Criminal Conspiracy
A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future. There were two primary agreements in this conspiracy: (1) defraud my children and me in my divorce in order to protect my ex-wife, Kathy Carrillo's, prostitution, and (2) eliminate me as a threat to corrupt law enforcement who is protecting the illegal prostitution that is occurring in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. The individuals, institutions and agencies involved in the conspiracies are many as discussed in this website.

It cannot be denied that something extremely unusual (to say the least) has gone on in my life since I had my ex-wife removed from our home for domestic violence in Sept. 2014. The corruption, bad faith and fraud that occurred in my divorce and all that has been done and happen to my children and me cannot be denied.  The evidence I've gathered proves my allegations beyond a reasonable doubt (i.e. no other logical explanation can be derived from the facts I've accumulated). There is clear motivation and intent for everything that was done and for everyone who was involved, including motivation for the covert abuse that I have been the victim of in order to harass and taunt me. All of the evidence is corroborated and points to the same thing. ​The problem I'm having is when those who control the handcuffs are who should be wearing them it’s difficult to get the bracelets around the criminals' wrists.  Welcome to my world.

Below is background on what lead up to the conspiracies I am alleging. Also below is a summary of the criminal acts that have been committed to further the conspiracies that this website is intended to communicate.  I tried to avoid providing too much detail to make it as easy as possible for the reader to follow and understand, but by nature conspiracies are complex and interwoven in order to achieve the goals and remain hidden from scrutiny in order to avoid getting exposed. As a result, a certain level of detail was unavoidable. I provided references to other pages on this website for more in-depth information.


I moved my family from Moorpark California to Truckee in June 2012 for a fresh start after Kathy had an affair with her sister's husband starting in 2008 turning our world upside and alienating my children and me from friends and family. As discussed below, Kathy did the exact same thing in Truckee that she did in Moorpark and was the only one who ended up getting a fresh start, a new life and friends and family back. As a malignant narcissist, Kathy has very cunningly been able to turn the tables and shift the focus and blame onto me and successfully portray herself to be the victim while our children and I continue to suffer.  See

​​Kathy Carrillo Narcissism

In 2007 Kathy started associating with a group of 20-something irresponsible kids (e.g. Rachel and Rosey) who were in the party and have nothing but fun mode (Kathy’s permanent terminal state) that worked for Pinecrest Schools in Moorpark. I sent my boys to Pinecrest when they were each age 3 due them being too much for Kathy, a stay home mom, to handle and take care of our house at the same time - in reality I put my kids in Pinecrest so Kathy would be free to go off and have fun and party all day. Kathy’s drinking escalated, in 2008 she started a two-year affair with her sister’s husband (Charlie), started staying out all night and trading prescription drugs with the staff and teachers' aids at Pinecrest.

I of course raised a huge stink at Pinecrest asking what was going on at that place, and I of course was labeled "the problem". I continued to be a "problem" making things so hot everybody started distancing themselves from Kathy. Kathy then conned me into thinking she straightened up her act. We reconciled and moved to Truckee.


Fast-forward 18 months and the Resort at Squaw Creek becomes Pinecrest Schools. As soon as Kathy got her first job in 13 years at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the Resort she started associating with a group of 20-something irresponsible kids who were in the party and have nothing but fun mode (including a transient co-worker named “Emily”). Kathy’s drinking escalated, she was sloppy drunk while working, started going in early and coming home late, having sex with employees and guests and started staying out all night. This time Kathy just shamelessly abandoned our kids so she would be free to go off and have fun and party all day. Here we go again.

