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The weight of the evidence and totality of information presented on this website prove that my allegations are true. The more those who are empowered to help my children and me remain silent the more trouble they risk getting themselves into.
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My ex-wife Kathy Carrillo is a mess. She's a train wreck. Kathy eventually ends up being trouble and a problem for everyone she gets involved with, most recently the police, judges and others protecting Kathy for whom she has caused unprecedented concerns and exposure. Kathy turns people's worlds upside down destroying lives then prances off to wreak havoc on someone else’s life leaving a trail of wreckage in her wake for her victims to deal with and clean up taking no responsibility for what she's done. If Kathy can abandon her children, terrorize them out of their home and town, isolate  and turn family against her children then try to strip them of their father she is capable of doing anything. Kathy needs to be taken off the streets. I am not exaggerating. Kathy Carrillo is a very real danger to society and incapable of change. Somebody needs to do something about this woman. Police, judges and all who enable and protect her are going to have blood on their hands if they don't wise up. ​Enabling and protecting Kathy only empowers and emboldens her making Kathy even more dangerous, especially for my children and me.
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"It's pretty rare when a judge gets sent to jail.  They tend to be pretty law abiding, but, more than that, they're powerful. Sometimes, though, they tend to forget that their power is not limitless.  No one is above the law, not even judges."​

"Those who engage in corruption, crime and other serious misconduct have at least two good reasons to fear exposure: detection may lead to legal or associated sanctions, such as imprisonment, fines, suspension or expulsion from the industry, and second, it may lead to moral sanctions emanating from work colleagues, community and significant others, e.g. friends and relatives."​
Judges Who Have Gone To Jail
Institutional Corruption
​​I married a bad person. I married a REALLY bad person.

I married true evil, a malignant narcissist who abandoned her children to become a prostitute. She then terrorized and abused her children in an attempt to strip them of their father so she could safely prostitute. The police were behind it all and made it all happen. For real. This actually happen. Read this website. It’s all here.
Malignant  Narcissists: The Personification of Human Evil
Below are excerpts from the above linked article "Malignant Narcissists: The Personification of Human Evil." I highlighted what my ex-wife and the police (who are using narcissistic abuse on a wide-spread criminal scale to destroy me) have done to my children and me.
• 'malignant narcissism can be described as ‘an extreme form of antisocial personality disorder that is manifest in a person who is pathologically grandiose, lacking in conscience and behavioral regulation, and with characteristic demonstrations of joyful cruelty and sadism.’"

• "Malignant narcissists, however, cannot be helped by therapy.  The patient cannot stand the idea that anyone other than his own lofty self has the power to free him from his condition which, all too frequently, the narcissist sees as being preferable—even superior—to being mundanely normal."   "Mundane" is how narcissists view domestic life/parenting which is one reason why it was so easy for my ex-wife to abandon our children to go off and be a glorified prostitute.
• "it is quite likely that psychopathy (Antisocial Personality Disorder) and malignant narcissism are one and the same. [They] go through life doing their thing by laying waste to lives in other ways like malignant narcissists do, as “love thieves,” parasites, gold diggers, climbers, slanderers, verbal abusers, child abusers, wife beaters, pied pipers (i.e., religious and political messiahs), and the like…leaving poverty, destroyed careers, ruined potential, lost nest eggs, psychological injury and even suicide in their wake. . . . They are evil."

• "These people are just plain dangerous. They are evil.​"

• "Malignant narcissists: they are the evil that walks among us."​​
" Report shows that Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for sex trafficking"
​​"Commercial Sex Industry "Deeply Embedded" In Reno, Says Report" ​
SEE, I TOLD YOU! . . . The ads for prostitution on upon which the study discussed below (links above) were based exemplify and confirm the sexual deviancy and prostitution occurring in Lake Tahoe/Truckee which in turn  helps to corroborate that my ex-wife is a prostitute protected by the Truckee Police Department and that my life and the lives of my children have been destroyed due to me being a threat to Lake Tahoe prostitution and my ex-wife being able to prostitute.

The cancer on society kangaroo court judges and cowardice corrupt police protecting Lake Tahoe prostitution and its prostitutes know exactly how to abuse their power and discretion. They conspire with corrupt public agencies and institutions and private third parties to commit plausibly deniable criminal acts and covert abuse in order to get away with harassing and destroying innocent victims who are threats to exposing law enforcement's criminal activities. The criminality of their actions very cleverly only comes into light when put in context and linked to form a criminal conspiracy which is what I have done on this website. See
Criminal Conspiracy
​​The systemic public corruption and harassment "Machine" that destroyed my children and me acts with arrogant impunity (as would be expected with it being a police initiated, condoned and protected activity) and is very well organized and well practiced. The harassment, taunting, baiting, setups, psychological abuse and  smear campaign is based in classic narcisssitic abuse on an industrial scale which speaks to how dangerous and effective narcissistic abuse (and my ex-wife) is, so much so law enforcement uses narcissistic abuse to destroy threats. I am certain it has been set in motion many times before. I am also certain Lake Tahoe prostitution, the corrupt judges and police protecting it and the Machine that's used to help abuse and destroy threats has never been so comprehensively exposed before. This website tells a story that cannot be denied. These greedy criminals are giving the Truckee and the entire Lake TaHOe region a black eye.

