Denis Carlen
Smear Campaign
This event is another that I cannot directly connect to protection of Kathy's prostitution or the corruption that is going on in Tahoe/Truckee. I presented it for the reader to again be able to walk in my shoes in order to show that, when taken into context with all that has occurred since Kathy re-entered prostitution in Sept. 2014, this event has a component that is suspicious and either furthers protection of Kathy (and Karl), discredits me, smears my name and/or is an attempt to intimidate me.​
​Moving In With The Carlens
In Mar. 2014 I asked Kathy to move out of our house due to her continued blatant infidelities, staying out all night and drinking from the time she woke up until passing out every evening all of which was creating a toxic environment for our children. I was unaware at the time that Kathy's infidelities at the Resort at Squaw Creek included prostitution. In Apr. 2014 Kathy was force to start sharing custody of our children. Now having the responsibility of our children Kathy was no longer able to prostitute so in May 2014 Kathy suddenly started sending me texts saying "I love you" and she wants to be a family and asking to come back home.

To apply more pressure into letting Kathy come back, Kathy shockingly said that if I did not let her back she and our boys were going to go live with Denis Carlen’s family. Denis (a long-time friend) had lived in Truckee for 15 years with his wife Suzanne and their conniving daughters who our boys couldn't stand. For many of those years Denis worked at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, adjacent to but not affiliated with the Resort at Squaw Creek.​
It was shocking that Kathy said she was going to move in with Denis and Suzanne because our families had a major falling out and hadn’t spoke for over a 1-1/2 years due to Denis being emotionally abusive to my family and Denis' girls being controlling and abusive especially to our youngest son who learned were teasing and taunting him when nobody was looking and them blamed our son for the consternation.

Kathy would have such intense feelings of dread and anxiety before Denis and his family would come over she would literally come to tears and asked me to stop inviting them.

Our boys also wanted nothing to do with Denis’ daughters who were the same ages. To give you a feel for his daughters, they would come over and monopolize our boys' computers, iPads and Xboxes' (that Denis' daughters were deprived of because Denis was a 54-year snow maker earning $13/hour at a local ski resort) and try to control our cat to the point of harassing her so much (Denis' girls and Suzanne wanted a cat but Denis denied them) our boys not only started hiding their possessions, they even hid the cat.
The trigger that caused me to end our relationship was when Denis so harshly belittled and shamed our youngest son, then age 7, that he ran to his room crying requiring Kathy to console him. That was in Nov. 2012. Kathy and I had no contact with Denis or his family (after I approached Denis about our concerns and he shunned me so I told Denis to go stick it where the sun don't shine) prior to my telling Kathy to leave our house in Mar. 2014 after her initial round of infidelities and entering prostitution.  Now all the sudden Kathy is going to take our boys to live with Denis and his family? Why was Kathy suddenly on talking terms to Denis and Suzanne who she and our boys hated and who approached who that set the ball of Kathy and our boys moving in with them in motion?
​Computers Hacked
It doesn't stop there. Sometime around March 2015 when Kathy was holding our boys and I hostage in Truckee trying to scare and coerce me to up and leave town without getting a move-way order that was required for me to relocate our boys back to Moorpark, my father saw Denis' name on his home phone call log. With all that was going on at the time my father called back to see why Denis called. Denis told my father he didn't call him. Mind you my father and Denis have never previously spoke on the phone and had no reason to.

Denis then proceeded to out-of-the-blue smear my name telling my father such things as I was a "conman" (a clear projection onto me of who Denis is very well known to be. .  a lying, grandiose conman) and that I didn't know anything about computers. This was soon after I had four computers hacked to the point of being inoperable having recovery disks stolen. Due to be being so knowledgeable about computers I was able to repeatedly repair a computer until it became inoperable then I moved onto to another computer until I could no longer repair that computer.

Once I ran out of computers (I had two desktops and two laptops ruined) I was denied access to the internet which resulted in me losing my job pushing me into financial ruin and forcing my children and me out of Truckee. Me being able to repair my computers requiring that four computers hacked is a real problem for Kathy. One computer being hacked to the point of being inoperable can be explained away. Four computers cannot be. That's a problem that needs fixing which Denis telling my father I don't know anythng about computers would address.
​As is always the case, there has to be a motivation for Denis's behavior and for smearing my name and telling my father that I knew nothing about computers (which was a lie because from personal experience Denis knew that I was very knowledgeable about computer hardware, software and networking). Barring another plausible explanation, based upon the foregoing as summarized below, I believe Denis was involved in protecting Kathy's prostitution and the corruption that is going on in Tahoe/Truckee. Denis also had the additional motivation and desire to attack me due to what occurred when our families had a falling out. Following is what I base my accusations of Denis' involvement on:
  1. There's a “big sex thing” in Tahoe/Truckee and “a lot of sexual deviancy up here” that was well known to the community (see "Truth About Truckee") and Denis and Suzanne were long time residents of Truckee.
  2. Denis worked for years at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is adjacent to the Resort at Squaw Creek and where Kathy was cheating and entered prostitution.
  3. Denis and Suzanne knew Kathy was a major alcoholic, was a serial cheater and that we had split up again due to Kathy cheating and now prostituting which made no sense for Denis and Suzanne to ignore or condone  especially having children of their own.
  4. Denis smearing my name and telling my father that I didn't know anything about computers right after I had to have four computers hacked.
  5. Plus the added motivation of what occurred when our families had a falling out.