Failures to Arrest
(Wise guys, not smart guys.)
​By Kathy's own admission (see "Truckee Police" > "They Protect Me") and as demonstrated below, the Truckee Police Department clearly does protect Kathy, and her boyfriend Karl Willliam Jesse.

The Truckee Police Department failed to mandatorily arrest Kathy for violating a Domestic Relations Restraining Order (DVRO) on two occasions, the second time in order to give Kathy the excuse in our divorce of not having transportation. They also failed to arrest both Kathy and Karl for committing clear felonious criminal threats against me in order to try and intimidate me from coming to Truckee for trial in my divorce.

Nevada County Deputy DA Anna Tyner eventually had to step in on the criminal threats in order to get the Truckee police sergeant I was speaking to out of the mess of lies and contradictions he got himself into trying to protect Kathy and Karl from arrest. Ms. Tyner’s approach was to use intimidation to get me to back down by falsely accusing me of committing the crime of tampering with evidence.  This was after the Truckee police sergeant's failed attempt to also tried to intimidate me into backing off by telling me that Kathy was also going to file a report for me sending her harassing texts. I asked for a copy of the report that never materialized (See "Karl Jesse" > "Criminal Threats").
DVRO Violations
​​Both DVRO violations resulted from Kathy trying to physically force her way through the front door of my home when she was not supposed to be within 100 yards of me.


The first-time Kathy violated her DVRO was when Kathy and her boyfriend Karl Jesse all the sudden showed up at my house. Kathy knocked and when I unlocked the door she tried to force her way in pushing so hard on the door I had to hold her back and ask my oldest son to hand me the phone so I could call the police. All the while Karl sat in his van in the driveway with the motor running.  As soon as I called the police Kathy retreated to Karl's van and they slowly just drove away as if it was all planned.

The Truckee police came out and used the excuse that Kathy trying to force her way in was “soft violation” saying she just didn't call for a civil standby to have the police standby while she picked up personal items. A "Soft Violation" is still a violation but the Truckee police refused to mandatorily arrest her.

Kathy trying to force her way into my house as described above is clearly not simply her showing up at my house and unannounced asking to get some things. Under the “Instructions to Law Enforcement” on page of a DVRO (Form DV-110) police officers are required to arrest when there is probable cause that a violation has occurred. Probable cause is defined as “when there is a reasonable basis for believing that a crime may have been committed for an arrest. Clearly there was probable cause requiring Kathy be arrested yet the Truckee police failed to do so. Why?

I asked both Sgt. Robert Womack at the Truckee Police Department and Nevada County Deputy DA Anna Tyner exactly what "soft violation" meant and go no answer. Either Kathy violated her DVRO or didn't and based upon he law she very clearly did and should have been but was not arrested by the Truckee police who by Kathy's own admissions protect her.

I was the only person home the next time Kathy violated the DVRO by also trying to force her way into our home which was only two weeks after the first time she tried to barge in. The Truckee police pulled Kathy over and impounded Karl's van that Kathy was driving, This was between the hearings in which Commission giving Kathy the excuse of no transportation that Kathy and Commissioner Durant used throughout our divorce proceedings in order to get Kathy out of having to attended hearings and trial, not have to get a job to pay child support and not have to submit to alcohol treatment and testing (see "Criminal Police" under "Impounding Karl's Van" for more details).