The above articles ("Report shows that Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for sex trafficking" and "Commercial Sex Industry "Deeply Embedded" In Reno, Says Report") summarize the study "Mapping Commercial Sex Advertising around Reno, NV" that was performed by The Human Trafficking Initiative Data Science Lab at Creighton University. The articles confirm the  sexual deviancy and prostitution occurring in Lake Tahoe/Truckee that is widely known and broadly accepted culture of Lake Tahoe/Truckee/Reno and condoned by residents. Prostitution is not a victimless crime. It completely destroyed my family, my boys and me. I am outraged at what my ex-wife and mother of my children, corrupt law enforcement, judges, public employess and evern family and friends have done. It's inconceivable.

According to the study, Truckee has the highest number of sex workers in the entire Lake Tahoe region (see excerpt below) with Reno being the epicenter for prostitution in the northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe area.​ The study corroborates Nevada County Behavioral Health therapist Katherine E. Spurry, PhD telling me that "There's lots of sexual deviancy up here." and my ex-wife's coworker "Emily" at the Resort at Squaw Creek (that I suspect may be a de facto brothel and possible money laundering vehicle) telling my ex-wife "There's a big sex thing up here." The report confirming that sexual deviancy runs rampant in Truckee would also help corroborate Kate later recanting her statement (i.e. "gaslighting" me). Kate would then need motivation for her doing that.

Following are excerpts from the articles:

"A new report from the Human Sex Trafficking Initiative shows that the commercial sex industry is thriving in Reno, which impacts communities from Lake Tahoe [emphasis added] to Fernley."

"The report points out that while the commercial sex industry is deeply embedded in Reno, according to the Backpage listings (which no longer exist due to the company pulling all adult-themed ads earlier this year), it also extends to Truckee [emphasis added] and South Lake Tahoe, and east and south to Nevada cities such as Fernley and Gardnerville."

"During the period surveyed last year on Backpage, 8 to 10 sex workers advertised their services for Crystal Bay; 40-45 sex workers were listed for Incline Village; 60-65 were listed in Truckee [emphasis added]; and 50-55 were listed for South Lake Tahoe.“

"Indeed, Lake Tahoe has the highest intensity of Backpage sex workers on the heat map,” ​[emphasis added] the report reads. “The number of sex workers advertising to the area on a per-capita basis exceeds that of Reno or any of the other surrounding areas. Incline Village and South Lake Tahoe also have a high rate relative to their population size.”

See also:
Kate Spurry (Parkhill)​
​​Mapping Commercial Sex Advertising around Reno, NV ​ 

"Let's raise children so they won't have to recover from their childhoods." ~ Pam Leo

This corruption is extremely clever in all the ways it protects itself, but it is not bulletproof nor can it do anything to avoid being exposed. Corruption cannot protect reputations. What's shared below provides foundation and basis for my accusations.

TRUCKEE PD is protecting Lake Tahoe prostitution and my ex-wife, Kathy Carrillo, as their prostitute. I am a threat to both exposing Lake Tahoe prostitution and my ex-wife being able prostitute in that me pursing child support in our divorce is a problem because my ex-wife can't prostitute if she has to work a legitimate full-time job in order to pay guideline child support at her true earnings capacity.

KATHY CARRILLO ​ therefore greenlighted having Truckee PD set in motion a mindbogglingly and unbelievable in fact and by design systemic oorruption and harassment "Machine" to first put me out of work and then force our children and me out of Truckee and into poverty (successful) in order to eliminate me as a threat to Lake Tahoe prostitution and the corruption protecting it and to try and stop me from moving forward in our divorce (unsuccessful).

FORMER NEVADA COUNTY COMMISISONER YVETTE DURANT is a corrupt, child abusing, prostitute protecting judge ran a kangaroo California Superior Court In Nevada County, Truckee Branch. Durant conspired with Kathy to prevent me from moving forward in our divorce in order to defraud our children out of child support, and in collusion with Kathy and Amie Vanzant of Vanzant Auctions in Reno NV, Durant defrauded me in assets and debt settlements in order to allow Kathy to walk scot-free from a 14-year marriage.

TRUCKEE PD and Kathy colluded to impound Kathy's boyfriend's van which gave Kathy the excuse of not having transportation which was the key to all the corruption and fraud that went on in our divorce between Kathy and Commissioner Durant. None of the corruption or fraud could have occurred without Truckee PD impounding Karl's van under suspicious circumstances and timing.

MOORPARK PD, since July 2015 and in collusion with numerous others, has repeatedly harassed and emotionally and psychologically abused our children, my elderly father and me to try and put me on the street and keep me from moving forward in my divorce in order to protect Kathy and their corrupt law enforcement brethren in Truckee.

A SYSTEMIC PUBLIC CORRUPTION AND HARASSMENT MACHINE that recruited even friends and family has helped harass, terrorize, abuse and utterly and completely destroy my children and me in order to help law enforcement eliminate me as a threat to Kathy prostituting, Lake Tahoe prostitution and the corruption protecting it.

KATHY CARRILLO continues to be a prostitute protected by corrupt judges and police and a systemic public corruption and harassment Machine and continues to hide her income. DCSS, the judge and Kathy are trying to throw me bones to satiate me. It's not working. In the same breath Kathy continues to refuse to work at her full earnings and hours potential (all sanctioned by DCSS and the judge) to support her children when she has never once done since they were born. Her far better thought out "Costa Mesa" plan (see below) to keep Kathy prostituting has worked perfectly . . . thus far.

MANUEL CARRILLO (a retired LAPD officer and therefore also a criminal) is a failure as a parent and grandfather. I married into a bad family, a very bad family who is abusive, lacking of empathy and self-centered (Kathy learned it somewhere). Most alarming and threatening for my children and me currently is, along with Kathy's fellow dry-drunk proxy abusing sister Angela Carrillo ("Antisocial Auntie Angie") and Kathy's drug addict criminal boyfriend Karl William Jesse, Manny is one of Kathy's biggest enablers. If Kathy's family  knows what Kathy is involved in and the crimes she's committed and is comforting and helping her avoid getting caught that makes them an accessory after the fact and felons. It also makes Kathy's family an extreme danger to my children and me.
 KATHE DE FIORI, sister and an accessory after the fact in addition to committing criminal acts to directy protect my ex-wife and corrupt judges and police and to destroy my children (her nephews) and me (her brother) due to me being a threat to the corruption. My sister Kathryn Irene De Fiori is a very serious felon and a quintessential materialistic self-absorbed Moorpark narcissist. See
Kathe De Fiori
"All the money you make will never buy back your soul."
Bob Dylan

Following is how this nightmare all began and the destruction of my life and my children's lives came to be.

Motivation/Extreme danger to my children and me: My ex-wife, Kathy Carrillo, is an irrefuctable malignant narcissist. All narcissists require “narcissistic supply” (i.e. attention). My ex-wife derives supply using sex (her body) which is known as a “somatic” narcissist which helps support my ex-wife being a Lake Tahoe prostitute. There are two primary reasons why she agreed to have our children and me destroyed:  (1) Revenge for me abandoning  her (i.e. ending our marriage and exposing my ex-wife's "true self" as a very dangerous malignant narcissist. Abandonment and the accompanying shame causes "narcissistic injury" pushing narcissists to destroy their victims at all costs), (2) pathological need for attention ("narcissistic supply"), and (3) to financially support herself and her boyfriend Karl William Jesse's desired lifestyle.

Move to Truckee: I sold my house (my last asset) and used the money to move my family to Truckee CA in June 2012 for a fresh start because Kathy had a two-year affair with her sister's husband (Charlie Vega of Simi Valley CA) starting in 2008 that tore apart our family and caused me to lose everything. Believing Kathy and trusting that she had changed I did not divorce her and gave Kathy a second chance. That has turned out to be the single biggest mistake of my life. As a malignant narcissist, Kathy is incapable of changing, a proven fact. As soon as Kathy had the opportunity she started up her sexually deviant activities again in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. Only this time Kathy went pro, literally, as in becoming a prostitute (like her mother did) in the morally bankrupt and corrupt Town of Truckee. 

Initial Entry Into Lake Tahoe Prostitution: Kathy first entered Lake Tahoe prostitution that is being protected by corrupt law enforcement (that I know directly includes the Truckee Police Department, and Placer County and Nevada County Sheriff Departments) sometime in late 2103/early 2014 while working at Sweet Potatoes Deli in the Resort at Squaw Creek. I first became aware of Kathy’s sexually deviant activities at the Resort in February 2014 and made a huge stink with the Resort and with Truckee PD and the Placer County Sheriff's office.

On March 18, 2014 I told Kathy to leave our home due to her constantly disappearing during the day and staying out all night to blatantly go off for sexual encounters which was emotionally abusive to me and our children. Kathy moved out and said she could not take our children or have the children visit due to there not being anywhere for them to sleep where she lived which was later proven untrue. The real reason Kathy would not take the children is because she could not have the children and prostitute at the same time. That is also why Kathy subsequently abandoned our children and has not seen them in nearly three years.

In April 2014 Kathy was required to share custody of our children which meant she could no longer prostitute, so with the colluded help of Denis and Suzanne Carlen (who are complicit in protecting Kathy’s prostitution and destroying our children and me in other ways. See "Smear Campaign" > "Denis Carlen”), Kathy manipulated her way back into our home in late May 2014.

Prostitution Hiatus: Kathy is an alcoholic and continued to drink heavily from sun up to sun down after I allowed her back into our home causing an enormous amount of problems with me working from home and making our home a very toxic environment for our children. On September 9, 2014 I finally stopped enabling Kathy and refused to take her to the market first thing in the morning (many months before I stopped allowing her to drive our only vehicle because she was always drunk) so she could get a bottle of vodka to stave off her morning withdrawal symptoms, so Kathy walked to the market herself.

