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Police, judges and others have repeatedly attempted to intimidate me into silence from the very beginning of this knowing that exercising my First Amendment right to freedom of expression is crime and corruption's biggest fear, most serious threat and a source of great embarrassment. They miserably failed to shut me up. Hence, my detailed and unabashed revelations on 
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"Those who engage in corruption, crime and other serious misconduct have at least two good reasons to fear exposure: detection may lead to legal or associated sanctions, such as imprisonment, fines, suspension or expulsion from the industry, and second, it may lead to moral sanctions emanating from work colleagues, community and significant others, e.g. friends and relatives."​​​ See Institutional Corruption
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​"It's pretty rare when a judge gets sent to jail.  They tend to be pretty law abiding, but, more than that, they're powerful. Sometimes, though, they tend to forget that their power is not limitless.  No one is above the law, not even judges."​ See Judges Who Have Gone To Jail
"Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence." ~ Mason Cooley
Resort at Squaw Creek

"Let's raise children so they won't have to recover from their childhoods." ~ Pam Le

There are no words to communicate how sadistically disturbed my ex-wife is nor is there a stick to measure the devastation wreaked by my ex-wife on the lives of our children and me.

TRUCKEE PD is protecting Lake Tahoe prostitution and my ex-wife, Kathy Carrillo, who became their prostitute after I moved my family to Truckee CA in 2012, for agreeing to have me eliminated as a previously establised threat. I am a threat to my ex-wife as a prostitute in that me pursing child support in our divorce is a problem because my ex-wife can't prostitute if she has to work a legitimate full-time job to pay guideline child support at her true earnings capacity. I am also a threat to exposing that corruption and Lake Tahoe/Truckee being a hotspot for sexual deviacny and prostitution. promiscuity

KATHY CARRILLO ​ therefore greenlighted having Truckee PD set in motion a mindbogglingly and unbelievable in fact and by design criminal conspiracy led by a systemic corruption and harassment "Machine" to first put me out of work and then force our children and me out of Truckee and into poverty (successful) to try (and thus far fail) to eliminate me as a threat to Lake Tahoe prostitution and the corruption protecting it and to try and stop me from moving forward in our divorce (unsuccessful) to protect my ex-wife. There were two major pushes (see Plans A & B under Criminal Judge) to put me on the street stripping my boys of their father and only remaining parent and put the responsibility (financial and otherwise) of raising my children on my 83-year-old father.  

FORMER NEVADA COUNTY COMMISISONER YVETTE DURANT is a corrupt, child abusing, prostitute protecting kangaroo court judge who conspired with my ex-wife to prevent me from moving forward in our divorce to defraud our children out of child support and throw-up "Time & Money" barriers with her orders and in collusion with my ex-wife and Amie Vanzant of Vanzant Auctions in Reno NV, Durant coerced and defrauded me in my property and debt settlements to allow my ex-wife to walk scot-free from a 14-year marriage.

TRUCKEE PD and my ex-wife colluded to impound Kathy's boyfriend, Karl William Jesse's van that gave my ex-wife the crucial excuse of not having transportation which was the key to all the corruption and fraud that occurred in my divorce between Kathy and Commissioner Durant. None of the corruption or fraud could have transpired without Truckee PD impounding Karl's van under suspicious circumstances and perfect timing.

MOORPARK PD, since July 2015 and in collusion with numerous others, has repeatedly harassed and emotionally and psychologically abused our children, my elderly father and me to try and put me on the street and keep me from moving forward in my divorce in order to protect Kathy and their corrupt law enforcement brethren in Truckee.

A SYSTEMIC PUBLIC CORRUPTION AND HARASSMENT MACHINE that recruited even friends and family has helped harass, terrorize, abuse and utterly and completely destroy my children and me in order to help law enforcement eliminate me as a threat to Kathy prostituting, Lake Tahoe prostitution and the corruption protecting it.

