Avoiding Service
​One classic litigation tactic Kathy used to defraud our children and me in our divorce was to avoid service to keep me from getting her in court. Kathy moved often and strategically, withheld her address, gave fake addresses and failed to keep her address updated with the court.

During the 22-month period from Sept. 2014 to July 2016 Kathy alleged living in 11 different locations. Commissioner Durant not only ignored Kathy's bad faith, Durant colluded by making excuses for Kathy and issued rulings and orders that made it more difficult for me to have Kathy served motions (see Corruption & Collusion" > "Denied Fee Waiver").

After reading below it is obvious that Kathy was lying about her living arrangements. What happen was I survived Kathy's attempts to deny me the financial support needed to continue litigation and challenged what Kathy was telling me which required Kathy to kept making up new lies, and as they say . . . "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first learn to deceive".

Kathy told me she lived in the following locations and with the following people since Sept. 2014. The dates are approximate.
  • ​SEPT. 2014 - Truckee (Location #1).
  • OCT. 2014 TO MAR. 2015 -Out of Truckee and Soda Springs (the "Summit"). (Location #2)
  • APR. 2015 to MAY 2015 -  Jamestown (Sonora?). Lived with a friend and Karl's mother. The residence address Kathy gave my father was in Jamestown. The address Kathy gave me was in Sonora. The Sonora address was that of a post office. (Locations #3 and #4)
  • JUN. 2015 to SEPT. 2015 - Moved back to Truckee "to live for the summer" living in two locations. Kathy lived in a campground and then a friend's house in Truckee. There was no campground in the location Kathy gave me, so she gave me the name of another campground that I checked and she wasn’t there. Said her friend gave Kathy a moped. Stated she was going to live with her sister in LA and Karl to his mother's in Jamestown during this period in order "to get clean". (Locations #5, #6 and #7). ​
  • SEPT. 2015 to DEC 2015.  - Out of Truckee and back to Jamestown again. Did not state who she was living with or exactly where. (Location #8). Mailing address given but not explained and documents served by mail to address when not claimed.
  • DEC. 2015 to APR. 2016. Back to Truckee being the caretaker of a 75-year-old man receiving room (and later board) and stated she had "no money". Never once said Karl was living with her and did not provided the names of who she was living with on her blank financial declarations as required that Commissioner Durant not only accepted but defended. Refused to provide residence address and used the mailing address of a friend. (Location #9).
  • MAY 2016 to June 2016 - Moved out of Truckee for a third and final time right before trial and pre-trial hearings and back to Jamestown for a third time. Used her usual transportation problems excuse for failing to appear at trial and hearings. Did not call and notify the court once that she would not be attending. Said she was going to request telephonic appearances and never did.  Did not disclose her living situation and refused to provide residence address as usual. Used same Jamestown mailing address as before. (Location #10).
  • JULY 2016 to ?? - Costa Mesa. Kathy was supposedly in rehab, but refused to send me verification as she would have been required to do under the court order that Durant stayed without cause or reason. (Location #11).
​​Note that Kathy was able to move and live in 11 different locations purportedly without a vehicle of her own, but she was unable to secure transportation for 10 out of 15 court appearances. Mind you, being penniless and living 500 miles from the Truckee Courthouse, I never missed a single hearing and borrowed money to fly to Truckee twice when it was required that I attend in person. It was in my children's best interests.