protecting prostitution in Lake Tahoe/Truckee.

Getting me to just up and leave Truckee without the order was my now ex-wife Kathy De Fiori's initial plan and best case scenario because had I left Truckee without the order, Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant would not have had to lie and her corruption in collusion with Kathy's obscenely obvious bad faith would not have been required in order to attempt, in vain, to get Kathy out of a child support order in our divorce proceedings. In addition, the colluded fraud to try to get Kathy a credit towards child support due to me being able to  survive Kathy  repeatedly  trying  to put me on the streets would also not have had to occur.
What “the Honorable” Robert L. Tamietti and others did not expect and did not plan for was I cannot be intimidated, not by anybody, especially when it comes to the protection and welfare of my children who a judge, family law commissioner, law enforcement and their own mother could care less about.

Judge Tamietti got visibly perturbed when he failed to intimidate me at an ex parte hearing for a move-away order causing Tamietti to lower his head and peer over his glasses to glare at me in disbelief when, much to Tamietti's obvious surprise and disappointment, I told him that I would not be leaving Truckee without the move-away order. Judge Tamietti’s attempt to intimidate me was so obvious and palatable it left an impression on me that remains to this day. I can still visualize the little criminal grimacing at me.

As an aside, at that time, I was already formulating in my mind a plan to ask my two married actuary friends Jay and Irene if my boys and I could stay in their second home in Truckee. Jay and Irène were always very nice and welcoming of me and my family and we had stayed in their cabin many times before for free.
Prostitute Career Ending Child Support? - Plan A & Plan B
​​Child support puts Kathy's prostitution at risk because Kathy can’t pay support with income she's hiding from prostitution, and she can't be legitimately employed in order to pay child support if she already has a job as a prostitute.

As such, in return for agreeing to participate in eliminating me as a previously established threat to the corruption that is protecting prostitution in Tahoe/Truckee Kathy was to receive the monetary rewards and the life giving (for pathologically narcissistic Kathy) attention and glorification of being a prostitute. Two approaches were undertaken to achieve their goals:

PLAN A - Judge Tamietti was tasked with implementing Plan A which was devised to get Kathy out of child support by forcing me to leave Truckee without a move-away order (see "The "Honorable" Robert L. Tamietti - Co-conspirator" below). That would have put custody of my children at risk with the goal of making my father legal guardian. The reason Kathy wanted my father to be legal guardian was because guardians are not entitled to child support, only parents are. As such, Kathy would have got out of paying career ending child support.
I foiled Plan A by refusing to both leave Truckee without my children AND refusing to leave Truckee without a move-away order. Tamietti knew I would never leave Truckee without my children and was so confident he left me no choice but to leave Truckee without the move-away order he even glared at me when I told him I was staying in Truckee. I had no clue how I was going to stay in Truckee but am a firm believer in "Leap and the net will appear". It has never once failed me.

Getting me to up and leave Truckee without a move-away order was also the most desirable because it would have prevented Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant to have to lie and break the law in collusion with Kathy's bad faith during our divorce proceedings in order to get Kathy out of child support which is exactly what happen. The problem then became Kathy and Durant did needed motivation.

Not only that, but Kathy and Durant needing motivation for their behavior exposes the much broader conspiracy to smear my name and destroy me which in turn gives context for all the other undeniable and nefarious things that were done to me. That has perhaps become Kathy and her corrupt friends' biggest problem now which would explain why Karl and Karl have suddenly clamed up.

PLAN B - When I foiled Plan A the fall back Plan B was implemented. Plan B was a fall back which allowed me to leave Truckee with a move-away order and was then supposed to use harassment to try to get me kicked out of my father's house or in some other way deny me the financial means I needed to move forward in my divorce.

Note that underlying both plans was a goal to paint me as "crazy" (which came from all directions, so much so it became obvious and even comical) and make Kathy look innocent and lily white thus putting the blame on me for the destruction of our family instead of the blame being Kathy was a criminal and a prostitute which is now clearly true.
The "Honorable" Robert L. Tamietti - Co-conspirator
​​After Kathy successfully put me out of work I had no financial means to support myself and my children thus requiring me to leave Truckee to go live with my father. However, with Kathy having joint legal custody and being entitled to visitations (that she never once even attempted to exercise), I needed to get a judge's approval in the form of a move-away order. I motioned for an emergency (ex parte) hearing to get the order that was denied me by Judge Robert L. Tamietti (see below for my ex parte application). The hearing was held on Feb. 18, 2015. 

