Commissioner Durant even went so far as to discount our children's interviews (ages 9 and 13 at the time) in which they testified to the continuous turmoil Kathy's   drinking  caused   in  our  home.  Durant asked (not ordered) Kathy to volunteer to a substance abuse assessment which Kathy has refused. You    see,  it's highly unlikely  Kathy could  endure  the soul destruction of being a prostitute while sober. This is when I first began to suspect that  Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant was corrupt and was protecting Kathy and Truckee PD.
Specifically, Family Court Services (FCS) recommended a parenting plan that included Kathy submit to drug/alcohol testing and enter treatment that Durant staunchly ordered at the first hearing. Then, at the very next hearing, Durant mysteriously reversed her position staying the orders.
In addition to the Truckee Police Department for their protection of prostitution in Tahoe/Truckee, I hold Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant, a family law judge, primarily responsible for destruction of my family and my children being terrorized, abused and emotionally damaged for the rest of their lives.

"It's pretty rare when a judge gets sent to jail.  They tend to be pretty law abiding, but, more than that, they're powerful. Sometimes, though, they tend to forget that their power is not limitless.  No one is above the law, not even judges."
Judges Who Have Gone To Jail
Commissioner Durant is a vile human being. She is one of those rare judges who not only breaks the law but does it to destroy innocent children and their father to protect their abusive prostitute mother. That is who Yvette Durant is as a person and human being and exactly what she has done. There is NO worse type of criminal that exists in society than a judge who took an oath to protect children who instead destroys children. FOR REAL. ​​
Commissioner Durant has shown no empathy whatsoever for my children. Durant's criminal actions and orders in my divorce are directly responsible for my ex-wife, Kathy Carrillo, being able to re-enter prostitution resulting in the utter devastation of my boys' and my lives. Had Durant not maliciously stayed my ex-wife’s drug/alcohol testing and treatment orders  would have had a chance to once again become a functioning member of society, my ex-wife would not have abandoned our children, she  would not have refused to financially and emotionally support them, and she would not have destroyed my career.

Specifically, Family Court Services (FCS) recommended a parenting plan that included my ex-wife submit to drug/alcohol testing and enter treatment that Durant adamantly ordered telling my ex-wife she needed to build trust with our children, the court and me. That gave me a huge sense of relief. Then, at the very next hearing, Durant mysteriously made a complete about face and reversed her position by staying the orders citing my ex-wife’s excuse of transportation problems. My heart sank. My ex-wife very clearly knew in advance the orders were going to be stayed because when I asked My ex-wife if she registered for testing after the first hearing my ex-wife shockingly plead ignorance.  I protested Durant staying the orders due to it not being in our children's best interests. My argument fell on deaf ears. Done deal. My ex-wife was now a prostitute protected by public corruption.

Apparently not comfortable with transportation problems being sufficient cause to stay my ex-wife’s testing and treatment orders, at the very next hearing Durant made an another about face exposing her culpability even further by absurdly stating that she was now not convinced my ex-wife had a drinking problem. This was in spite of:
  • ​​FCS again recommending my ex-wife test and enter treatment,
  • our children's (ages 9 and 13 at the time) interviews by FCS in which they testified to the continuous turmoil Kathy's   drinking caused   in our home for years,
  • the overwhelming evidence I submitted documenting Kathy's chronic alcohol abuse,
  • My ex-wife going to AA and getting sober for 2-1/2 years,
  • My ex-wife having two DUI's,
  • My ex-wife's previous infidelities with her own sister's husband,
  • My ex-wife's recent admissions of numerous sexually deviant and prostitution encounters at the Resort at Squaw Creek and from one end of Truckee to the other and into Reno, and
  • independent evidence (in the form of an email from Kathy's live-in boyfriend, Karl William Jesse's ex-girlfriend Cherie Hung of San Mateo CA), stating that Karl was a functioning alcoholic. When I objected that it was not in my children’s best interests for Kathy to be living with a known alcoholic because there was no way she would be able to get sober, I was once again completelyignored. (Note that when I presented Ms. Hung's email in court Commissioner Durant berated, ridiculed and unprofessionally belittled me for sharing personal information about my life with others in another obvious attempt to silence me.)​
Upwards of 75% of woman who prostitute report a drug or alcohol abuse problem ( As a prostitute it was critical for Kathy to be able to continue to drink in order to cope with the soul destruction of being a prostitute and to help disassociate from the emotional and psychological trauma of being an object for men’s pleasure in addition to being more fervent and willing to take risks during encounters with johns.

Commissioner Durant’s staying of Kathy's testing and treatment orders was the first indication that Durant was corrupt and, in conspiracy with local law enforcement agencies, was protecting Kathy and the illegal prostitution that is being permitted in the world-renowned tourist destination of Lake Tahoe/Truckee.  After reading through this website, no unbiased reasonable person could come to a different conclusion.

Sept. 2017 Update: My ex-wife purportedly got sober and has grown roots in a sobriety living house for over a year now evidencing Durant's failure to act in my children’s best interests when she stayed my ex-wife’s testing and treatment orders.

My ex-wife is purportedly working 10 to 15 hours a week as a restaurant cashier at minimum wage giving her a “recent pay history" well below her earnings potential of $35K per year (in 2001 dollars) as an executive assistant. However, it gave Ventura County Commissioner William "Bill" Redmond (see below) the ability to abuse his discretion and base child support on my ex-wife clearly being underemployed at minimum wage so she can avoid paying guideline child support over my objection, yet again acting in my ex-wife's best interests, not my children’s.

In addition, I motioned and a Mandatory Settlement Conference was calendared (twice) at which the judge is not supposed to make any decisions or issue an order. If an agreement on child support could not be reached (never going to happen) then a trail date should have been set. By misrepresenting the purpose of the hearing I was denied the ability to reopen full and formal discovery and being able to exam my ex-wife at trial. I filed a motion to vacate the order, rescue Commissioner Redmond, sanction my ex-wife for failing to file a Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement, set trail and reopen discovery. The saga continues in the systemically corrupt Ventura County Superior courts. Yawn.


See the links under "Commissioner Yvette Durant" and "Corruption & Collusion" for a complete disclosure of Commissioner Durant's corrupt and criminal activities to favor and protect my ex-wife and her ability to prostitute: