Bad Cops
Truckee & Moorpark PD
The Keystone Cops of Eliminating Threats to Law Enforcement & Judicial Corruption
Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me Lucifer
Cause I'm in need of some restraint .
~ Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones)
​​​" . . . officers who are exposed to a risk-filled environment are more likely to engage in inappropriate behaviors that can destroy their professional and personal lives  . . . as well as the reputation and credibility of their organizations . . . The transformation from an idealistic, highly ethical officer into a self-serving individual . . . . is a subtle process that usually occurs before the officers knows what has happened."  ​​​
Law Enforcement Ethics
The police obviously do not want it advertised that they're criminals so when you expose them for abusing an elderly man and destroying innocent children and their father to cover up law enforcement protecting illegal prostitution they don’t take very kindly to it. The antisocial criminals who the police recruit to assist them don't like their true ugly selves exposed either.  

Narcissists (e.g. the police and their accomplices as a group) HATE being PUBLICALLY shamed even more than getting exposed. It causes "narcissistic injury" which results in "narcissistic rage" (i.e. the narcissists want to destroy you even more). I am VERY good and VERY creative at exposing and shaming the police and their accomplices. That is the primary purpose of this website. The police have an illusion being invincible. They are not.

What is being done to my children and me was set in motion and is orchestrated by the police. What law enforcement has been using to try and eliminate me as a threat to exposing their criminal activities and to protect and the judicial corrupton protecting law enforcement's prostitutes (e.g. my ex-wife)  is classic narcissistic abuse on a massive scale that includes isolation, turn family and friends against the victim, use of proxy abusers, taunting and baiting the victim, label the victim crazy," discredit the victim, smear campaigns, label the victim the abuser, financially ruin the victim and more all of which this website shows law enforcement aas been waged against me). Narcissistic abuse is so effective at destroying victims without leaving evidence, police employ it to try and covert up law enforcement and judicial corruption and to avoid prison. That’s big and speaks to how dangerous of a threat I am, how dangerous malignant narcissists such as my ex-wife is and how effective narcissistic abuse is at destroying victims with me being a prime example.  The wide-spread involvement of what has been done to me supports the seriousness of the threat that I pose.

I have been setup, railroaded and my children and I raped . . . by the police. It cannot be denied that something extremely unusual has been happening to my children and me since I had my ex-wife removed for our home for domestic violence in Sept. 2014 resulting her to decision to reenter prostitution in order to provide for her and her failure drug addict boyfriend's desired style of living. This website proves that what has been happening to us is the result of illegal prostitution being protected directly and indirectly by the law enforcement brotherhood that includes the Truckee and Moorpark police departments who have destroyed my children and me due to me being a threat to exposing Lake Tahoe prostitution and the law enforcement and judicial corruption protecting it.  

It is important to note and keep in mind that the method law enforcement uses to eliminate threats is narcissistic abuse using covert and overt emotional and psychological abuse that is part of a systemic public corruption and harassment "Machine." Some of the events discussed on this webpage may seem benign to the reader when in fact they are very calculated to abuse and harass the victim in a way that is plausibly deniable and accumulates over time making what law enforcement does extremely dangerous to my children and me.

This page summarizes how corrupt law enforcement, which is why this has all been going on, is behind the destruction of my children and my lives in order to protect and cover-up their crimes. Some of the events are benign and cannot be directly related to Kathy but they are unusual and unsettling and occurred all of the sudden and all at once only after my now ex-wife, Kathy De Fiori, re-entered prostitution in Oct. 2014. I provide these for the reader to be able to "walk in my shoes" and provide context. Other events are obviously connected and serve a clear purpose to further Kathy's goals to discredit me, stress and disorient me, defraud our children and me in our divorce and protect Kathy and the prostitution and corruption in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. ​

Below are several links that discuss and support police corruption, how and why all police become corrupt and the effects of law enforcement corruption
Corruption Process of Law Enforcement
Why Police Think They're Above The Law
Measurement of Police Integrity
Keeping The God Complex at Bay
​​What do the Town of Truckee and City of Moorpark see when they look themselves in the mirror?
​​This isn't just a colossal failure by the police, it's a catastrophe. None of this was supposed to occur. ​ 

This is not a movie. This s actually happening. The police were successful at ruini​ng and destroying my past, present and future and my children's too, true, but I'm still an active threat and even bigger now. I have secured financial support. The police shot their wad and have nothing left to out me. All my abusers can do now is play antisocial sadistic games with none of the leverage they had previously to try and f**k with my mind in hopes of provoking me. Cops are children and so are all the people they recruited to turn against my boys and me.

I become wiser, smarter, embolded and more savvy as time passes. My head has come out of the fog of a 14-year marriage to a fraud from hell followed by the intentionally mind-numbing events and psychological abuse of the past three years. I know exactly how all this works mechanically, organizationally and psychologically and know many of its vulnerabilities with more soon to be added. I know all the players and their roles. I have caught on to how corrupt courts work and know what is trying to be avoided with child support. I am getting better at finding my way through family law, civil procedure and court rules and my radar is up for being bullsh**ted, lied to or led astry by the clerks and facilitators who are "helping" me at the court.

I have judges, the Dept. of Child Support Services, schools, police, friends, family, neighbors, public employees and more all exposed and on notice. Everyone’s hands are tied. They’re all walking on eggshells and apprehensive that I will document and/or post on this website anything illegal or abusive (with pictures if available), and I am fearlessly shaming the s**t out of anyone who’s already guilty. No person or agency is exempt or off limits. I just need to accumulate the requisite amount of information to substantiate my accusations before I pull the trigger so it's only a matter of time for most. If the facts don't support a direct allegation of a party I know is culpable and want to expose, I am very good at and do not hesitate inferring without accusing to let the reader be the judge.

My ex-wife is exposed as a very severely disturbed malignant narcissist, big time criminal and a prostitute. Her children are gone for good. She freely and willingly handed them to me despite my best efforts to prevent that from happening. She freely and willingly handed them to me despite my best efforts to prevent that from happening. My ex-wife (and now her boyfreind) continues to ride on my coattails because she needs me to take care of our children so she can prostitute. That's a good thing because it makes me indispensable limiting what the police can do with and to me. That knowlegde quashes law enforcement's intimidation game.

My ex-wife  is now trapped in a seedy underworld. Her loyalty is irrevocably committed to big time criminals instead of her own children which precludes me from ever agreeing to letting her see or speak to them due to her being unsafe, untrustworthy, abusive and unpredictible.  They want absolutely nothing to do with their egg donor anyway. Who can blame them. It is not possible to communicate all that this monster did to her own children. How these criminals got a mother to do this I have no clue other than greed, revenge and a severe mental disorder being involved. I married the devil.

My then wife did this to our children and me. There's no bigger backstabbing bitch than Kathy Carrillo.
Knock, Knock. Who's there? Moorpark PD to harass your 83-year-old father and abuse your children  in hopes of putting you on the street. . . again.
"This isn’t looking good for us [Truckee Police] Chief Leftwich. Not at all. His entire plan has worked perfectly for him and he's somehow been able to survive our repeated onslaughts to put him on the street for the past two and a half years. He’s now got enough evidence that’s so compelling it can’t be ignored just as he planned, and he's exposing the corruption and other players so well it's putting reputations at risk and giving us a black eye. Nobody's going to want to come to the party next time.

I had Moorpark Police Chief Captain Reilly send some deputies to his house again [last occurred 06/15/17]. Since we ran out of family and neighbors to collude with in order to call us to his house, I'll use the excuse that we received another "anonymous" call to check in on his father. That way his father will have to come to the door so we can harass and emotionally abuse him. I believe that will be the fourth time in the past month or so. It's worked well thus far but I think we may be pushing it to the point of backfiring on us. We'll use it sparingly from here on out. Whoever thought to do that should get a medal. Really smart. His father even called Captain Reilly to question who's making the "anonymous" calls. They talked about his son's corruption accusations and Reilly said he didn't even know where Truckee was. Smart thinking again. That should make us look innocent.
We have his father blaming the neighbors who we've been having park their cars in the spot he's parked in for the past two years for the "anonymous" calls. That's worked great because his father is blaming him for all the stress our elder abuse is putting his father under. They argue every single time we come over, so that's at least going well and there's still a chance for us to "out" him.

Got all the neighborhood stuff going full throttle too. The kids on the block are taunting him still [see update below]. The prancing princess mother at the house where the kids hang out gets all dolled up and strategically prances the street whenever he's out, and the next door neighbor are still trying to bait him with the car parking/trash can  game [see update below]. More forthcoming] as I said but he's not playing. We even having the neighbor lie in wait to be outside everytime he comes out of the house and even take his parking spot the moment he goes anywhere. It hasn’t provoked him yet. We got him all setup on that and will keep at it. 
Same old. Same old. I know. He’s caught on but it’s all we got. Our playbook is wafer thin. He was right about that too. His father hasn't fully caught on yet but it seems to be going in that direction. It's iffy on how that's going to pan out for us. We pulled out the stops and used all of our resources and tactics and still failed to put him on the street so don't have much left to do.

His youngest son is still deeply depressed, completely incorrigible, failed all his classes last semester and angry at everything and everybody and sleeps all day. His oldest sons gets majorly pissed off every time we knock at the door. He passed school with mostly D's and it's now summer so we figure it's okay to start up the door knocking child abuse again. The friction we cause between him and his sons puts a lot of strain on their relationships that spills over to his relationship with his father just as planned, so our abuse of his children  continues to work well for us.
Sorry to let you down Chief Leftwich. Nobody predicted he would bounce back to his old self before his ex-wife Kathy turned him into an emotional basket case. Your new prostitute's name is Kathy, right? She was definitely a bad influence. Never would have guessed his boys would be such a motivator for him either.  All of our harassment and psychological abuse and county healthcare provider antics delayed him getting back on track as planned but that's come to an end now too. The guy doesn't give up. We simply can’t intimidate him like we've been able to do with all our other victims. That's a bit worrisome. I hate to say it but we were way overconfident on this one. We'll compare notes and do better next time. I'm sure of it.

As an aside, Captain Reilly already has someone in talks with Moorpark Unified to get that angle going again the first day school starts back up. Tossing around some good stuff that's even better than last year with the principals at his sons’ schools. Too bad his youngest is in middle school now. We really liked the principal at the elementary he went to. Got some good stuff done with her  running that campus.
Hope you and your family are doing well. Back in touch soon.

~ Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean" 

09/08/2017 UPDATE:

Moorpark is another morally bankrupt and corrupt small town just exactly like Truckee. I very soon caught on to what was going on in this neighborhood after moving in and have therefore intentionally kept away from and not interacted with any neighbors but that did not keep them from harassing my father, my children and me with the police and my sisters joining in. Now why on earth would they all be doing this? “Knock, knock. Whose there . . . BADCOPS and KANGAROO COURT JUDGES PROTECTING PROSTITUTION.”

Also, Moorpark's "finest" disappeared and the "anonymous" calls to check n on my father completely stopped after I posted the above story in June 2015. I will let you know if the child and elder abusing little cowards start it up again.
Stereotypical Moorpark teens  -  First, the kids are put up to the abuse and harassment on the block because they are the most irritating and can get away with much more than the adults who are much more covert in their abuse, excepting of course the true psychopath/sociopath/antisocial "beat your face in" neighbor. He has his son now stepping in.

The taunting by the neighborhood kids is going stronger than ever. The boy who emanates from the house with the prancing mother is very seriously antisocial. Not kidding. The kid is scary. He very thoroughly and sadistically enjoys harassing me by jumping up and down in the street or the driveway calling at me saying off the wall things to get my attention, rides his skateboard back and forth right in front of me as I drive by cutting me off so I must stop and wait for him to finish. The psychopath's son seems to have taken to walk back to his house crossing my driveway right when I pull up so I have to wait for him too now. At other times the kids run up their driveway as if I’m some sort of a threat then stare me down from their garage as I drive passed, or they dart to the other side of the street when passing my house as if walking in front of my house is unsafe.
Flipflopping on behavior/tactics has been one of the problems for this harassment and corruption Machine.  
The same has applied on the judicial corruption. What happens is I survive/beat one approach so something new must be done/tried exposes what was done previously as being nefarious. Bottom-line when you lie you create a web that eventually gets to tangled to keep straight.  For example, these kids can't be afraid of me one time and then unconcerned the next, then afraid again, etc. That's not reasonable unless me being a "threat" or "unsafe" depends on their abuse tactic which is exactly what these kids are doing. This additionally exposes the kids (and their parents) as participants in law enforcement’s harassment Machine that is clearly also operating in my neighborhood.
Note that the same kids ran up their driveway acting as if they were afraid of me/I was a threat when I was minding my own business walking down the sidewalk over two years ago and psychopath man charged me saying "I'm going to beat your face in" because I purportedly threatened the children. I did no such thing. The kids ran up the driveway   (princess’ driveway where all the kids congregate) to set me up for him to be able to charge me with the goal of trying to provoke me. This all keeps unravelling more and more for the police.
The boys also include a kid I just started noticing due to his mother/older sister having suddenly taken to strategically prancing up her driveway, to the mail box, out of her car, etc. right when I drive by just exactly like princess mom was doing that she coincidentally stopped right after I posted this story.  it's like these women were lying in wait for me to come outside or drive by. Ummm. They bring to mind the quote "I don't care how attractive you think you look. If you have an ugly heart you're ugly."
These kids are truly sadistically disturbed and so are their parents. They learned it somewhere and had to have coached and put their children up to this. I don’t get it. I could never tell my boys to do what these kids are doing and my boys would never do it if I asked . . . for no amount of money.  The cookie-cutter neighborhood brats are on track to be clones of their immoral parents and teachers.

Trash can man - This VERY creepy next-door neighbor is going stronger than ever. The picture below shows what he's taken to in order to suddenly prevent me from parking where I had been for two years with no problems. I'd say it's become comical but the truth is the guy is scary in a weirdo way. So much so he snuck up on my oldest son and me in the driveway and we impulsively ran in the house.  My son even wanted to lock the door behind us.

It's important to note that he started pulling this little stunt right when the police began knocking at my door for no reason (other than to harass my father) and also began parking an empty patrol car at a dead-end street/small neighborhood stop sign. Both of which have stopped since I posted this story.
This  neighbor used to park his cars in his garage and now parks them on the street to block off where I can park then immediately swaps out his cars with trash cans if he needs to use a car.  This is really going on. I finally notified the association because he's not SUPPOSED to leave his trash cans out all week. We’ll see what happens. Don’t forget, the association is just a collection of neighbors.


The above are yet more examples (of which there are many) of the wide-spread baiting and taunting of me in hopes of getting a reaction that can then be used to discredit and point the finger at me that I'm "the problem." All  VERY classic narcissistic abuse tactics the police are using to try and to turn the tables and the attention away from them and onto me.
Moorpark Neighbors
Ignored Reports of Prostitution

When I first caught Kathy "cheating" again in Feb. 2014 (that she quickly admitted to), I made a huge stink at the Resort contacting Kathy's supervisor and human resources complaining about Kathy being drunk and her out-of-control sexually deviant behavior at the Resort. In response, I got a call from a Placer County Sheriff's Deputy telling me that if I contacted the Resort again they would file for a restraining order. Neither the Resort nor the deputy said anything about my concerns which I thought inappropriate considering what I said was going on and all the problems it was causing our family. My concerns were not discussed or addressed with Kathy by the Resort or the deputy.​
Shortly thereafter I reported my suspicions that Kathy wasn't just cheating, she was prostituting at the Resort to a Truckee police sergeant and the same Placer County Sheriff's Deputy I spoke to previously. They both just asked me to email them Kathy's picture and then clamed up. Neither would take a report, and the deputy panicked thinking that I contacted the Resort again. I did not. He then emphatically told me not to and said he would check into it and get back to me. I followed up several times and was ignored. I told the Truckee police sergeant I had evidence of Kathy's prostitution that I wanted to share with him and asked to set an appointment. The sergeant told me to just come in anytime and he would be available. When I came in the sergeant proceeded to purportedly sit on the phone for 1-1/2 hours, so long the office closed and I was able to wait inside until I gave up and left.
​​Law Enforcement's Conspire Attempts to "Out" Me

My children and I got hit hard twice by law enforcement and others in two failed attempts to eliminate me as a previously proven threat to Kathy being able to prostitute and to the corrupt law enforcement that is protecting prostitution in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. Both periods consisted of 3 to 4 months of a sudden and intense bombardment of harassment, problems, annoyances, threats, false accusations, intimidation and smearing of my name from all directions.