KATHY CARRILLO continues to be a prostitute protected by corrupt judges and police and a systemic public corruption and harassment Machine and continues to hide her income. DCSS, the judge and my ex-wife have been trying to throw me bones to satiate me. It's not working. In the same breath Kathy continues to refuse to work at her full earnings and hours potential (all sanctioned by DCSS and the judge) to support her children when she has never once done since they were born. Her far better "Costa Mesa plan to keep Kathy prostituting has worked perfectly . . . thus far.

MANUEL CARRILLO (a retired LAPD officer and therefore also a criminal) is a failure as a parent and grandfather. I married into a bad family, a very bad family who is abusive, lacking of empathy and self-centered (Kathy learned it somewhere). Most alarming and threatening for my children and me currently is, along with Kathy's fellow dry-drunk proxy abusing sister Angela Carrillo ("Antisocial Auntie Angie") and Kathy's drug addict criminal boyfriend Karl William Jesse, Manny is one of Kathy's biggest enablers. If Kathy's family knows what Kathy has done and are helping to protect her (which they seem to be) they are accessories after the fact and as criminals are an even greater danger to my children and me.
The articles "Report shows that Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for sex trafficking" and "Commercial Sex Industry "Deeply Embedded" In Reno, Says Report" summarize the study "Mapping Commercial Sex Advertising around Reno, NV" (links below) that was performed by The Human Trafficking Initiative Data Science Lab at Creighton University that confirms Lake Tahoe/Truckee is rife with sexual deviancy and prostitution.​​

The study was based on ads for prostitution on According to the study, Truckee has the highest number of sex workers in the entire Lake Tahoe region (see excerpt below) with Reno being the epicenter for prostitution in the northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe area corroborating my allegations of law enforcement and judicial corruption protecting prostitution and statements made to me by my then Nevada County therapist that sexual deviancy runs rampant in Truckee that she later tried to recant. See Kate Spurry
The only take-away from this is the study confirms that Lake Tahoe/Truckee/Reno is rife with sexual deviancy/prostitution. The ads are  placed by "independents" which is much different than the prostitution my ex-wife  was recruited into. The massive effort to destroy me at the cost of destroying innocent children was obviously not undertaken to protect only my ex-wife. It was done due to a much broader and far more organized type prostitution that I am a threat to and needs protecting.

Following are excerpts from the articles:

"A new report from the Human Sex Trafficking Initiative shows that the commercial sex industry is thriving in Reno, which impacts communities from Lake Tahoe [emphasis added] to Fernley."

"The report points out that while the commercial sex industry is deeply embedded in Reno, according to the Backpage listings (which no longer exist due to the company pulling all adult-themed ads earlier this year), it also extends to Truckee [emphasis added] and South Lake Tahoe, and east and south to Nevada cities such as Fernley and Gardnerville."

"During the period surveyed last year on Backpage, 8 to 10 sex workers advertised their services for Crystal Bay; 40-45 sex workers were listed for Incline Village; 60-65 were listed in Truckee [emphasis added]; and 50-55 were listed for South Lake Tahoe.“

"Indeed, Lake Tahoe has the highest intensity of Backpage sex workers on the heat map,” ​[emphasis added] the report reads. “The number of sex workers advertising to the area on a per-capita basis exceeds that of Reno or any of the other surrounding areas. Incline Village and South Lake Tahoe also have a high rate relative to their population size.”​

​Commercial Sex Industry "Deeply Embedded" In Reno, Says Report
Report shows that Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for sex trafficking
​​Mapping Commercial Sex Advertising around Reno, NV ​ 
Whoever associates with Kathy Carrillo eventually ends up regretting it.

The police protect prostitution, not prostitutes. It's one thing to be a threat to a prostitute, it's a whole other thing being a threat to Lake Tahoe prostitution that's so well entrenched it's an institution. Being a continuing threat to big business prostitution and having foiled law enforcement’s best shots to eliminate me must be very unsettling for many and disrupting of their peace of mind.