When Kathy got back she stayed only a few minutes and left. Knowing how she operates I looked and discovered she took some personal items (underwear and her douche) that were indicative of Kathy going to have sex. After disappearing for less than an hour I knew that Kathy went off to have a sexual encounter and she knew I knew. Kathy thought I would tolerate her behavior as I had before, so she taunted me with a sarcastic “ahh haa” laugh while putting clothes away in our bedroom.  That single laugh was the straw that broke the camel's back for me to end our marriage.   After 14-years of being lied to, abused, taken advantage of, Kathy neglecting our children, her serial infidelities, creating problem after problem and our children suffering dearly due to Kathy's selfish behavior, I finally got fed up. I called the police and had Kathy removed from our home for domestic violence (she had dug deep scratches on my cheek with her fingernails the day before). I told Kathy she can never come back, our marriage is over. 

Reentry Into Prostitution: After having Kathy removed from our home I arranged for four weeks of in-house alcohol treatment and told Kathy when she got out I would help her get a car, apartment and get back on her feet. Kathy lived on the street for two weeks having different sexual encounters every night (as detailed at "Kathy Carrillo" > "Prostitute" > "Promiscuity & Prostitution") and tried to work her way back into our home. I refused to continue to enable Kathy and let her back or see our children. She was about to surrender when Kathy's now boyfriend, Karl William Jesse, (who is also an alcoholic and failure in life) stepped into the picture to be Kathy's next enabler. Before the end of September 2014, within 3 weeks of me ending our 14-year marriage, Kathy and Karl were cohabitating. Being unambitious alcoholics unwilling to apply themselves, both Kathy and Karl would have had to work minimum wage menial jobs which was not going to support their desired lifestyle. The need for money (which is the most common reason women enter prostitution) was the motivation for Kathy reentering Lake Tahoe prostitution in October 2014 in order to support herself and Karl.

Destruction of My Children and Me:  Kathy reentering prostitution required law enforcement to unleash a mindboggling and by design unbelievably far-reaching and massive systemic public corruption and harassment “Machine” on our children and me. Law enforcement is seemingly able to recruit anybody and any government agency to harass and abuse my children and me. Law enforcement’s goals included running our children and me run out of Truckee and utterly and completely destroying our lives due to me being at previously established threat to Lake Tahoe prostitution and due to me being a threat to Kathy being able to continue to prostitute. The reason I'm a threat to Kathy was and still is, the law requires Kathy be gainfully employed full time to pay child support that I am seeking in our divorce, and working full time at a legitimate job means Kathy can’t enjoy the much more lucrative income prostitution brings her and her boyfriend.
Knock, Knock. Who's there? Moorpark PD to harass your 83-year-old father and abuse your children  in hopes of putting you on the street. . . again.
​​"This isn’t looking good for us [Truckee Police] Chief Leftwich. Not at all. His entire plan has worked perfectly for him and he's somehow been able to survive our repeated onslaughts to put him on the street for the past two and a half years. He’s now got enough evidence that’s so compelling it can’t be ignored just as he planned, and he's exposing the corruption and other players so well it's putting reputations at risk and giving us a black eye. Nobody's going to want to come to the party next time.

I had Moorpark Police Chief Captain Reilly send some deputies to his house again [last occurred 06/15/17]. Since we ran out of family and neighbors to collude with in order to call us to his house, I'll use the excuse that we received another "anonymous" call to check in on his father. That way his father will have to come to the door so we can harass and emotionally abuse him. I believe that will be the fourth time in the past month or so. It's worked well thus far but I think we may be pushing it to the point of backfiring on us. We'll use it sparingly from here on out. Whoever thought to do that should get a medal. Really smart. His father even called Captain Reilly to question who's making the "anonymous" calls. They talked about his son's corruption accusations and Reilly said he didn't even know where Truckee was. Smart thinking again. That should make us look innocent.
We have his father blaming the neighbors who we've been having park their cars in the spot he's parked in for the past two years for the "anonymous" calls. That's worked great because his father is blaming him for all the stress our elder abuse is putting his father under. They argue every single time we come over, so that's at least going well and there's still a chance for us to "out" him.

Got all the neighborhood stuff going full throttle too. The kids on the block are taunting him still [see update below]. The prancing princess mother at the house where the kids hang out gets all dolled up and strategically prances the street whenever he's out, and the next door neighbor is still trying to bait him with the car parking/trash can  game [see update below] as I said but he's not playing. We even having the neighbor lie in wait to be outside everytime he comes out of the house and even take his parking spot the moment he goes anywhere. It hasn’t provoked him yet. We got him all setup on that and will keep at it. 
Same old. Same old. I know. He’s caught on but it’s all we got. Our playbook is wafer thin. He was right about that too. His father hasn't fully caught on yet but it seems to be going in that direction. It's iffy on how that's going to pan out for us. We pulled out the stops and used all of our resources and tactics and still failed to put him on the street so don't have much left to do.