The first time was in Truckee from approximately Jan. to Apr. 2015 and the next period was immediately upon my return to Moorpark from about Jun. to Oct. 2015. The campaign in Truckee was spearheaded by the Truckee Police Department (represented above by Chief Adam McGill). When I left Truckee, Kathy sent me off with a sarcastic text saying "I wish you all the best". I soon learned why she said that. 

Due to the well-known and much maligned law enforcement brotherhood and their misguided loyalty to protect one another, it was no surprise that after I moved back to Moorpark there was an immediate and mirrored repeat of what I was subjected to in Truckee with the Moorpark police now spearheading the charge.  Both departments were heavily involved initially and then quickly dropped off allowing others to carry on the abuse once it became clear that Kathy was not going to achieve her goals, which in Truckee was to terrorize my children and me out of town without me getting a move-away order and in Moorpark to knock me out of our divorce proceedings. Below is a brief summary of each plan in Moorpark and Truckee. See the following webpage for further details 
Criminal Judge
First Failed Attempt - Truckee CA ("Plan A")

The goal of the harassment and problems I was suddenly bombarded with from all directions in Truckee was to terrorize my children and me into leaving Truckee without a move-away order that Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert Tamietti made suspiciously clear I was not to do. See "Criminal Judge". Moving my children out of Truckee without the order would have in effect been child abduction putting custody of my children at risk. Me not having custody of our children was a stated desire of Kathy's because it would get her out of having to pay child support. Kathy went so far as to repeatedly push for me to give legal guardianship to my then 81-year-old father because legal guardians (non-parents) are not entitled to child support.

The harassment and problems included:
  • burglaries,
  • break-ins,
  • people pounding on the side of our house in the middle of the night, 
  • hacking of 4 computers,
  • theft of my computer recovery disks from my home,
  • writing on mirrors and notes left on walls,
  • problems with schools and being lied to by school administrators,
  • being blatantly lied to by a Child Protection Services officer (Andrew Gomez) and threaten that my children were in immediate danger of being taken away from me which completely evaporated,
  • vandalism of personal property and my car (broken windshield, dents, damage to the interior),
  • and much, much more.
In order to try and keep people from entering my home I changed the locks, screwed shut windows and tried to button up every possible entry point all to no avail.  When I told Kathy all that was going on knowing she obviously had to be behind it Kathy sarcastically replied "Did you change the locks?" with no questions or concerns of any kind about our chidren.
​Second Failed Attempt - Moorpark CA ("Plan B")

As soon as I arrived in Moorpark I suddenly and all at once was again bombardment with harassment and problems from all directions this time in order try and get me kicked out of my father's house in order to deny me the financial ability to pursue litigation in my divorce that put Truckee PD's prostitute (my ex-wife) ability to prostitute at risk and so I could not come after the corruption. The Truckee PD passed off responsibility to harass, psychologically and emotionally abuse and destory my children and me to their corrupt cowardice brethren at Moorpark PD whose activities have included:
  • Straight up lied telling me that the police and I did not talk about a note I left on my neighbors car (who my father caught lying an has harassed my father and majorly tried to provoke me into a fight) about being harassed in the neigborhood the night before in order to come back in the morning when my father was awake. The policed came back in order to smear my name and discredit me by saying that I was mentally unstable because I was aussing Truckee PD of protecting prostitution.
  • Recently came to my home several times to harass and upset my father three weeks in a row using the excuse that they were getting anonymous calls. (1) The police were waiting outside my home when I pulled up with my already emotionally devastated youngest son after getting fast food telling me they got a call saying someone heard yelling. My father was inside asleep and I wasn’t even home, (2) another time the police said someone heard “a noise” and called them, and (3) the police said someone called and said to check in on my father to make sure he’s okay. Also, couple months earlier the police knocked at my door late at night to tell me the neighbor heard a noise and they checked it out to discover it as a breach scrapping against my rain gutter (thanks for letting me know). My son got exterermly upset with the police and told them as much because them coming over caused my son an extreme amount of anxiety over getting kicked out of my father's home. The "anonymous" calls stopped after that. This was in conjunctions with prank calls saying "Eros, tell your son to stay off my property".
  • Had the nerve to tell me "You're being selfish" after the Moorpark PD's harassment successfully got my father to kick my children and me out of his house the reneged at the end. The goal has been for my 83-year-old father to be guardian of financially responsible for my children and just get rid of me (i.e. put me on the street). This is confirmed by my ex-wife as part of "Plan B" t out me (discussed on the webpages "Criminal Conspiracy" and "Criminal Judge").