Law enforcement doesn’t all but erase a man from the face of the planet and terrorize, harass and abuse his children and 83-year-old father (and a mother doesn't kick her kids to the curb and lead the charge on destruction of their lives) just so yet another down and out busty blonde with a need for attention and money can be added to the dime-a-dozen rolls of Lake Tahoe prostitutes. The motivation for such a huge effort to destroy me at the cost of destroying the lives of innocent children was not just to line my ex-wife's pockets.

One thing I know with certainty is I'm an enormous threat and the seeds for my destruction were planted when I complained to the  Resort at Squaw Creek (the "Resort" which is managed by Destination Hotels a subsidiary of privately held real estate investment firm Lowe Enterprises) about my ex-wife being a sloppy drunk object for men's pleasure deli clerk at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the Resort and then pieced together and accused the Truckee Police Department of protecting prostitution. That was in Feb./Mar. 2014 when my ex-wife started staying out all night and subsequently admitted to her extramarital sexual activities now in Truckee after being unfaithful in Moorpark which is what precipitated our move to the mountains.

The question is who was I (and still am) a threat to other than to my ex-wife being able to prostitute which became clear due to the corruption I forced during my divorce. Was I a threat to the bad cops protecting prostitution prior to my divorce? Was I a threat to the Resort as a center for sexual deviancy and prostitution in Lake Tahoe and/or as a vehicle for money laundering directly or through its parent company? Both? Who/what else? 
The primary motivation for my destruction being a threat to Lake Tahoe prostitution with the Resort being a focal point makes sense and answers a lot of questions. I at first focused on the Resort but let it drop by the wayside when the corruption in my divorce and all the attempts to put me on the street were in full swing, both of which have died off, but the harassment, stealth abuse and other problems seem to have no end in sight. Why?  It's time to take another look at the Resort.

I have no direct evidence of there being any money laundering going on at the Resort, but with the type of prostitution my ex-wife obviously got into the most definitely is money laundering going on. I do however have strong circumstantial evidence of the Resort being a center for Lake Tahoe sexual deviancy and a de facto brothel. And when the "investors" (those who profit from and are involved in operating or facilitating the prostitution) even so much as get nervous it could cause all sorts of misery. I don't even have to prove anything for the sad faces to appear as I'm certain is what happen when I complained to the Resort. The Resort being motivation to destroy me pop up on the radar due to:

  • My ex-wife's promiscuity (driven by her narcissistic need for attention), numerous admissions of sexually deviant and prostitution encounters with guests, local residences and fellow emloyees on Resort property and statements made to me by others about there being "a lot of sexual deviancy" and "big sex thing" in the Lake Tahoe and the Town of Truckee - Morally Bankrupt & Corrupt.
  • The Resort parking lot is where my ex-wife admittedly had prostitution encounters with former Olympian and World Cup Skier Daron Rahlves who holds his Banzai Tour (an annual, very well-known ski racing event with to die for sponsors) at Squaw Valley ski area. There were also several pictures geotags of Daron's home(s) in my ex-wife's cell phone.
  • My ex-wife would get drunk before work and took a large Aquafina bottle filled with vodka with her to drink while at work to the point of being so drunk she could hardly talk on the phone. Her repeated intoxication at work prompted me to stop letting her drive our only vehicle to work for fear she'd get in a crash or her third DUI. Her drunkenness at work was clearly tolerated which is what also caused me to finally complain to my ex-wife's supervisor. The only job performance I know of that improves with alcohol consumption is that of a prostitute.
  • My ex-wife started going to work hours early and coming home hours, late if at all, admitting to staying the night at the Resort even calling from a house phone demanding I pick her up after staying out all a night having carefree sex and fun while our youngest son was asking me "Is mom coming home tonight?" How am I supposed to answer that? No chance in hell of me picking her up.  This lady is inconceivably abusive and disturbed.
  • My ex-wife started keeping a blow drier, extra clothing (including underwear) and personal hygiene items at work and in her backpack.
  • There were significant unexplained and counterintuitive increases in my ex-wife's non-base pay on her paychecks assigned to room delivery and service charges that steadily increased to 71% of her base when the peak tourist season had long passed.
  • My ex-wife bragged to me about the large ($50) tips for room delivery that no one else but she was receiving and was always on room deliveries when I called to speak to her.
  • When I reported what was going on at the Resort to Truckee PD and the Placer County Sheriff's Office the first each of them did was ask me to email them a picture of my ex-wife. Apparently, the police needed to confirm that she was one of "theirs" because after getting the picture they completely shunned me ignoring my follow up calls and emails. When I showed up at the Truckee Police Department after being denied an appointment and instead told to come in anytime by the sergeant and he would be available, I was made to wait over an hour even after the office closed while the sergeant was "on the phone" before I got the hint and left . . . the last thing Truckee PD wanted was a report about the prostitution they're protecting on file.
  • Rather than investigate my accusations the police panicked being concerned that I would contact the Resort again, so I was threatened with a restraining order that never came but the threat did the job to stop me from pursuing my complaints. Why wouldn't my ex-wife being drunk at work and having sex all over the property be everybody's first concern? They should have been thanking me.  Ignoring incriminating information is one way judicial and law enforcement corruption gets away with breaking the law. 
  • Denis Carlen (and his wife Suzanne) worked 10 years at the Squaw Valley ski area which is right next door to the Resort and jumped on board more than once to help protect my ex-wife. Was he already privy to what was going on at the Resort and therefore a ready recruit? I've entertained this before because there is no other explanation for his lies and name smearing and offering my ex-wife refuge after she had nowhere to go with our children which was way out in left field for him to do. See Denis Carlen
  • My ex-wife very quickly got a Squaw Valley phone exchange (the first 3 digits after the area code) when she started "working" at the Resort and has repeatedly kept it even now that she purportedly lives in Costa Mesa.  Minor and easily explained away but put in context I've thought about why she would do that when she has readily changed numbers (including area codes) before. What's different this time .
  • The Resort parent company appears to be in a business and have a structure that is known to be used to launder money.

The above strongly suggests that the Resort at Squaw Creek is a focal point for sexual deviancy and prostitution in Lake Tahoe/Truckee if not a de facto brothel and possible money laundering vehicle. Did me possessing all of the above knowledge necessitate my destruction before my ex-wife would be allowed back into the fold? I believe it did.
Protecting corruption as an initial motive to destroying my children and me also seems less plausible because the corruption has been doing a very fine job at protecting itself. In addition, the law enforcement corruption was only minorly revealed and the judicial corruption not at all until after the horse was out of the gate to destroy me. There was very little prior corruption to protect. Plus, as of late the police, neighbors and others have been blatant in their harassment which makes the corruption even more obvious. Why would they do that if protecting corruption was the motive for destroying me? To take me down yet another garden path which has been done to me before (think message parlor)? Lastly, if Lake Tahoe prostitution and the corruption protecting it is immune to getting busted as it wants me to think, why come after me and risk being fully exposure which is what happen?
Setting out to destroy me to protect the corruption is puzzling with two exceptions: (1) unless they really aren't safe and law enforcement putting me on the street was supposed to be "guaranteed." As a result, it was thought there was no downside to come after me and let the genie out of the bottle. If that was the case it backfired. (2) The big concern is the judicial corruption that occurred only after this all started in order for Truckee PD to be able to hold up its end of the bargain with my ex-wife and deliver a dream divorce with no or minimal child support. I do know there was a big push by many to intimidate me into shutting up about former Nevada County Commissioner Yvette Durant being a heartless, child abusing, life destroying kangaroo court family law judge.