His youngest son is still deeply depressed, completely incorrigible, failed all his classes last semester and angry at everything and everybody and sleeps all day. His oldest sons gets majorly pissed off every time we knock at the door. He passed school with mostly D's and it's now summer so we figure it's okay to start up the door knocking child abuse again. The friction we cause between him and his sons puts a lot of strain on their relationships that spills over to his relationship with his father just as planned, so our abuse of his children  continues to work well for us.
​Sorry to let you down Chief Leftwich. Nobody predicted he would bounce back to his old self before his ex-wife Kathy turned him into an emotional basket case. Your new prostitute's name is Kathy, right? She was definitely a bad influence. Never would have guessed his boys would be such a motivator for him either.  All of our harassment and psychological abuse and county healthcare provider antics delayed him getting back on track as planned but that's come to an end now too. The guy doesn't give up. We simply can’t intimidate him like we've been able to do with all our other victims. That's a bit worrisome. I hate to say it but we were way overconfident on this one. We'll compare notes and do better next time. I'm sure of it.

​As an aside, Captain Reilly already has someone in talks with Moorpark Unified to get that angle going again the first day school starts back up. Tossing around some good stuff that's even better than last year with the principals at his sons’ schools. Too bad his youngest is in middle school now. We really liked the principal at the elementary he went to. Got some good stuff done with her  running that campus.
Hope you and your family are doing well. Back in touch soon.

~ Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean"

09/08/2017 UPDATE:

Moorpark is another morally bankrupt and corrupt small town just exactly like Truckee. I very soon caught on to what was going on in this neighborhood after moving in and have therefore intentionally kept away from and not interacted with any neighbors but that did not keep them from harassing my father, my children and me with the police and my sisters joining in and leading the charge.

Also, Moorpark's "finest" disappeared and the "anonymous" calls they were purportedly getting to use as a pretense to harass my father hvae apparently stopped, coincidently right after I posted the above story in June 2015. I will let you know if the child and elder abusing little cowards start it up again.
Stereotypical Moorpark teens  -  First, the kids are put up to the abuse and harassment on the block because they are the most irritating and can get away with much more than the adults who covertly abuse, excepting of course the psychopath/sociopath/antisocial "beat your face in" neighbor. He has his son now stepping in.

The taunting by the neighborhood kids is going stronger than ever. The boy who emanates from the house with the prancing mother is very seriously antisocial. Not kidding. The kid is scary. He thoroughly and sadistically enjoys harassing me by jumping up and down in the street or the driveway calling at me saying off the wall things to get my attention, rides his skateboard back and forth right in front of me as I drive by cutting me off so I must stop and wait for him to finish. The psychopath's son  has taken to walking back to his house crossing my driveway right when I pull up so I have to wait for him too now. At other times the kids run up their driveway as if I’m some sort of a threat then stare me down from their garage as I drive passed, or they dart to the other side of the street when passing my house as if walking in front of my house is unsafe.
Flipflopping on behavior/tactics has been one of the problems for this harassment and corruption Machine.  The same has applied on the judicial corruption. What happens is I survive/beat one approach so something new must be done/tried which exposes the nefarious intent of what was done previously. Bottom-line, when you lie you create a web that you eventually get tangled up in.  For example, these kids can't be afraid of me one time and then unconcerned the next, then afraid again, etc. That's not reasonable unless me being a "threat" or "unsafe" depends on their abuse tactic which is exactly what these kids are doing. 
Note that the same kids ran up their driveway acting as if they were afraid of me/I was a threat when I was minding my own business walking down the sidewalk over two years ago and psychopath man charged me saying "I'm going to beat your face in" because I purportedly threatened the children. I did no such thing. The kids ran up the driveway (by coincidence princess’ driveway where all the kids now congregate) to set me up for him to be able to charge me with the goal of trying to provoke me. He then snapped a flash picture of the back of my head as I walked by trying to provoke me when charging me failed to get a reaction. As time goes by tis continues to unravel for my ex-wife and law enforcement.
The boys also include a kid I just started noticing due to his mother/older sister having suddenly taken to strategically prancing up her driveway, to the mail box, out of her car, etc. right when I drive or come out of the house. She's always there exactly like princess mom was doing which coincidentally stopped right after I posted this story.  It's like they were lying in wait for me .Ummm . . .   These woman bring to mind the quote "I don't care how attractive you think you look. If you have an ugly heart you're ugly."
These kids are truly enjoy taunting me to the point of being sadistic about it. They learned it somewhere and had to have told to harass me by somebody. Who and why? I could never tell my boys to do what these kids are doing and my boys would never do it if I asked . . . for no amount of money.  The cookie-cutter neighborhood brats are on track to be clones of their immoral parents and teachers.

Trash can man - This VERY creepy next-door neighbor is going stronger than ever. The picture below shows what he's taken to in order to suddenly prevent me from parking where I had been for two years with no problems. I'd say it's become comical but the truth is the guy is scary in a weirdo way. So much so he snuck up on my oldest son and me in the driveway and we impulsively ran in the house.  My son even wanted to lock the door behind us.