The motivations behind Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert L. Tamietti's behavior, actions, orders and rulings at this hearing had criminal intent making Judge Tamietti complicit in the conspiracy to protect Kathy’s prostitution by colluding to intimidate me into leaving Truckee without a move-away order.  That could have subjected me to charges under California PC 278.5, Deprivation of Child Custody or Visitation, which would have put custody of my children at risk. If I don't have custody I am not entitled to be paid child support which would got Kathy out of having to pay it.

As was common throughout my divorce the hearing minutes (see link to the minutes below) do not accurately reflect all that was said and done and certainly do not communicate Tamietti's intimidating and unempathetic tone and demeanor. However, the minutes do show how Judge Tamietti attempted to intimidate me into being in fear of the "full evidentiary" hearing with "live witnesses" that he required by listing the all-encompassing and unjust concerns for my situation that Tamietti overemphasized and repeated with inappropriate emotion at the hearing.

What Judge Tamietti was tasked with and thought he achieved at the hearing was back me into having only two options:

1. leave Truckee without my children who he told me would then go into foster care,or
2. take my children out of Truckee without a move-away order.

​Judge Tamietti succeeded at his goal to make me fear an evidentiary hearing, but failed to get me just up and leave town without the order. When the hearing was finally held not a single one of the things Judge Tamietti tried to intimidate me with was required or occurred. Everything Tamietti said was bluff.

Below a summary of the minutes and what Judge Tamietti's said and why at the Feb. 18 hearing. The actual minutes are provided at the bottom of this page. Tamietti:​
  1. ​​denied me an emergency move-away order to relocate my children to Moorpark which was clearly not in my children's best interests considering the circumstances,
  2. tried to intimidate me with what he said would be required at a "full evidentiary hearing" with "live witnesses" so that I would not be granted a move-away order at the hearing,
  3. ignored my children's and my financial plight by making it impossible for me to have enough time to motion for the evidentiary hearing, by setting the hearing so it was impossible for me to serve Kathy and staying the order for 30-days,
  4. threatened that if I left town alone my children would go into foster care ignoring that Kathy lived in Truckee and had a working cell phone. My sister later tried to instilled the fear that my chilren were in danger of going into foster care that a CPS worker later tried to say I said as if I was being paranoid. See the "Kathe de Fiori" weboage under "Smear Campaign".
Feb. 18, 2015
Ex Parte App
Collusion To Terrorize & Instill Fear
Very soon after Kathy reentered prostitution in Oct. 2014 I suddenly started being lied to, harassed and pressured by my children's schools, Commissioner Durant in my divorce proceedings, Nevada County Child Protective Services (who got involved due to Kathy’s domestic violence) and from other directions putting me and my parenting under a microscope.  For example, Andrew Gomez of CPS blatantly lied to me when he said we didn’t speak on my front porch a few weeks prior then quickly backed off when I challenged him. Then, in collusion with Judge Tamietti’s plan to scare me into being afraid of an evidentiary hearing, Mr. Gomez proceeded to falsely threaten that his supervisors were “ready to file” to take my children away from me. Mr. Gomez went on to say that if I let him come over right then he could talk his supervisors out of filing which made no sense and immediately sent up a red flag.

In my children’s best interests (who, from their own mother to judges to law enforcement, a family law commissioner and now CPS, I was very clearly the only one concerned about), I did not want my children to have to face a CPS representative again, so I refused Mr. Gomezes repeated attempts to intimidate me into letting him come over and told him we could set a different time. I never heard from Andrew Gomez again. The threats that my children were in imminent danger of being taken away from me just evaporated.