​Regardless of the initial motive, what's disclosed in this website began happening to my children and me only after I ended my marriage and it suddenly became mutually beneficial for law enforcement and my ex-wife to join forces against me. My ex-wife needed the money and law enforcement needed to eliminate me as a threat if she wanted to reenter prostitution, so the police made my ex-wife an offer she couldn't refuse (that NV County Commissioner Yvette Durant in part delivered in our divorce at the cost of me unexpectedly forcing Durant to have to preside over a kangaroo court). In exchange, my ex-wife had to agree to allow her children's lives to be turned upside down and ruined (who she never had the time or desire for anyway) and push the support of them off onto my father as a consequence of law enforcement destroying me. Accept the offer or my ex-wife would have to live in near poverty with her also failure in life then 50-year-old alcoholic criminal pothead boyfriend of two weeks. My ex-wife's narcissistic rage and accompanying need to destroy me for ending our marriage helped motivate her too.
(It's all in the numbers)
The statistics for shown below cover the period from the creation of the site in Jan. 2016 to present. They represent the number of users by their location (State and Country). The take away from the statistics is to show that there is a significant interest in the exposure of Lake Tahoe prostitution from across the United States and internationally. The wide-spread interest is indicative of why such an enormous effort has been undertaken to eliminate me as a threat to exposing Lake Tahoe prostiuition.  The statistics also corroborate that it’s not just outdoor recreation that visitors flock to the mega-wealthy, world-renowned tourist destination of Lake Tahoe to enjoy. 

The statistics represent the number of users who visited more than one page before leaving the site and were filtered to remove obvious anomalies or known factors that could have skewed the data. Finally, it's important to note that the number of users at a location does not necessarily indicate where those with the most at stake or most at risk are located.
United States Statistics
Users from a total of forty-two (42) States and the District of Columbia visited Following are the top 10 States with the highest number of users listed in decreasing order. I excluded California and Nevada from the list who were predictably have the two highest number of users. 
    Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, South Carolina
International Statistics

Users from a total of fifty-two (52) countries visited Based upon raw, unfiltered data there were a total 4.295 users excluding users from the United State. Following are the top 10 countries with the highest number of users listed in decreasing order.
   United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Australia, India, South Africa, France, Philippines, Columbia and Mexico
Resort at Squaw Creek - The Resort is located in Olympic Valley CA which is an unincorporated area of Placer County between Truckee and Lake Tahoe. The website statistics interestingly show that Olympic Valley has the highest average session duration in California - 27 users spent an average of 10.69 minutes on per session . The only higher session duration is for one user in Rock City WY who viewed for 46.24 visiting 19 pages. Who the heck was that?
Below is a table showing the cities with the highest average session duration in California. Keep in mind that the duration is an average meaning many users may spend a minute or less viewing the website while others could spend an hour or more exploring the lurid details of corruption, prostitution and how law enforcement ruthlessly destroys an innocent man and his children to avoid going to jail.
"Lack of money is the root of all evil."
George Bernard Shaw

My ex-wife got ROYALLY taken advanatge of and used by Truckee PD so they could come after and destroy me. They promised her the world and due to me  failed to deliver. All Truckee PD ended up doing was destroying me and our boys and caused my ex-wife to lose her children and be exposed as a prostitute and heartless monster mother. The only circumstances under which I will speak to my ex-wife is through plexigalss on a two-way phone with her in prison orange. Our children will never speak to their mother.
My ex-wife would not do this to a stranger and his sons yet she did it to her then husband and own children. She utterly destroyed our family and completely ruined my life, our children's lives and her life all for money and to benefit the police and her boyfriend happy who will likely walk off into the sunset unscathed unless I'm able to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

I foresaw years ago that my ex-wife was too selfish and irresponsible to be a mother and predicted she would discard and give up her kids just like her mother did. That is exactly what happened . . . Both my ex-wife and her mother abandoned their children to go off and be prostitutes. I have sole legal and physical custody of our children with no visitations for my ex-wife which is rare and indicative of the danger she poses to our sons.  My ex-wife has no contact with our children, who want nothing to do with her, and no say whatsoever in their lives. It's going to stay that way and for very good reason.

