​Nick De Fiori
I am all my children have and they are my entire world.
Personal Background & History
I was born in Los Angeles and was raised in a northern suburb of LA. After graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in earth science and a minor in geology I self-studied and in 1991 become licensed by the Department of Labor and the Treasury Department as an actuary enrolled to perform actuarial services under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 making me one of only 5,000 active enrolled actuaries in the entire country a any one time.​

Having camped in Yosemite Valley every summer since I was an infant, I developed a passion for everything having to do with the mountains. I enjoy snow skiing, backpacking, mountaineering, fly fishing, mountain biking, camping and hiking. I proposed to my now ex-wife Kathy De Fiori on top of Half Dome in Yosemite in 1999 and married her on the beach at sunset in Maui one year later. Kathy and I have two sons together who Kathy ages 12 and 15 in the picture below which was taken on a hike after "Kathy" forced us out of Truckee in June 2015.
Professional Background & History
After starting my very lucrative career as a pension actuary at another firm, I worked for a highly respected and nationally recognized Los Angeles based actuarial consulting and retirement plan design and administration firm for 12 years becoming the Director of Sales and Marketing before going off in 2004 to create my own firm that grew very rapidly due to my reputation of being able to deliver creative plan designs that uniquely met client needs. I was a frequent speaker at conferences locally and across the country and was nationally known and respected in the pension industry.

I specialized in law firms, medical groups and other professional service firms, and had clients across the country including some of the largest law firms in the United States.​
Marriage and Subsequent Demise
After years of being financially abused and Kathy being a stay home mom, neglecting our children, getting a second DUI and doing nothing but shopping, going to the gym, the tanning salon and having fun all day, in 2008 Kathy topped it off and began a two-year affair with her sister’s husband. Kathy was a stay home mother and unbeknownst to me a pathological narcissist. ​
​Not being aware of or educated about narcissism and narcissistic abuse, and with the burden and stress Kathy's affair, Kathy's return to heavy drinking after being sober for 2-1/2 years which is when I married her and Kathy not doing anything to help raise our children or take care of our home, I became overwhelmed and lost literally everything, ruining my professional reputation and causing me to loss my business and have to let my enrolled actuary license go inactive.

I mistakenly decided to try and work things out with Kathy not yet knowing that by nature of their disorder narcissists are incurable and never change, and with friends and family having dropped away due to the chaos in our lives, we sold our home and in June 2012 moved to Truckee for a fresh start. Unfortunately, Kathy only took a forced break. In late 2013 as soon as Kathy got a job and had the opportunity, Kathy started cheating again only this time admittedly started prostituting. Soon after I had Kathy removed from our home and then had four computers hacked within a month causing me to lose my new job and forcing my boys and me out of Truckee in June 2015.​
​Since that time, my name has been smeared, I have been lied about and false and very damaging accusations have been made about me, all in an attempt to discredit me so I would not be believed when I reported that prostitution is being protected by public and law enforcement corruption in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. ​
I am in my mid 50’s and am a compassionate, honest, generous and hardworking man who was taken advantage of by a malignant narcissist that vindictively ruined my children's and my lives for selfish personal gain. After having a lucrative career, an expensive home in an upscale neighborhood, luxury cars, exotic vacations, etc. I have no assets, no house, no job and currently no means to support myself and my children as the result of having married an antisocial parasitic monster who took to being a prostitute and hardened criminal as easy as a duck takes to water.

I am in the process of obtaining the continuing education credits needed to hopefully get my enrolled actuary license back so I can once again support myself and my children. I still have to obtain work experience and plead my case before the licensing board, both of which may be a challenge due to the past 8 years of turmoil my world has been in and my name being smeared and reputation ruined by a pathological narcissist turned sadistic criminal.

I am a single father of two sons who have been abandoned, discarded, terrorized, completely from all friends and family,  their childhoods ruined and futures stolen from them and severely emotionally damaged and psychologically abused by their own her. I am literally all my children have and they are my entire world.  I am just beginning the long and arduous process of trying to restore my life and once lucrative career which there are no guarantees I will be able to do as a result of the damage my ex-wife  caused to my once highly respected and professional reputation. My goal is to once again provide a secure existance and future that was selfishly taken from my innocent children by their own mother and the most cowardly human beings ever to walk planet earth . . . corrupt judges, law enforcement and a network of immoral, antisocial corrupt public employee criminal scum.