    After all my children and I had been through and the fear and terror corrupt police have caused them the last thing on the planet my children wanted to do is be separated from me. I know that was best to protect the scum police officer but it was not for my children who police, judges, schools and many others could care less about as this website clearly demonstrates. All these criminal public employees care about are their own hides and protecting each other even at the cost of destroying the lives of innocent children.
One of the biggest problem Moorpark PD intentionally created (and continues to foster to this very day) for my children and me is the seeds they intentionally planted in my father's mind that are still causing my children and me to have significant problems to this day, including my father regularly threatened to kick us out of his house causing especially my oldest son an enormous amount of anxiety. “Grab your ankles boys! Your life is over. Your mother is a prostitute protected by Truckee PD!!”
Impounding Karl's Van - The Key To Everything

Kathy not having transportation was so integral to the fraud that Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant and Kathy conspired to commit throughout our divorce proceedings that a plan was concocted to have Kathy get her boyfriend Karl William Jesse's van impounded by the (corrupt) Truckee Police Department. The overall purpose of Kathy needing to get Karl’s van impounded was so that Kathy could get out of having to pay prostitute career ending child support.  Kathy not having transportation was used:​
  1. by Commissioner Durant in order to justify staying Kathy’s alcohol/drug testing and alcohol abuse treatment order which was needed for Kathy to be able to continue to prostitute (see “Destruction of my Family”)
  2. as an excuse by Kathy for her to violate orders and for Kathy's chronic bad faith during the entire 19-month period of our divorce proceedings and for not attending court hearings (10 out of 15 in the end), most if not all of which were in some way related to me obtaining a child support order.
  3. by Commissioner Durant to find that Kathy did not have the opportunity to work and therefore there were no grounds to impute income on Kathy which would have doubled the amount of child support Kathy was ordered to pay. This was perhaps the most critical use of Kathy not having transportation in order to prevent Kathy from having to exit prostitution. ​
  4. burden me with providing all aspects of support and care for our children that intentionally stressed and overwhelmed me adding very real fear that my children would in fact be put at risk of going into foster care.  For example, Commissioner Durant ordered our children into therapy that Kathy made as difficult as possible for to go by failing to sign a simple piece of paper for over a month and then lying that she had nowhere to mail it from (that Durant of course said nothing about), and ordered that I provide transportation for Kathy’s visitations due to Kathy supposedly not having transportation.
​This is how Kathy secured the excuse of not having transportation:

On Oct. 26, 2014, one week before an upcoming Nov. 3 hearing in my divorce, Kathy showed up at my house in violation of a domestic violence restraining order for a second time and tried to barge in (see “Truckee Police” > “Failures to Arrest”). I again called the Truckee police who pulled Kathy over on the highway and impounded Karl’s van for registration violations, but they again did not mandatorily arrest Kathy for violating the restraining order further evidencing Kathy's immunity to commit any crime against my children and me that she and Karl wanted.