It's important to note that he started pulling this little stunt right when the police began knocking at my door for no reason (other than to harass my father) and also began parking an empty patrol car at a dead-end street/small neighborhood stop sign. Both of which have stopped since I posted this story.
This  neighbor used to park his cars in his garage and now parks them on the street to block off where I can park then immediately swaps out his cars with trash cans if he needs to use a car.  This is really going on. I finally notified the association because he's not SUPPOSED to leave his trash cans out all week. We’ll see what happens. Don’t forget, the association is just a collection of neighbors.


The above are yet more examples (of which there are many) of the wide-spread baiting and taunting of me in hopes of getting a reaction that can then be used to discredit and point the finger at me that I'm "the problem." All  VERY classic narcissistic abuse tactics the police are using to try and to turn the tables and the attention away from them and onto me. See also:
Moorpark Neighbors​
Corruption Process of Law Enforcement
Why Police Think They're Above The Law
Keeping The God Complex at Bay
Measurement of Police Integrity
This isn't just a colossal failure by the police, it's a catastrophe.
None of this was supposed to happen. 

This is not a movie. This is actually happening. I have been setup, railroaded and raped. The police were successful at ruining and destroying my past, present and future and my children's too, true, but I'm still an active threat and even bigger now. I have secured financial support. The police shot their wad and have nothing left to out me. All my abusers can do now is play antisocial sadistic games with none of the leverage they had previously to try and f**k with my mind in hopes of provoking me. Cops are children and so are all the people they recruited to turn against my boys and me.

I become wiser, smarter, emboldened and more savvy as time passes. My head has come out of the fog and brainwashing of a 14-year marriage to a fraud from hell followed by the mind-numbing events and psychological abuse of the past three years that the police set in motion. I know exactly how all this works mechanically, organizationally and psychologically and know many of its vulnerabilities with more soon to be added. I know all the players and their roles. I have caught on to how corrupt courts work and know what is trying to be avoided with child support. I am getting better at finding my way through family law, civil procedure and court rules and my radar is up for being bullsh**ted by the family law court clerks and facilitators who are "helping" me at the court. I have been repeatedly lied to and led astray by both starting in Truckee.

I have judges, the Dept. of Child Support Services, schools, police, friends, family, neighbors, public employees and more all exposed and on notice. Everyone’s hands are tied. They’re all walking on eggshells and apprehensive that I will document and/or post on this website anything illegal or abusive (with pictures if available), and I am fearlessly shaming the sh*t out of anyone who’s already guilty. No person or agency is exempt or off limits. I just need to accumulate the requisite amount of information to substantiate my accusations before I pull the trigger so it's only a matter of time for most. If the facts don't support a direct allegation of a party I know is culpable and want to expose, I am very good at and do not hesitate inferring without accusing to let the reader be the judge.

My ex-wife is exposed as a very severely disturbed malignant narcissist, a hardened criminal and a prostitute. Her children are gone for good. She freely and willingly handed them to me despite my best efforts to prevent that from happening. My ex-wife (and now her boyfreind) continues to ride on my coattails because she needs me to care for our children so she can prostitute. That's a good thing because it makes me indispensable limiting what the police can do with and to me other than trying to put me on the street which failed miserably more than once. That knowlegde quashes the law enforcement intimidation game played by the police and their public employee covert/veiled threat proxy abusers..

My ex-wife  is a problem. Always has been; always will be. She is trapped in a seedy underworld and is now a problem for Truckee PD et al. Her loyalties will forever lie with her criminal associates instead of her own children which precludes me from ever agreeing to letting her see or speak to them due to her being unsafe, untrustworthy, abusive and unpredictible. They want absolutely nothing to do with their egg donor anyway. Who can blame them.   It is not possible to communicate all that this monster did to her own children. How these criminals got a mother to do this I have no clue other than greed, revenge and a severe mental disorder being involved. I married the devil. 

My wife did this to our children and me. There's no more disturbed backstabbing bitch than Kathy Carrillo.
Criminal Judge
​Who are all of these people from across the country and beyond and why are they spending so much time visiting a website exposing illegal prostitution being protected by law enforcement and judicial corruption in the mega-wealthy tourist mecca and sex trafficking hot spot of Lake Tahoe? They must have more than just a passing interest for them to linger and explore as long and much as they did. Olympic Valley is in Lake Tahoe where the Resort at Squaw Creek is located (a de facto brothel) which is where my ex-wife was recruited into prostitution and had numerous admitted encounters (and laundered her money?)