My ex-wife, Kathy Carrillo, entered a surreal world of prostitution, corruption and criminality that I had no need or desire to know existed. When the criminal activities of judges and police are exposed and a lucrative illegal prostitution operation gets nervous, there is no limit to what law enforcement will do to keep the panderers profitable and everybody out of prison. As a result, for the past three years I have had to protect my children from their mother, judges, police and even family who have conspired to destroy me with no concern of any kind for my children since Oct. 2014 when my now ex-wife reentered Lake Tahoe prostitution.

Kathy Carrillo is a textbook malignant narcissist and a very real and seriously major threat to my and my boys' existence. Below is a link to the article "Malignant Narcissists: The Personification of Human Evil." Further below are excerpts from the article. I highlighted information that's pertinent to my malignant narcissist ex-wife and what she has done to our children and me.​
Malignant  Narcissists: The Personification of Human Evil
Excerpts from "Malignant Narcissists: The Personification of Human Evil":

• "These people are just plain dangerous. They are evil.​"

• "Malignant narcissists: they are the evil that walks among us."​​

• 'malignant narcissism can be described as ‘an extreme form of antisocial personality disorder that is manifest in a person who is pathologically grandiose, lacking in conscience and behavioral regulation, and with characteristic demonstrations of joyful cruelty and sadism."

• "Malignant narcissists, however, cannot be helped by therapy.  The patient cannot stand the idea that anyone other than his own lofty self has the power to free him from his condition which, all too frequently, the narcissist sees as being preferable—even superior—to being mundanely normal."   ["Mundane" is how narcissists view domestic life/parenting which is one reason why it was so easy for my ex-wife to abandon our children to go off and be a glorified prostitute.]

• "it is quite likely that psychopathy (Antisocial Personality Disorder) and malignant narcissism are one and the same. [They] go through life doing their thing by laying waste to lives in other ways like malignant narcissists do, as “love thieves,” parasites, gold diggers, climbers, slanderers, verbal abusers, child abusers, wife beaters, pied pipers (i.e., religious and political messiahs), and the like…leaving poverty, destroyed careers, ruined potential, lost nest eggs, psychological injury and even suicide in their wake. . . . They are evil."
(As documented by this website)

​​ The first thing the police did to try and eliminate me as a threat to exposing their criminal activities was to financially ruin me and destroy my reputation and discredit me using a smear campaign to keep me from coming after them. That failed. Kinda sorta. The police were extremely successful at financially ruining me and destroying my reputation; however, their repeated attempts to put me on the street (and strip my children of their father and only remaining parent) failed which was critically important to achieve to keep me from coming after everybody and exposing the corruption/Lake Tahoe prostitution and to enable my ex-wife to safely prostitute. For a discussion on how the police attempted to put me on the street  see Criminal Judge under Plans A & B. 

The police also employed what I call throughout this website a "systemic corruption and harassment Machine" which is the use of judicial, law enforcement and public agency corruption (i.e. a unified public employee "got your back" brethern) to defraud, harass, create endless problems for and abuse my children and me using pernicious psychological abuse (abuse that has a harmful effect in a gradual or subtle way). Pernicious abuse has its roots in an extreme form of narcissism using stealth/covert abuse to create an ambient environment that is psychologically very dangerous to me over time. The reason law enforcement uses narcissistic abuse is because it is unseen, insidious, in theory leaves no evidence and is extremely effective at destroying threats.

The problem law enforcement has with me is I am VERY well educated about narcissism due to having been married to a malignant narcissist for 14 years. I am also VERY outspoken and a writer who is unafraid of telling the truth (no matter how scary) and put what is being done to my children and me into a logical, easily understood factual story that cannot be denied.

Having also survived an extremely abusive childhood and educating myself about narcissism, I am aware of the  detrimental psychological effects of the covert narcissistic abuse the police are inflciting on me causes which helps me to cope. I am also very comfortable and confident challenging and calling out abusers and embarassing and putting them to shame. In addition, I document everything which is important because stealth abuse can only come into view if accumulated over time making what was once by design plausibly deniable  now incriminatingly irrefutable.​​

Knock, Knock. Who's there? 
Moorpark PD to harass your 83-year-old father and
abuse your children  in hopes of putting you on the street. . . AGAIN!