This was done at a time when I was being bombarded with fabricated problems, hassles and harassment from all directions including my sons' schools, break-ins and burglaries, vandalism to my car and people pounding n the side of my home in the middle of the night and me  being told to take stimulants by my Nevada County therapist Kate Spurry. See
​​ Kate Spurry​
As designed, all of this strongly reinforced the very real fear I had about an evidentiary hearing thinking CPS, the schools, my children’s therapist that Durant ordered they go to and others would be a "live witness" and with CPS ready to take my children away that was very scary to me.
​The Best Laid Plans . . . Blow Up
With me being put out of work and unable to support my children, their unemployed alcoholic mother having disappeared 5 months earlier and not answering her cell phone, my father offering to allow my children and me to live with him in Moorpark which is where my children were born, grew up and moved from to Truckee less than three years previously and where we had family, Judge Tamietti's detailed concerns for denying my motion for an emergency move-away order were unfounded, clearly not in my children’s best interests. 

Tamietti's need to repeatedly reinforce that there would be a "full evidentiary hearing" with "live witnesses" was most intimidating due to all the problems that I suddenly started having that put me under a microscope as a parent adding to the pressure that Commissioner Durant's order to put my children into therapy (that Kathy's coordinated bad faith, of course with impunity, made as difficult as could be possible for me to do) had already put me under as a single father.

Full well knowing that I needed to move immediately, by staying a move-away order for 30 days and very cunningly giving me only 2 days to personally serve Kathy, Tamietti intentionally made it impossible for me to motion for an evidentiary hearing on the Mar. 5 date that he picked and set. Judge Tamietti even went so far as to lie in the minutes that I requested an order to shorten time (OST) in an attempt to hide his crafty culpability. Had I requested an OST I obviously would have given myself much more than 2 days to do research, prepare the motion and mail (not personally) serve Kathy who would not give me her residence address and was unemployed.

Tamietti correctly presumed that I would never allow my children to go to foster care  leaving me, or so he thought, only one option - move my children to Moorpark without the move-away order he himself made abundantly clear at the hearing and on the order was required. It was after I told Tamietti that I was not leaving Truckee that he glared over his glasses at me. At that time, I was already formulating in my mind a plan to ask my two married actuary friends Jay and Irene if my boys and I could stay in their second home in Truckee. Jay and Irène were always very nice and welcoming of me and my family and we had stayed in their cabin many times before for free.

The reason Tamietti made it clear that I needed a move-away order was so I could not use ignorance as a defense for the "deprivation of custody" charge (under California Penal Code 287.5) that I would have exposed myself to if I just up and left Truckee.   That charge, or the threat of it, is what would have caused me to have to give my father legal guardianship thus getting Kathy out of having to pay child support because only parents, not guardians, are entitled to be paid child support.
The Smoking Gun
How can I say this is all true with such confidence? Simple. Because Kathy told me. After it became obvious to Kathy that I was not going to leave Truckee without a move away order, before just throwing in the towel and going to court to let me get the order Kathy: (1) flat out started telling me to just up and leave Truckee even going so far as to use a veiled threat by saying "you and the boys will be safe if you leave", and (2) when that didn’t work Kathy absurdly started asking me to give my father legal guardianship. Kathy even very cleverly convinced my father to pressure me to both just leave without a move-away order and to give my father guardianship because my father was having to pay for my boys and me to stay in Truckee while Kathy held us hostage.

On Jun. 1, 2015 Kathy finally went to court so I could get a move-away order. What makes this even more obvious and incriminating is why didn't Kathy just give me the order 5 months earlier? Why did Kathy hold my children and me hostage in Truckee for 5 months playing all sorts of games to avoid service (see “Corruption & Collusion > Avoiding Service”) while my children and I were harassed and terrorized? The obvious answer is because Kathy et al. wanted to get me to just up and leave Truckee without the order.

Note that the only reason Kathy went to court was because she was previously ordered to appear at a required status hearing on Jun. 1, 2015. It's worthy to note that when Commissioner Durant walked to the bench at the hearing she announced the hearing as an evidentiary hearing. Durant said nothing about the hearing being scheduled as a status hearing and we did not discuss a single thing about the status of our divorce or how to move it along. Of course, the minutes stated that a status hearing was held.