​​There must have dancing in the streets when Kathy Carrillo greenlighted the destruction of her own children in order to be Truckee PD's retread prostitute. Mother's DO NOT do what my ex-wife did to her own children.
​​Party time in the morally bankrupt and corrupt Town of Truckee! Kat Carrillo's on board. She's a committed criminal and our newest TaHOe. Her loyalties now lie with us, not her chldren!!  Whoo-hoo!!​​​​
This picture communicates me having 4 computers hacked and recovery disks stolen from my home to put me out of work and into the public welfare system so I could be controlled, harassed and abused by the systemic corruption protecting prostution. Pushing me into poverty was a critical first step in my destruction followed by pounding on the side of my house in the middle  the right and a comprehensive harassment campaign in collusion with Judge Robert L. Tamietti’s fraudulent orders to force my children and me out of Truckee and to help my ex-wife avoid prostitute career ending child support. For the initial "Plan A" the fumbling Three Stooges  comedy act fall back "Plan B" to out me. See
With the help of cowardice criminal law enforcement and corrupt judges, my narcissistic sociopath ex-wife parasitically drained me of every drop of blood and is now into my bone marrow. These cancers on society run circles around me in court and cunningly and plausibly deniably abuse and commit crimes against my children and me with ease allowing the autocrats to deny my children and me our civil liberties and Constitutional rights leaving me little, if any, recourse. What I can do is make sure these cockroaches don't get away with doing it in the dark. That is one of the primary reasons this website exits. 
Criminal Judge
Refers to picture at left.
My ex-wife (her boyfriend and others) have clearly acted with known impunity throughout this entire ordeal as evidenced by anytim e I bring up incriminating behavior or actions to law enforcement or a judge nothing ever happens. I am either completely ignored, what is done or said is glossed over or excuses are made. What she has got away with is appalling. The above picture  is no exception.

This well thought out and composed picture of is obviously of my ex-wife on an Orange County ocean bluff that popped up when I did a Google search for something else (this has happened before). My son accidently saw the picture on my computer screen and immediately said that was her. I had told my ex-wife that Truckee PD needs to get in a circle and put their hands behind their backs to handcuff each other which is the theme of this picture.
This picture is an example of "covert" or stealth/ambient narcissistic abuse that I have been subjected to from all directions since my ex-wife reentered position. Covert abuse is the bread and butter of law enforcement's harassment Machine. It is impossible to stop because it goes unnoticed by others such as what this picture communicates only to me. The picture also shows that Kathy is being coached. This type of abuse is well documented, is very dangerous and a very real threat to a victim's psychological well-being which is why law enforcement uses it against threats like me. See
Kathy Carrillo and former NV County Commissioner Yvette Durant are hardened criminals who abuse, terrorize and destroy innocent children. As a mother and a family law judge the reason these two walk planet earth is to protect children making Kathy Carrillo and Commissioner Durant some of the most dangerous members of our society. They both very serioulsy need to be taken off the streets and imprisoned. I fantasize about tesifying at their sentencing hearings.​​
Ambient Abuse & Gaslighting
​​The Orange County ocean bluff setting also has a purpose. Its goal is to try and convince me that my ex-wife now lives in Costa Mesa. What I call the "Costa Mesa plan" is key to my ex-wife's latest scheme to hide her prostitution income and avoid paying guideline child support in order to keep prostituting. hopefully get the heat off Truckee and grow roots in a sober living house for over a year (when she got sober 19 years ago she did it gainfully employed full-time without a break.
Most importantly the plan allows Kathy to  continue tp defraud our children out of child support so she could keep prostituting. The Costa Mesa plan provides Kathy with unreasonably low W-2 income that will then, in collusion with the Ventura County Department of Child Support Services will be used to based a minimal child support amount that must be maintained so paying child support will not interfere with Kathy being able to prostitute (i.e. full child support will require a legitimate full-time job hence no more prostituting). This is not rocket science. It's the same old corrupt story just with new and improved packaging.
The Costa Mesa plan is all fluff. Kathy will prostitute until age ends her career. It is well documented in the literature that narcissists never change. Kathy is no exception. I have confirmed that to be true based upon my personal experience with Kathy over the past 19 years. NOBODY knows Kathy's true self like I do which is just one reason she is deadset on destroying me.

Aug. 2017 Update: The Costa Mesa Plan worked perfectly as predicted! My ex-wife is purportedly working 10 to 15 hours a week as a restaurant cashier at minimum wage giving her a “recent pay history" well below her earnings potential of $35K per year (in 2001 dollars) as an executive assistant. However, it gave Ventura County Commissioner William "Bill" Redmond (see below) the ability to abuse his discretion and base child support on my ex-wife clearly being underemployed at minimum wage so she can avoid paying guideline child support over my objection, yet again acting in my ex-wife's best interests, not my children’s.  The Honorable Commissioner Redmond took everything my ex-wife said at face value without question or verification about being underemployed and completely ignored everything I presented and my ex-wife’s long history of bad faith. Same old. Same old.  

In addition, I motioned and a Mandatory Settlement Conference was calendared (twice) at which the judge is not supposed to make any decisions or issue an order. If an agreement on child support could not be reached (never going to happen) then a trail date should have been set. By misrepresenting the purpose of the hearing I was denied the ability to reopen full and formal discovery and being able to exam my ex-wife at trial. I filed a motion to vacate the order, rescue Commissioner Redmond, sanction my ex-wife for failing to file a Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement, set trail and reopen discovery. The saga continues in the systemically corrupt Ventura County Superior courts. Yawn.