​​"This isn’t looking good for us [Truckee Police] Chief Leftwich. Not at all. His entire plan has worked perfectly for him and he's somehow been able to survive our repeated onslaughts to put him on the street for the past two and a half years. He’s now got enough evidence that’s so compelling it can’t be ignored just as he planned, and he's exposing the corruption and other players so well it's putting reputations at risk and giving us a black eye. Nobody's going to want to come to the party next time.

I had Moorpark Police Chief Captain Reilly send some deputies to his house again [last occurred 06/15/17]. Since we ran out of family and neighbors to collude with in order to call us to his house, I'll use the excuse that we received another "anonymous" call to check in on his father. That way his father will have to come to the door so we can harass and emotionally abuse him. I believe that will be the fourth time in the past month or so. It's worked well thus far but I think we may be pushing it to the point of backfiring on us. We'll use it sparingly from here on out. Whoever thought to do that should get a medal. Really smart. His father even called Captain Reilly to question who's making the "anonymous" calls. They talked about his son's corruption accusations and Reilly said he didn't even know where Truckee was. Smart thinking again. That should make us look innocent.
We have his father blaming the neighbors who we've been having park their cars in the spot he's parked in for the past two years for the "anonymous" calls. That's worked great because his father is blaming him for all the stress our elder abuse is putting his father under. They argue every single time we come over, so that's at least going well and there's still a chance for us to "out" him.

Got all the neighborhood stuff going full throttle too. The kids on the block are taunting him still [see update below]. The prancing princess mother at the house where the kids hang out gets all dolled up and strategically prances the street whenever he's out, and the next door neighbor is still trying to bait him with the car parking/trash can  game [see update below] as I said but he's not playing. We even having the neighbor lie in wait to be outside everytime he comes out of the house and even take his parking spot the moment he goes anywhere. It hasn’t provoked him yet. We got him all setup on that and will keep at it. 
Same old. Same old. I know. He’s caught on but it’s all we got. Our playbook is wafer thin. He was right about that too. His father hasn't fully caught on yet but it seems to be going in that direction. It's iffy on how that's going to pan out for us. We pulled out the stops and used all of our resources and tactics and still failed to put him on the street so don't have much left to do.

His youngest son is still deeply depressed, completely incorrigible, failed all his classes last semester and angry at everything and everybody and sleeps all day. His oldest sons gets majorly pissed off every time we knock at the door. He passed school with mostly D's and it's now summer so we figure it's okay to start up the door knocking child abuse again. The friction we cause between him and his sons puts a lot of strain on their relationships that spills over to his relationship with his father just as planned, so our abuse of his children  continues to work well for us.
​​Sorry to let you down Chief Leftwich. Nobody predicted he would bounce back to his old self before his ex-wife Kathy turned him into an emotional basket case. Your new prostitute's name is Kathy, right? She was definitely a bad influence. Never would have guessed his boys would be such a motivator for him either.  All of our harassment and psychological abuse and county healthcare provider antics delayed him getting back on track as planned but that's come to an end now too. The guy doesn't give up. We simply can’t intimidate him like we've been able to do with all our other victims. That's a bit worrisome. I hate to say it but we were way overconfident on this one. We'll compare notes and do better next time. I'm sure of it.

​As an aside, Captain Reilly already has someone in talks with Moorpark Unified to get that angle going again the first day school starts back up. Tossing around some good stuff that's even better than last year with the principals at his sons’ schools in the Moorpark Unified School District.
​​Pictured at top (left to right): (former) Truckee Police Chief Adam McGill  who was chief when I lived in Truckee; Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert L. Tamietti, (former) Nevada County Court Commissioner Yvette Durant and   my ex-wife Kathy Carrillo.
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