Three weeks previous on Oct. 6 Commissioner Yvette Durant had ordered Kathy submit to alcoholic/drug testing and register for out-patient alcohol abuse treatment. Soon after that hearing I asked Kathy if she had submitted to testing or registered for treatment. Kathy pled ignorance to the orders. Kathy’s story changed when we got to the Nov. 3 hearing to follow-up on Kathy submitting to testing and registering for treatment. Kathy now very conveniently stated that she did not have any transportation and used that as an excuse for not following Durant’s orders.
I called the Truckee police department who sent an officer out. I showed the officer the window and the note (I had already erased the marks on the mirror that my son said he also saw) and told him I wanted a report taken. He asked for what. I told him because someone broke into and entered my house. He said that it was not breaking and entering to which I objected telling him I want a report taken. He finally acquiesced and said he would add it to the burglary report the Truckee police took two weeks before when my house was burglarized.  When I asked for a copy of the burglary report a couple months later there was nothing added to it.
​Truckee Police Department's Collusion & Other Events

Following are a few examples of the Truckee Police Department's involvement and other events that happen to my children and me that seem odd and all came only after Kathy re-entered prostitution. Note that some of the events discussed below are nothing more than inconsequential, but important to note, "bait" designed for me to intentionally report so they can be used to try a label me as being "paranoid" which in turn has been used to discredit my accusations that corrupt law enforcement is protecting illegal prostitution in Lake Tahoe/Truckee.
  • Soon after getting my computers hacked and being burglarized, I came home after being out with my children one evening and my oldest son noticed that the lock on the kitchen window was broken and the window was ajar. I walked through the house and someone had made marks on the mirrors in both the hall and master bathrooms and wrote "13" on a piece of notebook paper and taped it on the wall of my oldest son's bedroom.
  • During the investigation of a burglary I told an Officer Gonzalez of the Truckee Police Department that I had four computers hacked. She told me that there was nothing the Truckee police could do and that I needed to report it to the FCC. When I asked if she could tell me who to contact Officer Gonzales told me she would get back to me and never did even after several follow-up calls.
  • ​ When I called the Truckee police to report that somebody had tampered with the door going underneath our home I spoke to Sgt. Robert Womack (pictured) who patronizingly asked me "Are you okay Mr. De Fiori?" in the tone of questioning my mental well-being which suddenly and mysteriously became a theme of concern for people who knew nothing about me as soon as Kathy re-entered prostitution. I just hung up on him and never called the Truckee police again. It was now obvious that the Truckee Police Department was not going to enforce the law or protect my children and me as was contrary to their purpose of running us out of town.
  • At this same time a blue car mysteriously appeared in front of our house. It sat unmoved for several weeks so I called Truckee's finest to have it ticketed and impounded if it was not then moved because the car was in violation of the winter parking ordinance of parking on city streets between Nov. 1 and Apr. 1.
Officer Rodriguez came out again and refused to give the vehicle a ticket stating she was not certain it was in violation of the parking ordinance (i.e. whether the vehicle was parked on the city easement). Officer Rodriguez left saying she would check into it and get back to me. I called to follow-up and Officer Rodriguez told me she was with the City Engineer looking at maps to determine the whether the car was in violation of the parking ordinance. A very involved and expensive process in order to write a simple parking ticket to say the least.

In the meantime, I looked up the ordinance and determined that if the easement was 15 feet from the edge of the road. I got a tape measure and measured 15 feet from the side of the road and sure enough, the car was parked illegally. I called Officer Gonzales back and told her but was of course ignored. The car sat on the street in front of my house for 3 months before being removed.
  • Another time late at night I opened the front door because I heard a noise and saw someone who looked like my next door neighbor "Dylan" in a red hoody with blonde hair drop my son's bicycle and run off into the dark before he could apparently steal it. I did not bother calling the Truckee Police Department who previously made it clear that my children and I were not entitled to equal protection due to my children's mother being one of Truckee police's protected prostitutes.
  • My boys and I were woken up several times well after mid-night by people (at least two at a time) pounding on the side of our house outside the living room where my boys and I all started sleeping together due to the fear we felt as a result of all the harassment and strange things that were going on to try and get me to up and leave Truckee without a move-away order.  By this time and by design, I had stopped calling the police due to Sgt. Robert Womack making it clear that the police were not going to do anything to protect my children and me.
All of the above events suddenly began soon after Kathy re-entered prostitution and continued until my boys and I were forced out of the house we were renting because I lost my job due to not having an operable computer as a result of having 4 hacked and my recovery disks stolen.​