Circumstantial evidence relates to a series of facts that, by reason and experience, are so closely associated with the fact to be proved that the fact to be proved may be inferred simply from the existence of the circumstantial evidence. Many convictions for various crimes have rested largely on circumstantial evidence.
​The picture also depicts my ex-wife's sexual deviancy which directly relates to her being a prostitute and the house of cards that comes tumbling down from there. See the statements below relating to Kathy indulging in interracial sex. The tabooer the sex the more the more the narcissist likes to because the more attention it brings.

For example, Kathy bragged that she repeatedly had sex all night with a black man at the Atlantis Casino & Resort in Reno. She then said "There's no blacks up here [Lake Tahoe/Truckee]" which she wanted to try and recant her interracial escapades. When she reentered prostitution, and wanted to abuse me she then told me "There's lots of blacks up here."

Kathy's boyfriend Karl William Jesse then stepped in to abuse me by saying in an email: "Kat likes the black man now." That email includes a series of intentionally abusive statements. See the webpage "Karl Wm. Jesse” > “Prostitution Admissions”. It's important to note that Karl sent the emails in August 2016 which was also after Kathy said Karl was out of the picture and after Kathy properly got sober and "changed." Kathy will be a very dangerous hardened criminal and prostitute until the day she dies of age doesn’t end her career sooner

Kathy also bragged about having sex with barely legal teenage boys for the favorable comparison they make about her anatomy to even younger teenage girls. Kathy also bragged about having orgasams/text sex with our teenage neighbor “Bryce” - Kathy was 46 and Bryce age 19. Kathy borders on being, if not is, a pedophile. See the webpage "Kathy Carrillo" > "Prostitute" > "Promiscuity & Prostitution).

Lastly, this picture depicts Kathy’s retired LAPD (alcoholic and psychologically and physically abusive) father being a failure as a parent (along with her mother who abandoned her children to go off and prostitute just exactly like Kathy did. This is significant because it gives basis and reason for Kathy’s narcissistic personality disorder and her sexually deviant behavior. It is also obvious with Kathy having destroyed her husband and children in order to be a prostitute.
Police officers are the ultimate overcompensating bullies. To protect and to serve is a myth. It's more like search and destroy for my boys and me.  A "blue wall of silence" most definitely exists. Law enforcement's polluted reputation is accurate and well deserved. Accusations of the police being unethical, abusive and corrupt are all true. Every derogatory cliché about law enforcement has merit. The only cliché I cannot confirm is the inadequacy of a police officer's manhood. I defer to my law enforcement protected Lake Tahoe prostitute ex-wife who is the cause of all of this to validate that wide-spread belief.  Police officers are cowardice beyond all measure. They are the part of the female anatomy that working girls peddle. Meow.  I state the foregoing based upon the facts and personal experiences shared in this website. ​​​​
​​My family is criminal scum (scum" ~ a low, vile, or worthless person or group of people). My sisters lead the criminaly abusive pack with their children, the SLEAZZARETTO's (sleazy family) and BROWNARC's (narcissistic family) are SCUM . Greedy, selfish, antisocial, envious, self-absorbed scum, specifically Kathe De Fiori (major, major, major SADISTIC overt and covert abuser and a felon) Kim Lazzaretto (major COWARDICE covert abuser and a felon), Courtney Brown-Belmontes (covert) and Vinny and Franky Lazzaretto (covert and the least involved). Each of these "family" members participated in the harassment of my 83-year-old father and abuse of my children and me to try (and fail) to put me on the street and make my boys parentless.  Heartless harassment and abuse of their elderly father/grandfather to try and put their own brother/uncle on the street and destroy their completely innocent nephews/cousins??  EVIL HEARTS.  If I get my claws into my evil sisters ​ (Immoral Parents Raise Immoral Children) I will show NO MERCY exactly like they did to our father, my sons and me.

It is mindboggling what narcissists/narcissistic abuse can accomplish, even turn your own family against you (which was super easy in my case due to having been the family scapegoat my entire life which was clearly passed on to my siblings' children) which is why law enforcement uses narcissistic abuse.  MY CHILDREN AND I ARE THE VICTIMS not my scum family or anybody else who is attacking us and trying to portray themselves as the victims which is also a classic narcissistic abuse tactic.

"Narcissists will try to turn all your friends and family against you and convince everyone that THEY are the victims, not you. Since they have a lifetime of experience in pathological lying (and the police are theoretical unapproachable and intimidatingly convincing) and playing the victim, they are pretty good at it."  See
•  "She's the best at what she does."~  Karl William Jesse (boyfriend)
​​• "Let me tell you some sucker. Kat is making $800 a night. She's in a far
     better place than you." ~ Karl William Jesse
Sister Kathe & Family
Here Comes the Narcissistic Smear Campaign
My Smear Campaign
​​Pictured at top (left to right): (former) Truckee Police Chief Adam McGill  who was chief when I lived in Truckee; Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert L. Tamietti, (former) Nevada County Court Commissioner Yvette Durant and   my ex-wife Kathy Carrillo.
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