Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hydes
Corruption Tactics
D​r. Jackal & Mrs. Hide
One problem Commissioner Durant had by the time I pushed my divorce to trial was I caught onto the manipulative corruption tactics she uses to take advantage of pro pers so as to try to avoid having to abuse her discretion and/or breaking the law. Durant uses what I call either a "Dr. Jackal" or "Mrs. Hide" approach, both of which she is very well versed at.

DR. JACKAL - When using the Dr. Jackal approach Durant lowers her tone, slows her speech and becomes very attentive and explanatory in an attempt to "kindly" guide you to do something that's not in your best interests (or was needed for Kathy); aka Durant’s "smile in your face while slicing your throat" approach.
MR. HIDE - When using the Mrs. Hide approach Durant talks in a fast, high pitched, impatient, irritated voice, stymies all questions and pressures and intimidates you in an attempt to force you into making an impetuous decision based upon incomplete information that you later regret.​ She also interrupts to shut me up, changes the subject and does not go back to what I was discussing or give me an opportunity to bring it up again. She (ab)uses her discretion in favor of my ex-wife, ignores facts and evidence I present only looking at and basing her decision on information presented by my ex-wife and then tries to throw me a bone (that is inconsequential or evaporates) once and a while to try and appease me. (see "Corruption & Collusion" > "Discovery, Discovery Not").

UPDATE: All of the above tactics were used by Ventura County Commissioner William "Bill" Redmond under the "Costa Mesa Plan" (see home page) that worked perfectly  to once again get my ex-wife out of paying guideline child support at her full earnings capacity (income and hours) and to deny me an all important judgment for a second time. A child support judgment puts Kathy being able to continue to prostitute at risk because I would then get post-judgment financial dicovery once a year without there needing to be a change in circumstances.

See "Corruption & Collusion" > "You're Busted Durant" for two examples of how Durant used these tactics. One at a bifurcated property settlement hearing and the second at trial.