Only now Kathy was in her element - Lake Tahoe/Truckee, resort town/party town, full of transient and local irresponsible sexual deviants whose primary purpose in life is to recreate and party and, being a world-renowned tourist destination, instead of cheating Kathy went pro and entered prostitution.
I of course raised a huge stink at the Resort asking what was going on at that place and was labeled “the problem” again but now the cops are included in Kathy’s group of fun friends and I really am the problem . . . a huge problem but for a different reason. I again continued to be a "problem" making things so hot everybody started distancing themselves from Kathy. Kathy is once again trying to con me into thinking she’s straightened up her act by purportedly moving from Truckee to Costa Mesa, getting sober and is working (i.e. not prostituting).
Chronology of Events
  • When Kathy initially entered prostitution in early 2014 while working at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the Resort at Squaw Creek, I made a huge stink with the Resort, reported Kathy's prostitution to the Truckee Police Department and told Kathy to leave our house. In May 2014 Kathy was forced to manipulate her way back into my life when she started having to share custody of our children. Kathy reentered prostitution after I had her removed from our home for domestic violence in Sept. 2014 due to Kathy and her boyfriend Karl William Jesse having no substantive means of supporting themselves . See
​​Truth About Truckee
​​Resort at Squaw Creek
  • Due to me being previously proven threat to Kathy and the prostitution she was recruited into and because having to pay child support would put Kathy being able to prostitute at risk, the Truckee police set in motion a well-organized and well-funded plan to destroy my children and me. The goal was to get Kathy out of paying child support, eliminate me as a threat and smear my name to make it appear that my destruction was the result of being mentally unstable. See
​​Smear Campaign
​​Karl's DCSS Emails
  • There were two plans to get Kathy out of paying child support and eliminate me as a threat that I call Plan A and a fall back Plan B. Plan A, the initial plan and best case scenario, was to first hack my computers to put me out of work. Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert L. Tamietti (a male judge and the only elected public official to be directly involved in the conspiracy) was tasked with the next step which was to make it impossible for me to obtain a move-away order he himself required and intimidate me. This was the only hearing Judge Tamietti stepped-in for Commissioner Durant and presided over in my divorce. Judge Tamietti's attempt to intimidate me out of town was done in collusion with Andrew Gomez, NV County CPS and others who suddenly and all at once started bombarding me with problems, threats and harassment from all directions including schools, CPS and others in order to scare me into up and leaving.
  • Kathy's colluded role was to go into hiding to make it impossible for me to serve her so I could get a move-away order within the maliciously set time frame ordered by Tamietti. Because I now had no job to support myself or children, it was thought that I would have no other choice but to leave without the order. Taking my children out of Truckee without a move-away order would have subjected me to "Deprivation of Child Custody or Visitation" (Child Abduction) charges under CA Penal Code 278.5 PC putting custody of my children at risk therefore getting Kathy out of having to pay child support. Plan A was later substantiated by Kathy's own actions. See
​​Avoid Service
​​Criminal Judge
  • Plan A failed because I refused to do anything that could have the potential of separating me from my children and because I was able to secure financial support from my father, so Kathy came out of hiding and switched to Plan B which included just straight-up asking me to give up custody of our children by signing guardianship over to my father (guardians are not entitled to child support. Only parents are). Kathy was even able to get my father to join in on pressuring me to give my father guardianship just to put an end to the stress and financial burden that Kathy was intentionally putting my father. Kathy even went so far as to send me a text telling me our boys and I will be "safe" to try and coerce me into leaving Truckee.  These actions of Kathy's confirm the goals of Plan A as stated above.
  • ​At the cost of our children and me living in constant fear and uncertainty and having to move from one place to another while being held hostage for 5 months by Kathy in Truckee, I was able to survive the problems Kathy's harassment and abuse of my father created for me in order to stay in Truckee. When it became apparent that Kathy failed again she threw in the towel and showed up in court so I could get my move-away order and leave Truckee.
  • In coordination with Durant’s clever orders and Kathy's bad faith Plan B continued upon our arrival in Moorpark in the form of harassment of my father and delay of our divorce proceedings so that I would  either just give up litigation or my father so would get upset and fed up he would kick my children and me out of his house or just cut me off financially so I would have to stop litigating our divorce.
  • ​The problem with me being able to continue litigation was the bad faith that would be required of Kathy and the corruption required of Durant in order to get Kathy out of child support would, and did, expose their nefarious plot, that is why Kathy and many others pulled out all the stops to put me on the street right after I arrived back in Moorpark. When I left Truckee, Kathy sent me off with a sarcastic and ominous text that read "I wish you all best". I now know exactly why she said that. Hell was unleashed on my children and me for a second time the moment landed back in Moorpark.
  • ​​The Truckee police were integral to Kathy and Durant being able to delay our divorce proceedings by colluding with Kathy to impound Karl's van in order to give Kathy the excuse of Kathy not having transportation which went on for almost 2 years. Kathy using the excuse of not having transportation was first used by Kathy and Durant to get Kathy out of her alcohol testing and treatment orders one week after she got Karl’s van intentionally impounded. See
​​Destruction of My Family
  • ​Commissioner Durant not only blindly accepted Kathy's excuse of no transportation but defended it by saying that Truckee is a difficult place to get around without a car. Durant also used Kathy not having a vehicle to rule that Kathy didn't have the opportunity to work which Durant in turn used to justify not imputing any income on Kathy for purposes of child support.​
  • ​Plan B ended up also failing. I was able to survive Kathy’s attempts to knock me out of our divorce culminating in Kathy having to drop out of the proceedings before trial (using the excuse of not having transportation) which was a last resort because it exposed Commissioner Durant and Kathy's nefarious motivations. That left Commissioner Durant to do the dirty work of defrauding my children and me and also gave Durant the opportunity to attempt (and failed) to cover-up her corruption that she committed to that point, primarily Durant denying me discovery. See 
​​Denied Discovery
Judge Tamietti even tried to help Durant save face. Tamietti used the Mandatory Settlement Conference that he presided over (Kathy no showed) to tell me that it's not the court's responsibility to investigate whether a party has income from the underground economy to which I replied “no, but the court is required to give me the tools so I can investigate”. Tamietti said nothing.​
  • ​All Kathy and Durant were able to do was delay and minimize Kathy’s child support. So in the interim a backup plan was concocted in conspiracy with Vanzant Auctions to defraud me in a coerced property settlement in hopes that I would give Kathy a credit towards child support. I did not, but I can now implicate Amie Vanzant  in the conspiracy protect Kathy. See​
​​Vanzant Auctions
​​Corruption Tactics
​​The harassment and what was done to me as discussed above and throughout this website is classic "narcissistic abuse" using all the same tactics with all the same goals (e.g. smear campaigns, gaslighting, proxy abusers, isolation, financial destruction, etc.). The "beauty" of narcissistic abuse and why corrupt law enforcement uses it is because narcissistic abuse is extremely effective at destroying a victim and most importantly, leaves no trace in that the tactics are not only plausibly deniable, but the abuse is so over-the-top, unbelievable and outlandish others are not able to comprehend anybody, especially law enforcement, doing what the victim alleges. As a result, the victim  looks "crazy" for reporting the abuse which discredits them and turns the tables into people thinking that the victim is the abuser and the abusers are the abused (e.g. me saying that Kathy is a prostitute and the police criminals). See
​​Narcissism & Narcissistic Abuse
​​The above clearly demonstrates how a person would have to have lived all I have been through with Kathy (even going back before we moved to Truckee which is why I provide so much information about Kathy's history and personality) in order to truly understand and believe the heinous crimes that have been committed against my children and me at the hands of my children's own mother and those who took an oath to protect us but instead are protecting my prostitute ex-wife and their criminal activities.